Drew Agrees to Help Valentin Take Down Victor, Willow Urges Chase to Give Brook Lynn Another Chance, and Joss Realizes Michael is Dex’s Boss

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, March 21, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Michael has a warning for Dex and Joss, Sonny tells Dante about his problems with Nina, and Anna orders Maxie to follow Lucy’s commands.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Lucy surprised Maxie when she came out of hiding, Carly bumped into Valentin, and Sonny told Nina she needs to stay away from him.

Dante stops by Sonny’s penthouse to check on him. The cop explains that Rocco noticed Nina was upset. Sonny admits it and it’s his fault.

sonny worries to dante about the trouble he's in

He explains that Nina has come in contact with the realities of his world. He’s taken steps to protect those around him. He hopes that Nina will come back when this is over.

dante and sonny GH recaps

Dante asks why she would walk away. Sonny says things have been relatively peaceful since he got back from Nixon Falls. He thinks he misrepresented his life to her.

His son asks him if the life of crime is the life he wants if Nina isn’t in it. Sonny says it’s too late for him to choose anything else.

sonny talks to his cop son about the alleged illegal things he does

Dante tells him he liked that “Mike” was calmer and prioritized family over business. Sonny says it can’t be like that any more.

He’s determined to resolve this situation and get Nina back. Dante points out there will always be another situation.

He tells his father he will always be there for him. They hug.

Michael starts banging on Dex’s door and yelling in. Dex and Joss pull on their clothes as her brother barges in.

dex and joss are interrupted by michael

She immediately guesses he’s Dex’s mystery boss. Michael tells his sister to go. She explains she already knows everything.

Michael is miffed and declares the job is over. He orders Dex to leave town tonight.

Dex says he can fire him but can’t make him leave. He can’t leave Joss.

joss begs her brother not to send dex away

She says the best option is for Dex to finish his mission and give the dirt on Sonny to the Feds. Michael says he’s prepared to take the fallout from the rest of the family for this but he doesn’t want it to fall on her.

Michael wishes he’d pulled the plug on this months ago. Dex admits he’s lied to him about Joss but nothing else.

He tells Michael there was an attempt on Sonny’s life. Now Sonny trusts him more than ever.

Stomping, Michael tells his sister again that she can’t be part of this. If Sonny finds out they are together, this will fail and Dex won’t live through this.

Once frustrated Michael leaves, Dex makes it clear he can’t risk being seen with Joss. She doesn’t like it but gets it. He offers to figure out a way for them to meet in secret.

They kiss. Neither of them have any regrets. She leaves looking worried.


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At the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn admits to Willow that she’s still in love with Chase. She keeps telling herself the feelings will fade but they aren’t.

BLQ whines about loving Chase

Chase arrives with flowers. He brushes past BLQ and gives the bouquet to Willow. She’s touched that he remembered her daffodil obsession.

BLQ leaves them alone, doing her best not to eavesdrop, and Willow fills him in on the latest wedding plans and the transplant issues. She tells him how helpful Brook Lynn has been.

willow asks chase if being right is worth it

They chat about his singing career and he gives her an autograph. After they tell each other how great they are, he admits he’ll sort of miss being a rockstar when he goes back to police life.

He tells her about the plot against Linc. Willow thinks it’s all about helping Brook Lynn.

chase talks to willow about her getting married

They rehash when Willow married him because she thought he was dying. Now that she’s faced with the possibility of dying, she’s realized life is to precious to waste time on lies.

She tells him his eyes light up around Brook Lynn. He admits he has feelings for her and can’t just turn that off. But she really hurt him.

Willow won’t tell him he was wrong to end things, but is being right worth being without her.

Michael arrives and Chase gives him a hug, congratulating him of his wedding to a wise woman.

Once he’s gone, Michael sits with his fiancée and tells her he wants to focus on her and the kids. She likes the way he thinks.

Meanwhile, Brook Lynn tries playing her keyboard and tells herself she doesn’t want to know what Chase is thinking. She flashes back to him telling her how great she is and wandering around in a towel.

blq cannot stop thinking about chase

That pretty quickly turns to memories of their fights and how she’s lied to him.

“You blew it girl. Maybe you should write a song about that,” she says.

Chase interrupts. He tells her he loves her songs and misses spending time with her. “I miss us,” he says.

chase tells brook lynn he misses her

Anna tries dragging Lucy back to the safe house from the Deception office. Lucy refuses to go, declaring the Ball can’t survive without her.

anna lectures lucy

Anna reminds her that lives are at stake. Lucy blubbers about the Ball again and this outrages Anna.

They bicker and bellow until Maxie stops them. She tells them she is an amazing event planner and can deal with the Ball.

maxie won't take orders from lucy

Lucy doesn’t think this is a time for collaboration. She’s the only one who can pull this off.

Anna backs this up and tells Maxie to follow Lucy’s orders. Maxie agrees. Lucy thinks this will work.

maxie and anna with lucy in disguise

On the footbridge, Valentin tells Drew and Carly that he and a group are working together to take down Victor. Drew says he’ll help from someone with a military background to do that. Someone like him.

carly and drew with valentin on the bridge

He’s not volunteering until he hears the plan. Valentin explains that Victor has some long-term plan involving a necklace and the Ice Princess. It has a code engraved on one of the stones.

valentin could use drew's help

The Cassadine tells them they have Ashby on their side now and are using her and a fake code on a necklace to trip up Victor.

Valentin explains that Lucy went rogue and Anna went after her. They could Drew’s help. “You got me,” Drew agrees.

After Valentin leaves, Carly asks Drew why he agreed to help. He wants revenge on Victor and to stop his lust for power. That has to stopped.

She thinks he’s doing the right thing but Jason died on Cassadine Island. She doesn’t want to lose him too.

Carly makes him promise to be safe and come home to her. They kiss.

When Lucy and Anna get to the safe house, Anna checks to make sure it’s safe. Lucy starts sending texts to Maxie until Anna snatches away her phone.

Flustered Lucy apologizes and says she didn’t want to damage the plan. She’s sure Victor didn’t see her in the restaurant.

Anna is appalled that she was in the Metro Court. Valentin arrives and Anna tells him Lucy has blown the entire operation.

Lucy claims that her librarian disguise saved them all. Reluctantly, Anna hands back her burner phone.

After Coe bustles off to her room, Valentin tells Anna about running into Drew and Carly. Cain is on board to help now. That sounds like good news to her.

They apologize to each other for losing it earlier. He couldn’t handle losing her. She says they need to bury Victor.

valentin has loved anna forever

Back at Deception, Maxie calls Bobbie to say she has some new ideas for the Ball.

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