Esme Escapes From Ryan, Heather is Arrested, and Ava Shoots Ryan As He Begs Her to Run Off with Him

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, February 21, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Alexis calls in her scoop, Spencer refuses to have sex with Trina, and Curtis tells Marshall about Portia’s betrayal.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Esme’s water broke as the cops prepared to storm Wyndemere, Curtis walked away from Portia, and Trina kissed Spencer.

Spencer and Trina kiss at the Jerome Gallery. She tells him not to stop.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

When she tries to take off his shirt, he tells her she means too much to him.

They sit on a bench and he says he doesn’t them to do it like this. It needs to be perfect. Besides, she’s hurting right now and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s not so sure she likes him trying to be noble. He’s not so sure either but it’s the path he’s choosing.

She offers to go home with him. He won’t agree to that but has another idea.

Curtis rushes into the Savoy. Nika wonders why he is there on his wedding night. He grabs a bottle and suggests she head home.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

After he’s taken a few shots, she calls Marshall, telling them to get down there.

As he drinks, Curtis thinks of Trina until his father interrupts. He insists that they talk this out.

His son explains that Portia has been lying to his face for years. Trina might be his daughter.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Curtis explains that Stella and Jordan knew. The only people who didn’t were he, Trina, and Taggert.

If Trina hadn’t gone after Stella, they never would have known.

Marshall tells him he kept a secret for forty years. Sooner or later, it all spills out.

His son spins it differently, but Marshall insists that Portia was just scared of losing love.

Curtis insists that what she did is really unforgivable.

Marshall knows he is hurting. He hurt him too and he found it is in his heart to forgive him. He urges his son not to shut himself off from the woman he loves.

After Marshall tells him he will always love and support him, weeping Curtis hugs him.

At Wyndemere, Heather has Ava and Felicia at gunpoint. She suggests the Jerome hang back and end the situation with Ryan.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Heather tells her how Ryan has destroyed her life. That gets Ava’s attention.

Austin starts gasping and they remember he’s bleeding on the floor. Heather explains how Ryan played Ava, insinuating himself into her family.

Handing her the gun, she tells her she finally has the chance to end things by shooting Ryan. Felicia urges her to shoot Heather or just leave with her to call 911.

Ava knows Heather is psychotic but she’s right that she has to finish this. She exits with the gun.

ava heather finish things GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

The cops arrive and Heather turns herself in. Felicia explains that Ava took off with a gun.

They find the hook and arrest Heather. She tells the cop he delivers the Miranda with great panache.


Jordan checks on Austin. He explains that Heather hooked him. Mac calls for paramedics and Heather adds the hook she used didn’t have any venom on it.

Felicia asks what Ryan would want with Esme. “He’s her daddy,” Heather says.

The paramedics load Austin up and he convinces Felicia to leave the island with him.




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Ryan finds Esme on the grounds. Her water has just broken and he offers to help.

ryan esme labor GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

He reminds her that he’s a doctor and they are a team. Stroking her hair, he says this is all normal.

Nothing about this is normal to her. “Daddy knows best,” he says, offering to get her somewhere warm and dry.

She’s not eager to go anywhere. He reminds her of all the plans they made… with Ava.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She thinks he’s delusional. Ava shows up with the gun and orders Ryan to step away from Esme.

They explain that she’s in labor and his daughter. He explains that he taught her all she knows and sent her after Spencer.


As he and Ava bicker, Esme hobbles off. Ryan admits that he ruined her marriage. He knows things are complicated but they can work that out later.

When he notices that his daughter has run off, Ava asks how it feels to lose the one things he loves.

As he turns, she shoots him in the back and tells him about all the pain she suffered when he took Kiki and Nikolas away. He admits killing Kiki might have been a mistake.

Ava admits that she killed Nikolas. “Now we can be together!” he says.

She thinks he’s crazy but he thinks they can vanish with Esme. When he reaches out to her, she pulls the trigger.

On the pier, Laura and Kevin explain to Alexis that there is a hostage situation at Wyndemere. She assumes this is connected to the Spring Ridge break-out.

General Hospital Recaps SoapsSpoilers

The editor tells them that Heather is the hook and explains the evidence that led her to this conclusion.

They realize the break-out was a family affair and explain that Ryan is Esme’s father. This must mean that Heather is her mother.

laura kevin pier GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

They wonder how innocent Esme may be. Alexis finds “innocent” hard to swallow.

Laura gets filled in on what’s happening on the island. She and Kevin leave for the island and Alexis makes a call to report what she’s learned.

alexis scoop GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Felicia and Austin arrive. Alexis holds them up and Felicia says if she wants to talk, she better come to the hospital.

Spencer and Trina show up. They were going to to go Wyndemere. Alexis explains what’s happening.

Spencer starts to panic about his sibling being held hostage. His aunt has to explain that she’s with her parents.

Laura and Kevin join the cops on Wyndemere and offer their help. Jordan tells them this is a messy situation.

Kevin suggests Heather would be keen to help them protect her daughter Esme.

“She’s got my smile,” Heather says.

Esme runs in, sobbing.

Esme cries laura shoulder GH recaps

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