With Tears and Love, Epiphany’s Friends Gather at General Hospital to Remember Her Life and What She Meant to Them

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 29, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Milo returns for the celebration of life, Liesl sets off fireworks, and Monica tells Liz that Epiphany recommended she become head nurse.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Victor killed Ashby after she told him everything about Anna and Valentin’s plot, and Liz got bad news about Epiphany.

Anna paces at the safe house and sighs. After she reads the memoriam for Epiphany, she answers the door.

Anna is thrilled that Felicia has brought Emma (played by Brooklyn Rae Silzer). Her parents were too busy to come but she booked her own flight.

emma hugs anna

At the Ashford house, Curtis finds his father staring out the window sadly.


Portia asks how he feels. None of this makes sense to him. Curtis says something things don’t.

Marshall and Portia recall all the encouragement they gave Epiphany when she was studying for the MCATs. He blames himself for her being gone. She wouldn’t have been on the road that night.

marshall blames himself

Portia and Curtis assure him this is not his fault. All he did was re-ignite her dream of becoming a doctor. Any self-doubt or regret she had was gone and that was a gift.

She holds Marshall as he weeps.

At General Hospital, Bobbie gives Denise a hug. Bobbie started when she sees Carly wheeling Willow in. Willow insists this is where she needs to be.

willow insists this is where she needs to be

Willow remembers how encouraging Epiphany was. She just wants to attend the service and light a candle for her friend. Carly and Bobbie says they will be with her all the way.

Sam and Spinelli look at the wall of photos and hold hands.

Felix goes down to the lockerroom, slams a door, and collapses in tears. Brad finds him. He knows this is where he goes to wallow.

felix cries missing epiphany

Felix thinks he’s earned some wallowing. He flashes back to Epiphany telling him he could do better than Brad.
Brad’s comforts him as he sobs.

brad cares for felix as they cry over epiphany

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Robert and Laura meet outside of the hospital and hug. They talk about what a hard day it will be now that the place has lost one of its best.

robert tells laura gh lost one of its best

Diane arrives. She’s the executor of Epiphany’s will. They chat about Ashby going missing.

diane, laura and robert

As the lawyer walks off, Laura notes that she seemed to bring a smile to Scorpio’s face.

Liesl tells Nina that she and Epiphany always butted heads. She’s not glad she’s gone but she’s happy she died honorably.

Diane shows up and surprises them by handing Liesl a time-sensitive document. There was something that she thought only Obrecht could take care of.

diane gives obrecht time-sensitive paperwork

Liesl reads the document and smirks.

Milo meets Sonny on the roof. The boss gives him a hug. They wish they were meeting under different circumstances.

milo meets sonny on the roof

Milo says she was one of a kind and she meant a lot to him. He flashes back to their dating and sobs. He’s grateful for all the memories.

milo and epiphany flashback

Sonny admits that things are a little dicey in the business. When Milo offers his help, Sonny thanks him but turns him down. He’s one of the few who got out and lived.

milo and sonny talk business

They go inside. He runs into Diane, who is thrilled to see him. They catch up and chat about Max and what a sad day today is.

Nina pays her condolences to Sonny. He tells her this really hit home how precious life is and how they need to be careful.

nina listens to sonny grieve

She tells him this only reminds him of how much she wants to be near him. When she asks if she can accompany him to the service, he says he’d like that.

sonny shares what he's learned from losing epiphany

The Ashfords arrive and Milo shakes Marshall’s hand. He’s shocked to learn that Milo is Epiphany’s ex-boyfriend.

Liz goes into the chapel with flowers and puts them beside a photo of Epiphany. Finn joins her as she fusses over the decoration.

She’s sure that Epiphany must have been disappointed in her. Finn says she jumped in to help at an accident just as they would have expected her to.

liz shares her regrets with finn

Liz wishes she could have made it right with her. They hug.

finn listens to liz grief

The nurse wonders if she should cut the readings so people will have more time to talk and remember. She’s not sure what to do.

A woman appears and announces that Epiphany saved her life. She was with her when she passed.

woman explains what happened to liz and finn

She explains that she’s a nurse too and was driving home after a double shift. The viability was bad and she crashed into a utility pole.

Epiphany pulled over and ran to her, calling 911 and putting pressure on her wounds. She stayed until the paramedics arrived. After that, she collapsed from smoke inhalation.

woman explains epiphany saving her

After everyone files in and takes their seats, Liz stands up and explains how hard it is to summarize Epiphany. She was a whole host of contradictions that never seemed to conflict with one another.

liz says lovely speech at epiphany's memorial

They are celebrating her life while their hearts break. She was someone they all considered family. Liz will miss her but she’s flooded with gratitude for how lucky they have all been to have known her.

Dione gets up and explains how much Epiphany taught her. She showed her by example to get past her fears of dealing with terminal patients. She was always generous with her time and wisdom. It was Epiphany who taught her to be a nurse.

epiphany funeral

Portia is next, explaining she didn’t know her for as long as many of them did but her impact on her life was indescribable. She risked everything to help protect her daughter and she became part of her family.

felix at the memorial

Sonny stands up and says the people who stand up in your darkest moments are your friends. He recalls how Epiphany pushed him to walk again.
Emma says Epiphany has been there as long as she can remember and she can’t imagine the place without her.

Carly says that she was truth-teller and she believed people could change and become better. That’s good, because she was one of those people and Epiphany rescued her many times.

Diane gets up as the service ends. She explains that Epiphany asked her to escort them all to the roof. Liz stays behind alone for a minute.

Monica calls to say how sorry she is that she couldn’t be there. She explains that Epiphany sent her a letter of support for her hearing.

liz talks monica about being head nurre

Monica reads it to her and it recommends that Liz be made head nurse when she leaves. Liz has always made her proud. Liz weeps. Monica won’t deny Epiphany’s last wish and will present her suggestion to the board.

Getting off the phone, Liz weeps and thanks Epiphany.

On the roof, Diane reads a note from Epiphany. She’s sure some tears were shed up and they can be sad if thy need to be, but she’d rather go out with a bang.

diane reads epiphany's last words

Liesl sets off fireworks. Milo and Sonny realize this is totally illegal. Laura says she’s not hearing that.

fire works epiphany memorial

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