Diane Tells Robert to Make Up His Mind Between Her and Holly, and Trina Has a Loving Reunion With Taggert and Portia

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 10, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Diane tells Robert she won’t compete for him, Spencer wants Ace to have a normal life, and Laura wonders if she can find peace now.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Drew attacked Ned, believing he turned him in, Willow started chemo, and Diane walked in on Holly and Robert kissing after they agreed to date.

At the Quartermaine estate, Ned keeps insisting he didn’t report Carly and Drew to the SEC. Tracy, Brook Lynn, and Olivia don’t believe him.

ned tells olivia he's innocent

Drew walks in and punches him, accusing him of ratting him out to the SEC. “You want a war, you got one!” he bellows.

drew threatens war

Ned keeps insisting he didn’t make the call. Drew refuses to believe that and trashes Ned as petty and spiteful.

Before Drew can storm out, BLQ suggests they talk about the calmly. The men accuse each other of screwing each other over.

Drew walks out of the house. Tracy follows him. She says he gets a pass from her this time because he avenged Luke and helped Willow.

drew and tracy GH

She asks how he will deal with the SEC and wonders who they are really after, him or mobbed up Carly?

He wonders if she’s suggesting he turn on Carly and asks her not to help.

Back inside, Ned complains about being accused. BLQ and Olivia don’t believe him.

olivia listens to ned begging

Liv will stand by him but isn’t okay with this. Ned swears he didn’t call the SEC. She leaves to get him an ice pack.

Tracy returns. BLQ believes her dad now. He appreciates the faith and gives her a hug before leaving for aspirin.

Tracy wants to speak to her granddaughter, who is not eager to listen. Tracy reminds her she owes her for getting Chase reinstated.

tracy request for blq

At Maxie’s, she has a sinus infection but is determined to go to work, despite her mother’s protests. Maxie says the future of the company is at stake.

felicia listens to maxie worry

They can’t back out of going on the shopping network after what happened last time.

They know Sasha’s on-air meltdown wasn’t her fault, but she had to call in favors to get back on. They are launching a new skin care product called The Deceptor.

maxie determined to go to work

Now that BLQ and Lucy are gone, she has to launch it herself. Her mom urges her to delegate and leaves, threatening to return with soup.

Once she’s gone, Maxie rehearses her pitch but keeps sneezing and coughing into her sleeve.

maxie feeling sick

At General Hospital, Sasha drops by to show her support to Carly and the family.

carly tells sasha she may need no guardian

Carly fills her in on the SEC business. They talk about coping.

Gladys bickers with someone on the phone about canceling her trip.

She walks over to Sasha and Carly and they notice she’s upset. Gladys explains she’s having trouble re-booking their trip. Sasha tells her to do it, regardless of the cost.

They talk about the guardianship. Carly admits she was concerned given Gladys’ history. Sasha says she’s been a lifesaver.

Maxie texts Sasha with a work emergency.

carly and sasha talk gladys

Meanwhile, Gladys re-books and then gets a text from Selina, asking if she wants in on a game. She shoves the phone in her bag and leaves with Sasha.

gladys rants on a call

Drew joins Carly and tells her he punches Ned. Weirdly, he’s still insisting that he’s innocent.

drew and carly reunion

She doesn’t see who else had anything to gain from ratting them out. He points out that their secret is out so he can kiss her in public.

Marcus arrives and catches up with Portia. He wishes he’d been there to protect Trina.

portia worries about trina to taggert

Portia says she is still in danger as long as Spencer is in her life.

He doesn’t trust “that boy” either, but doesn’t think this is the best time to push her. She’s safe. Portia says she wouldn’t have been in danger if not for the Cassadine.

The doctor worries about Trina getting dragged into the fight over Ace. Her ex tells her to slow down. Besides, they can’t tell Trina what to do, no matter how they feel about her choices.

taggert says they can't tell trina what to do

He worries that she may just end up driving more distance between her daughter. Taggert hates the Cassadines, but coming down hard about this will backfire.

portia keeps worrying

Portia keeps worrying about Spencer’s influence and thinks he’s taking her daughter away.

Gladys and Sasha arrive at Maxie’s. She declares that she is too sick to go on the air. Sasha will have to do it, no matter how hard it will be.

maxie asks sasha cover

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On the jet, Trina and Spencer talk about how he jumped off the boat at the last moment. He almost didn’t make it, but he heard her voice telling him to jump.

spencer determined to be guardian

Remembering her face and voice made him know he had to get back to her. After he leapt in the water, he thought he would drown but thoughts of her lead him to shore.

She saved his life. Something inside her told her to follow him onto the boat. She’s never done anything that crazy in her life.

trian spencer fly home

Ace seems fine. Spencer just wants him to grow up a normal kid.

Curtis tells Laura they saved the day and the world will never know. She can’t help but think of what she’s had to pay to reach this moment.

curtis asks laura who she's speaking for

The mayor says it’s the psychological scars that take the longest to heal. He feud with the Cassadines has gone on for forty years. It’s been a weight on her soul.

Now her last link to Luke and the Cassadines is gone. She wonders if she will get the peace she’s been searching for.

laura and curtis talk peace

She thanks him for all his help and hopes things open up more between he and Trina.

He worries she may never be ready to take the DNA test. He’s not going to pressure her.

curtis doesn't want to pressure trina

When she asks about Portia, he doesn’t know what to do. The anger is still fresh. She still thinks he should try to get past that.

All five of them arrive at the hospital and Marcus and Portia rush to embrace Trina.


Robert and Holly are kissing in his office when Diane walks in. She suggests they shut the door next time.

diane walks in on robert and holly

Holly says that saving the world gets you excited. Diane admires their “modesty” and doesn’t want to interrupt “story hour.”

Sutton exits and Robert starts apologizing. Diane just wants the truth.

diane demands the truth

He says Holly kissed him and he was taken aback. She notices that there is wine out and tells him she needs clarification on their status.

Robert says he’s not good at touchy-feely stuff. She’s figured that out and won’t be in competition for his feelings, especially when the competition is the love of his life.

diane not happy with robert for kissing holly

He says in some sense he’ll always love her, but as part of his past. Diane pours herself a drink and says she won’t build a relationship with someone who hasn’t left his ex behind.

Diane won't be in competition with Holly for his affection, says she's the love of his life

He explains that being relieved that Holly is alive is not the same as wanting to live his life with her. Diane tells him he has a lot of thinking to do and he shouldn’t call her until he knows what he wants.

Holly meets with Felicia at the PCPD. They catch up. Ethan is back in Australia and Holly is feeling like a whole new woman now that Victor is dead.

holly tells felicia about that kiss with robert

She adds that she and Robert shared a kiss. Felicia points out he’s seeing someone else and she’s good people.

Holly hopes she’ll understand they have unfinished history. Her friend asks if Robert feels the same way.

Holly thinks they still have a spark but Robert needs time. There’s nothing to stand in their way.

felicia and holly talk robert

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