The DNA Test Shows Curtis is Trina’s Father, Anna is Arrested by the WSB, and Laura Thinks Nikolas is in Chechnya

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 31, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Joss and Michael bicker about Sonny, Gregory helps Alexis at The Invader, and Sonny and Nina plan their wedding.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Victor’s will was read and a mysterious finger was left to his enemies, and Trina got the results of the DNA test.

Startled Alexis walks into her office and finds Esme hyperventilating with Gregory.

alexis catches gregory with esme

He explains he came to put out some fires. Esme inadvertently sent an email from a source to everyone in the address book.

He assures Alexis that he’s handled it and everything is fine. Alexis hopes that Esme can learn from her mistakes and orders her to clock out.

esme at invader office

Esme runs. Gregory explains how they covered everything and she appreciates him coming in to handle this.

She’s surprised to see him since he’s been ghosting her. He’s sorry about that.

gregory goes to see alexis in person

When he was diagnosed with ALS, he just didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. She was afraid of disregarding his boundaries.

He says her texts have made him realize how much he needs a friend. She’s glad they can be friends.

alexia and gregory talk ghosting

She thanks him again for his help. He’s missed it…and her. She asks if he refused her job offer because of his illness.

She promises to keep it quiet and says he’s proven that he can handle it. The job is still open. He smiles.

At Laura’s penthouse, Spencer stares at the box that Victor left him. Ava wonders if it’s a bomb and Laura tells him he doesn’t have to open it.

anna laura spencer stare at box

Anna arrives. The executor asks her to take a seat and restarts the Victor video. He announces his gift to Nikolas, reminding everyone of how they worked together.

anna arrives for will reading

The gift is given to Spencer to take care of. It is in an envelope.

To his old enemy Anna, he leaves the truth. And to Laura, he tells her that she’s won their game and he leaves her to live her life in peace with his respect.

victor being smug on the video

The executor ends the reading and leaves. They prompt Spencer to open the envelope.

The contents are in Russian so they ask Anna to read it. It’s a deed.

Anna is disoriented. They ask her what the “truth” is and she claims it’s just a mind game and probably shouldn’t be taken at face value.
Flustered, Anna exits.

Spencer looks up the deed. It’s a property in Chechnya.

Esme arrives, annoyed to see that Ace has been put to sleep without his blanket.

After she runs off, they wonder what the property is for. Maybe it’s where Nikolas is hiding?

Esme returns and they announce they might know where Nikolas is. Laura thinks they can find him and bring him home.

esem hears about nikolas

Ava warns mayor not to go on a wild goose chase. She may be disappointed. Laura can’t sit around wondering.

Spencer goes to his room and opens the box. It contains the doves he was going to give Trina. Under them is a key.

victor gives spencer something for trina

At home, Curtis and Portia tell Stella that Trina’s DNA results are in. Marshall tells the married couple to get over to the hospital.

portia curtis marshall stella results

Curtis can hardly believe that he’ll soon know whether or not he’s a father. Stella says they will all be there for him.

Curtis insists that Portia come with him, although she doesn’t think her daughter will want her there.

curtis could be a father

Once the couple are gone, Marshall tells Stella to eat his gumbo and leave everyone else room to deal with what’s happening. She worries her nephew still wants nothing to do with her.

He reminds her that she raised Curtis to be forgiving. He’s forgiven him and Portia so Curtis can definitely forgive her.

Marshall thanks her for being there for his sons when he couldn’t be. They sit down to eat and he gets her to say grace.

hat daddy stands up for curtis

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At General Hospital, Joss tells her mom she doesn’t need to take the fall and Sonny deserves to be in prison.

joss asks carly why sacrificing herself

Carly says they need to move on and she won’t let someone else pay for her mistakes.

Sonny returns and says he needs to be somewhere and will see Willow tomorrow.

Once he’s gone, Joss says he’s choosing Nina over his family. She points out that Sonny and Nina will get Donna if she goes to prison.

Michael and Joss start bickering about this, which makes their mother wonder what’s happening.

michael needs an update

After she leaves to take a call, Michael tells his sister to leave their mom out of this. She tells him he can give their mom the evidence Dex recorded so she can make a deal with the Feds.

joss tells michael turn evidence over to carly

Carly returns with TJ. He tells them the transplant is complete. It will take time to see how well the engraftment is working. That could take weeks and there’s still a chance her body could reject it.

tj explains the graft

They are confident she can have a full recovery. Carly tells the sibling to end whatever is going on between them. Joss says they will do what’s best for the family.

Sonny joins Nina at the Metro Court. She wants to talk about their wedding. He only cares about spending his life with her.

sonny nina talk wedding

Knowing he cares about that keeps her going.

When he spots Anna, he leaps up and says they need to catch up. Nina hugs her and thanks her for saving Liesl.

The WSB show up and arrest Anna. She insists on knowing what for. They won’t tell her there and cuff her.

anna is arrested by WSB

Taggert arrives and Trina runs into his arms. He wanted a moment alone with her before they get the results.

taggert meets with trina for results

She’s all over the place emotionally and worried about the future. She wants to believe nothing will change but people always say that and it turns out differently.

He repeats he will always be her father. She knows they won’t stop loving each other but they might have to live with her having another father who she’s missed out on twenty years with.

She’s concerned that the more she gets to know Curtis and the closer she gets to his family, the more she will hurt him.

taggert and trina talk family

When he looks at her, he still sees the little girl he raised. Even if she ends up being part of another family, she will still be his.

As they hug, Portia and Curtis arrive. They tell her he’s moved home.

curtis and portia arrive for results

A nurse hands Trina the DNA test results. Shuddering, she reads it and explains it say Curtis is her biological father. She sobs.

taggert hugs trina when he learns he's not her bio dad

Taggert assures he it’s okay and gives her a hug. She tells Curtis she cares about him but she’s not looking for a replacement father and hopes he can accept that.

He understands and would never try to take her father’s place. He’ll follow her lead.

Taggert says she could do worse and Curtis is a good man. He leaves them alone, gets on the elevator and weeps.

taggert sobs over trina being curtis's daughter

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