Mac Kills Ryan, and Esme’s Horrified Learning Heather’s her Biological Mother, Before she Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, February 22, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Esme is horrified that Heather’s her mother, Taggert talks to Portia about her lies, and Austin worries that the police are all over Spoon Island.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Alexis called in her scoop, Spencer refused to have sex with Trina, and Curtis told Marshall about Portia’s betrayal, and Ava shot Ryan.

On Spoon Island, Mac says the island is sealed off. Ryan won’t get away. Laura needs to make a move.

In stumbles Esme, in labor. Heather’s glad to be there for the delivery. Bennett rushes in. Shots were fired on the island. Mac rushes off and Bennett is told to call paramedics while Jordan and an officer go after Mac.

Bennett makes the call as Kevin and Laura get Esme on a sofa. Contractions are coming fast. They can’t wait for paramedics.

esme labor GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Heather tells her not to go on the boat. It’s a trap. Laura denies that. She just wants her to get help. but Kevin says there’s no time to get to GH.

Heather wants to stay and blurts that she’s Esme’s mother.

Esme’s eyes widen and her mouth drops open in shock before she has another strong contraction. Laura says she believes it’s true. Heather says she’d do anything for her.

“Like mass murder?” Esme screeches. She says her mother will never meet this baby. She screams to get out. Heather yells that she’d give her life for hers.

“You’re mine and you’ll always be mine.” Esme sobs in Laura’s arms. Paramedics arrive and Kevintells them that Esme’s cervix is dilated. The baby’s coming. She crowns and the baby’s born while she wails.

esme gives birth gh recaps

Outside, Ava tries to shoot Ryan but she has no more bullets. Ryan says they’re not over.

He understands her carnal impulses. It’s why he’s never given up on her.

Even when she married that imbecile.

They belong together.

ava shocked ryan shot GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Ava screams and shoves him when he touches her and then suddenly, Ryan’s shot.

Ava gasps and turns to face Mac while Ryan lies on the snowy ground. Mac goes to him. “It had to be you,” Ryan says before passing out.

Mac gives Ava his coat and she tells him he was never going to give up. Jordan checks for a pulse. “He’s dead.”

They tell Jordan what happened. Jordan wants a statement after she’s checked out at GH.  

ryan shot by mac GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Portia is in her room on a call asking Zeke not to come back. She promises she’s fine.

She thanks him for not judging her and loves him. Taggert arrives.

She gets teary and thinks he’s going to blast her.

He tells her he knew she wasn’t happy. He forgave her for the affair and asks if she really thought he’d love Trina any less if he thought she wasn’t his.

portia talks zeke GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She loved his fathering to Trina and she was such a daddy’s girl. She didn’t want to take that away. He says she could have told him from the start.

She didn’t. He tells her he wants to understand why she’d do this, which is why he’s not yelling. She asks how Trina is.

He tells her that she’s confused and hurt. She asks if she wants to know who her real dad is.

Taggert says he’s her real dad. Period. She knows. He tells her he screwed up too but they agree Trina’s the most important thing to them.

She’s the big reason Trina gave him another chance. He won’t forget that. He calls her a good mother who made a terrible mistake. He’s pissed but they’re family. Nobody will change that. 

She cries.

taggert and portia talk Trina GH recaps

Liz thanks Finn for the coffee and ride home. He asks if she wants company.

They could watch a movie or play backgammon. She doesn’t play backgammon. She says he doesn’t need to stick so close. 

She’s not going to turn herself in. He was worried since her toast sounded wistful. Scotty arrives. Finn is called away and once he’s gone, Scott is told everything about Nickolas and asks her if she’s lost her mind. 

He rants about Nikolas bringing her into his cockamamie plan. Heh doesn’t see how going to prison will help her kids. She needs his help.

It’s too much to put on Cam and he’s practically a grandfather to them and like a father to her. He’ll do everything he can.

liz thannks finn GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Felicia finds Austin in his room at the hospital. He worries since Ava has a gun.

They may shoot her, mistaking her for a threat. Felicia’s positive she’ll be alright.

Mac will ensure it. She gets Austin a drink, glad he’s okay. He worries. “That island must be crawling with cops.”

She says yes and he looks nervous. Finn arrives to check his vitals while Felicia steps out.

felicia and austin GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

On the pier, Spencer realizes that’s why Esme was so fascinated with Ryan.

He’s positive she didn’t know Heather was her mother.

Alexis tells them Heather’s not only Esme’s mom, but she’s also the Hook. Both Trina and Spencer start to worry.

spencer and trina learn esme heather daughter GH recaps SoapsSpoilers


Ava gets off the boat and hugs Trina and tells them all that Ryan’s dead. The women head to GH.

trina and ava at pier GH recaps SoapsSpoilers


Ava arrives at GH and tells Felicia Ryan’s dead. They embrace and Felicia smiles. She talks to Trina later who offers to help her find Nikolas. She says no. Trina feels better that the hook is caught. They hug. Meanwhile, Alexis arrives and asks Finn about Holt. Finn says he’s fine. 

Back at the pier, Spencer is shocked to see Heather, who says Esme’s in labor and she needs to be with her. Heather tells Spencer he was next before they haul her to PCPD.

Spencer begs to be let on the island.

Back on the island, Esme has a baby but Kevin has a strange look on his face which makes her ask if her baby’s okay.

esme baby born GH recaps

The baby’s fine and Laura orders them not to take the baby.

Spencer finally arrives and Laura tells him he has a new baby brother. Spencer’s happy. Esme promises to do good by the kid. She isn’t the person he knew. She asks him to tell his father about the baby. Neither knows how to reach him which surprises Laura. Outside, Mac tells Kevin that Ryan’s dead. He had no choice.

esme and son GH recaps

Kevin asks him to show him so they head out. Kevin goes to his brother’s body and says he knew it. He could feel it. He opens the body bag to see his face. Felicia arrives and hugs Mac, sobbing.

He assures her he’s fine. She asks if it’s true. Ryan’s gone? He shows her his body. She hugs Kevin who says at least it’s the end of a nightmare for her. “He was still your brother,” she says, sobbing. Kevin hopes his brother finds peace.

felicia and ryan at kevin dead side gh recaps

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