Drew Confronts Denise After Learning Her Story About Harmony Is Full Of Holes, and Ava Confides to Nina That Nikolas Got Liz Pregnant

General Hospital recap for Monday, December 19, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Joss and Carly have a heart-to-heart, Ava confides in Nina.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Trina wept for Rory when he died, Laura wanted to know why Spencer is out of jail early, and Valentin and Anna got pretty frisky in a windmill.

Chase hits the heavyweight bag at the gym and BLQ interrupts, hoping he’ll listen to something she has to say.

He’s angry with her and puts a shirt on before telling her they’re done. He says the PCPD lost one of their own last night and he can’t be there for him. He blames her.

She knows shes’ made mistakes. She admits she wrote the letter to support his dreams but as usual, she was too selfish to give it to them sooner.

Chase admits he’s not giving up. She offers to help with the music since it’s already working. Chase says it was never about the money for him.

He wants to be a cop. He’ll do whatever it takes so he’s not tethered to her. “We don’t work.”

She reminds him of Blaze and asks him not to let her down. She says to record the single and use the royalties to pursue a career in law enforcement.

chase in the gym with BLQ GH

Joss comes in from a run and Carly asks her to leave Port Charles out of concern that the serial killer will get her.

Joss can’t walk out on her life.

Carly’s in fear for her kid’s life. She should go to Australia to visit Jax.

Joss says her friends need her.

Joss home from a run GH Recap SoapsSpoilers

Carly asks her to promise to take this carefully. No cross-country runs or going anywhere alone. Joss knows where she’s coming from.

Carly won’t tell her to stay away from Dex. She knows the lure of the bad boy. “I’m in your corner,” she says.

Joss is sorry that she called Jason an idiot for working for Sonny. Dex is doing the same thing. Carly asks if she has feelings for him.

Joss calls it a non-issue. She reveals Spencer’s out and she doubts she’ll be seeing Dex. They agree that Dex must have a reason for working for Sonny.

Joss admits she and Cam have grown apart. She goes on and Carly stops her. She’s already told her. She’s stalling.joss talks dex with carly GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She shouldn’t delay telling him. They hug. Carly’s glad to have her home. Dex and Sonny arrive and Carly cringes.

Carly is headed to see Willow and Michael so Sonny orders a happy Dex to stay with Joss. He goes and Dex vows to care for Carly.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” she says and goes. Joss is short with him. He tells her he’d have stuck around, orders or not.

She shrugs him off. He asks if she’s tired of pretending. She starts to cry and he holds her close.

joss hug dex home GH recaps


At the hospital, Dr. Navarro asks if Willow wants to know “the sex of her baby.”

Michael asks for a moment and when she leaves, he says he’s not sure they should go through with this.

She talks about Harmony and how she misses her, even though she was terrible.

She wanted to know her bio mom to find out how similar they are. She’ll never know her grandkids.

They ask Navarro back and she shows them the fetus on the screen. They’re having a girl.

They’re happy and talk about family dynamics with Wiley and she starts to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. 

Willow hospital GH

At Charlie’s bar, Alexis did digging for Drew. “You have met Harmony.” She says she talked to a reporter in Claiborne county because Denise’s story didn’t check out.

There were no ODs at the time when Denise says Joan died. She must be still alive.

Drew recalls Carly telling him about Joan and Phyllis listens as Alexis says something doesn’t add up.

She tells them about how she knew Lorraine/Harmony. 

phyllis remembers harmony GH


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Sonny and Nina rush into the art gallery, worried about Ava. She wasn’t home last night.

Ava says she no longer lives with Nikolas and so Sonny leaves with Dex as Nina asks her why she didn’t come back to her place last night.

Ava was feeling lousy and didn’t want to subject her to her mood. Nina asks what happened.

They sweep up the glass that Ava broke and Ava explains that Nik slept with Liz. Nina rears back. “Nikolas was unfaithful to you again?”

She says that’s not all there is to it. Nina asks what’s worse.

nina worries to ava GH Recap SoapsSpoilers

“Elizabeth is pregnant!” She says. Neither can believe it. Ava’s furious. It’s humiliating. 

Now everyone will know what a weak manchild she married. She cries.

Nina wishes she had never encouraged her friend to take him back.

Ava says she let herself fall for him and this idea of forever. “I am a damned fool.” She’ll never cry for him again.

Nina asks her to promise not to do something she will regret.

Ava says Nik and Liz made a fool of her and she’ll make them pay.

Outside, Sonny tells his goon to send a gift to Michael for the baby.

ava at the gallery GH

Nikolas finds Liz at the nurses’ hub at General Hospital to ask if she’s going to turn him over to the cops.

She calls him self-centered and drags him into the chapel.

He says they need to figure this thing out now that they know Esme isn’t the hook. They argue.

Nik says if she calls the authorities, Esme will be captured and have no use for their baby. Once the baby is born, he’d love to turn her over to the authorities.

He promises to keep her on Cassadine Island to keep others safe. She accuses him of emotional blackmail but thinks she’s in too deep.

Liz by the hub at general hospital GH Recap SoapsSpoilers

Nik offers to take it from here. He’ll hire someone to care for Esme’s medical care.

Liz says Esme will talk. Nik offers to set up an offshore account for her. He brings up their fictional baby. They need a story.

They reminisce about being together a long time ago. Liz hopes sleeping with Esme was worth it.

He says it wasn’t but he won’t have regrets if the baby is born healthy and he can raise it.

As they’re set to leave, Ava walks in and shuts the door behind her, glaring at Liz.

ava glares at liz GH

Nina visits Phyllis at Charlie’s Place. Phyllis talks about a man in her life. Nina’s thrilled.

Lenny would be happy for her. Nina talks about how happy she is and asks what she’d do without her precious friend, Phyllis. After all she’s lost, she finally feels peace. She wants that for Phyllis, too.

Alexis takes off and Denise appears.

drew calls denise a liar GH

Drew invites her to sit with him and he asks if he can trust everything she told him. She acts innocent.

He checked out her story, the one that was identical to Carly’s, and reveals that every word out of her mouth has been a lie.

Carly walks in and overhears that last part.

drew  puzzled GH recaps soapsspoilers

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