Brook Lynn Realizes She Loves Chase, Britt Tells Cody They Have no Future, and Then Gets Fake IDs from Selina

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, December 27, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Selina gives Gladys credit, Sonny meets with an arms dealer, and Sasha catches up with Chase.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Heather made a deal with the police to find Esme and Britt’s friends realized something is off.

Drew joins Carly and tells her he may have the answers to finding Willow’s birth parents. He explains a photo was found or the commune leader, Josiah.

In their house, Willow has been throwing up, so Michael gives her a hug.

willow and michael at home GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Wiley hops in and asks if they are going sledding. Willow explains they need to go to the doctor right now and Michael offers to take him sledding after.

As the kid throws a tantrum, Carly and Drew walk in.

After some chit chat, Drew explains that he’s still working on finding Willow’s real parents. She thanks them.

drew carly news General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

Once Willow and Michael exit, Drew announces it’s time to get to work. Carly gulps.

They go through photos and he gets frustrated by how little progress they make.

When he steps out to take a call, she finds a match for Josiah and stuffs it in her purse just as Drew returns.

She claims she was just getting some lip balm. He uses that as an excuse to kiss her.

Carly doesn’t want Wiley to come down and see something he shouldn’t.

They agree they need some time alone and she claims she didn’t find anything when she was looking through the photos.

He can’t wrap his head around the kid just vanishing. It’s almost like there is an angle they aren’t seeing.

Carly says they need to put a stop to this and then claims they should take a break and get away.

He can see the wisdom of that. They make out.

When she leaves to check on Wiley, he calls his PI to keep searching for Josiah.

Michael and Willow are at the hospital. He takes her to see the newborns and reminds her they will have their own in a few months.

willow sad again GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He tells her there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He loves her and so do the kids. They have a whole life full of joy ahead of them.

Cody shows up at Britt’s office and tells her he needs to come clean with her.

cody confesses britt General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

She doesn’t want to listen. He doesn’t know where to start.

Cody admits that when they first met, he was playing her. Obviously, she was beautiful but uptight.

When he learned who her father was, he became more interested because he suspected she may have something that belonged to his father. He recaps blackmailing Spinelli to match them.

Britt has heard all this before.

He was hoping that she would give him another chance. She laughs.

He’s sorry and tells her how incredible she is. He can see how wrong what he did was and how it got between them.

She confirms that what happened between them was real and part of her wishes they could get it back… but they can’t.

She can appreciate him owning what he did to her. She’s made huge mistakes too.

When she claims she can’t try again, he demands to know why.

Tearing up, she tells him that they weren’t meant to be.

After saying goodbye, she walks out.

Maxie bumps into Brook Lynn, who has a terrible headache. They rehash what happened on Christmas and Maxie splitting up with Austin.

Maxie learns BLQ sick GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sitting down, Maxie guesses that Brook Lynn’s relationship with Chase imploded and she’s sure it was her fault.

BLQ thinks she was delusional to think she could hold onto such a selfless man.

Maxie thinks she’s being hard on herself and suggests Chase may come around. Her friend doesn’t think so.

maxie blq trouble General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

Brook Lynn complains about how lousy she feels and wonders if Olivia has been feeding her pesticides.

Maxie points out she’s not sick, she’s just in love.

BLQ insists that’s ridiculous. This is the hardest she’s ever felt after a break-up.

This is the first time she’s ever been in love. Could Chase be in love with her too?

Maxie says that if she loves him, she needs to win him back.

maxie tells blq she is in love GH Recap


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Chase arrives at the Metro Court and smiles when he gets a text from Dante informing him that his case will be revisited next year.

chase learns his meeting is in 2023 to be a cop again GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sasha and Gladys sit at a table. She tells Gladys how proud Brando would be of how she has come through for her. They miss him.

As Gladys is admiring the diamonds she got for Christmas, Chase comes over and she goes on about his performance at the plaza.

After she walks off to powder her nose, he sits down with Sasha.

chase visits sasha and gladys at the grill GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They catch up and talk about how she’s coped with the holidays. She’s aware of how surrounded by love she is and has barely had a chance to feel lonely.

He offers to be there if she needs it. He notes that she seems more stable.

She’s trying. Brando always wanted her to be healthy, whole, and happy.

He wonders if that means her guardianship could be over soon.

sasha chase catch up General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

She admits that things have been going surprisingly well with Gladys. It’s too bad it took a tragedy to bring them closer.

Chase says life is strange that way. Sasha promises to always be in his corner.

She asks what happened at the Gingerbread Jam. He explains the letter and his case being reopened. There’s still a chance he could be a cop again.

He’s committed to taking down Linc but not to Brook Lynn. He’s made it clear they have a strictly professional relationship.

“Never say never,” Sasha suggests.

sasha and chase GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They tell each other they deserve to be happy and hug.

Selina corners Gladys outside the bathroom. Wu reminds her she owes her money.

selina corners gladys General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

Gladys claims she’s had a streak of bad luck. Selina doesn’t care.

She adds that the other poker players say Gladys livens up the room. When Gladys claims she’s running low on cash, Wu offers to work something out.

gladys and miss wu GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Gladys offers her diamond earrings to pay part of her debt. Selina offers her credit for one game. After that, all bets are off.

Once Gladys walks off, Britt joins Selina, who tells her she has what she wants but it will cost her.

Britt finds passport GH recaps

She gives her word to never see Brad again if she fulfills her part of the plan.

Selina hands her fake IDs. All she will need to disappear.

Britt fake passport GH recaps

Gladys returns to Sasha and worries about paying for her meal.

Sonny, Dex, and Frank arrive for their meeting in a room at the Metro Court.

sonny warning dex General Hospital recaps Soapsspoilers

Their contact, Roman, from the arms dealers, arrives.

Sonny says he doesn’t negotiate. They have to follow his rules and he will need assurances.

Roman explains his superiors need assurances too, especially discretion.

Sonny says that’s mutual. He doesn’t want anything happening to any civilians either.

Roman opens up a briefcase full of cash and Corinthos says that’s a start.

After they shake on it, Roman exits and Sonny hands the cash to Frank.

Dex says that didn’t go as he expected. When he mentions the guy was clearly ex-military, Sonny wonders how he knows.

Dex worries about them going into business with a private security dealer. Sonny is sure the payoff will be huge.

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