Dante Stops Maggie From Escaping, Trina Demands Answers from Portia, and Heather and Ryan Stab a Guard as They Smuggle Esme Out

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, February 15, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Heather and Ryan plot to escape, Marshall performs at the wedding, and Sam and Dante decide to speak to the barmaid again.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Maggie was found, Heather gave Ryan a shiv for Valentine’s Day, along with an escape plan, and Portia and Curtis married.

At Spring Ridge, Heather and Ryan go over her escape plans. They bicker about Ava. She tells him to get his head back in the game.

heather and ryan at spring ridge GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

He thinks her jealousy is getting old. They bicker and she complains that he hasn’t thanked her for all she’s done.

He’s furious when she brings up Felicia and calls her an idiot. She tells him about the Scorpio brothers threatening to send her back to Darkham.

She got out of that by stringing them along and pretending to feed them information about him.

ryan outraged GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When she suggests that Ryan is no longer in good enough shape to be threatening, she pushes her against the wall and threatens her with a shiv.

GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

That puts a smile on her face. She tells him to get ready to act.

Leaving, she shoves gum in the lock-stop so he’ll be able to open the door.

Heather finds Esme and tells her not to worry about what the baby books say.

esme reads about pregnancy GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She assures her that everything will be taken care of. Esme wonders what that means.

Heather urges her to relax and repeats it will all work out.

heather and esme talk baby books GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

A guard announces it’s lights out so Heather offers to walk Esme back to her room.

Pretty soon, they are walking in the corridors leading out when a guard finds them.

Ryan knifes him in the back.

“Hey Esme! Road trip?” he asks.

esme heather escaping gh recaps

In England, Sam and Dante return to their B&B. She’s sure the barmaid they spoke to knows more about Maggie than she was letting on.

sam and dante in england on the bed GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She thinks he should go and push for answers. He’d rather make out and says they can go back in the morning.

Sam thinks it could be too late by that time and the barmaid is more likely to talk to him alone.

Once he’s gone, the lady who runs the B&B knocks and asks what she wants for breakfast. She tells her she saw Dante go out and the village closes early.

nosy lady GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Sam asks how long she’s been in the village and then asks about Maggie. The lady says the barmaid at the pub used to work as a nanny is America.

Her name is Margaret. Sam smiles.

At the pub, Maggie the barmaid goes through a box of letters from Esme. Cyril stumbles in.

Maggie, Esme's nanny GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

She tells him they are closed and asks when the next train leaves town. After she sees him out, she closes up and calls to tell her boss she won’t be there in the morning.

After taking a drink, she empties the cash register.

As soon as she opens the door, she bumps into Dante.

maggie almost leaves england GH recap



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Stella is surprised when Trina and Spencer show up at her door. Trina was worried about how sick she must be to be missing the wedding.

stella tries to keep quiet GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

They quickly notice she’s not ill. Stella tells them she needed a quiet evening.

Trina asks what is keeping her from the wedding.

Stella explains she has a good reason that her mother would understand. Trina is even more confused.

trina curious why stella not at wedding GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Spencer says that keeping secrets makes trouble. She reminds him he’s not family.

Stella admits she wanted to be there, but in good conscience couldn’t.

This confuses Trina too. Stella explains that when you get older, you avoid saying things so people will get along.

Trina assumes this about her mom being a cheater. That’s not exactly it.

trina questions stella GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She kept Marshall’s secret for decades. That changes her and she won’t do it again.

Trina asks if there is something her mom doesn’t know about Curtis.

Stella says it’s something Portia needs to tell Curtis and she needs to hear it too. It’s not her place to tell it.

She gives Trina a hug and tells her she will make it through his.

After Trina and Spencer exit, she admits she has no idea what that was all about but will find out.

Alone, Stella prays she didn’t just screw up her family.

At the Metro Court, Curtis thanks Drew for his speech. Drew calls Trina up to make her toast. They notice she’s disappeared.

portia curtis look trina GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

The guests call the bride and groom to kiss. Liz surprises everyone by standing up to give a toast.

Joss records wedding messages from the guests. Ava tells them to get everything in writing.

Nina and Sonny wander over to them and Ava commends her on how great the venue looks. Nina hurries off to get her a snack.

Sonny and Ava discuss Nina putting on a brave face while Willow is in the hospital. He appreciates her being such a good friend to Nina.

Sonny wanders off when his girlfriend returns. The ladies discuss the speeches.

Nina fills her in about Carly and Drew being involved and up to something “less than legitimate.”

ava nina talk what's wrong GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Ava vents about how they would all be better off if Nikolas had never come back to Port Charles.

Sonny sits down with Laura and they chat about the ceremony. She feels bad about Stella missing this.

laura and sonny at the wedding GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

They talk about how hard things are for Spencer. She wishes he could be close to his father like he is with Sonny.

The newlyweds cut the cake. As they eat, TJ and Marshall step aside. Marshall admits he wishes he could give his son something to tell him how much he loves him.

TJ is sure his presence is the best gift he could give. They hug.

Molly calls him over to make a video message. He welcomes Trina to the family.

Molly tears up.

molly and TJ at the wedding GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

Joss corners Marshall for a message but he’s not good at it. Drew reminds him he still has to perform with the band.

When Joss bumps into the newlyweds, she tells them that Trina left to get some air.

Finn tells Liz that her toast was beautiful. She says it’s hitting her that she may never get to tell everyone how she feels again.

Drew slips into the corner and gives him a little pep talk. He heads up onto the stage and introduces him.

When Marshall steps up, he dedicates his song to his son and wife. He plays his clarinet and everyone sways.

marshall plays clarinet at wedding GH recaps Soaps Spoilers

He finishes and everyone claps.

As the guests file out, Stirling and Zeke tell Portia how weird it is that her daughter was absent from most of the party.

Portia wants to throw her bouquet, especially since Trina isn’t there to catch it.

Sonny asks Ava if she wants to catch it. She’d rather crawl over broken glass.

He notices Laura is leaving and Nikolas hasn’t been calling her back. He hopes they never see him again.

Trina and Spencer arrive just as the bouquet is about to be tossed.

She tells her mom she’s come back to get some answers.

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