Austin Agrees to Help Keep Ava’s Secret After He Catches Her Locking Nikolas’ Body in a Closet, and Felicia and Anna Decide to Haunt Ashby

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, February 7, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Felicia, Valentin, and Anna plot their next move, Taggert and Jordan discuss their exes, and Victor is impressed by Spencer’s plan.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Brook Lynn lied to Chase about her deal with Linc, and Nikolas threatened to take Avery from Ava so she brained him.

Laura meets with Ashby at Kelly’s and asks her to step in for her at the sanitation workers meeting. She tells her that Anna and Valentin are dead.

laura ashy talk dead GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Ashby is shocked. Laura goes on about the shock and the loss and how bereft Charlotte is.

Ashby gets uncomfortable and abruptly leaves. Laura smirks.

Jordan and Taggert are having coffee across the room. She realizes he was probably her most successful relationship.

jordan taggert coffee GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Their exes are getting married tomorrow.

She hopes they aren’t having a pity party. He thought she’d be feeling left out, like he does.

They accuse each other of not being over their exes. She’s just worried about Curtis.

jordan taggert talk exes GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He tells her their exes don’t need their protection.

Laura interrupts to say she’s on the way to the rehearsal dinner. Jordan asks if something went wrong with Ashby.

laura interrupts jordan taggert GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Laura tells her things are likely to get worse with her before they get better. She asks after Stella. She heard that she’s too ill to officiate at the wedding.

After the mayor exits, Jordan wonders if she should check on Stella. Taggert admires how she’s kept a relationship with her.

They talk about what good people their exes are. He guesses that she wants to portect Curtis from “Portia’s lie.”

taggert jordan worry curtis GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He says he’s forgiven her for cheating on him. He can understand why she would think Portia might cheat again.

Actually, Jordan is sure that Portia would do anything to keep Curtis.

At the safe house, Valentin tells Anna how much he has been missing his daughter. She’s been growing up. Anna tells him she thinks Charlotte approves of them.

valentin anna safe house GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Felicia returns after dropping Charlotte off at Laura’s. They sit around and Felicia explains that Victor still thinks they are dead.

Since they are now ghosts, it’s time for them to start haunting. She explains that she haunted Ryan once and managed to trick him into a confession.

Anna thinks that sounds good but Valentin is sure it will never work on his father.

valentin doubts plan GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Felicia explains that Victor is not the target.

Spencer runs into Victor in the General Hospital chapel. Victor was hoping to give Liesl his condolences but she’s gone.

spencer victor chapel GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He and Liesl are living in the hell of losing your only child. Victor explains that Valentin died putting other people ahead of his family.

He hopes that Spencer can learn from that. Spencer tells him he believes there is a brighter future for the Cassadines.

That warms Victor’s heart. Spencer explains that he’s taking full custody of his sibling. He says the baby represents the future he’s so passionate about.

victor faith in spencer GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Neither of them care about what Nikolas wants. Victor tells him this custody move is a stroke of genius.

Spencer says this isn’t about getting his father to fall in line, it’s about getting him out of their lives. Victor is sure it can force him back into the fold.

His great-nephew doesn’t want to use his sibling as leverage. Victor thinks he’s just tapping into his natural born instincts. He has hope for him.

spencer victor GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Once Spencer is gone, Ashby shows up, declaring she’s no longer at his disposal. She never signed on to people dying.

He warns she has no choice.

When Ashby gets into her car, she can hear Anna’s vice repeating on the radio that she’s next.

ashby spooked GH recaps SoapsSpoilers



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At The Savoy, Portia wishes to Curtis that her mm could be there but she’s sick. He reveals that he’s brought her brother and father, Zeke and Sterling.

curtis portia hitch GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She screams and hugs them. They tell her how great Curtis is. He flew them out and hired a caretaker to look after her mom.

Zeke gives his sister her great-grandma’s broach. Their mom sent it. After he walks off, Portia gives Curtis a hug and tells him all will be perfect tomorrow.

curtis portia party GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He says there’s been a slight hitch and fills her in about Stella being ill. She knows how much he wanted her there. He’ll be happy as long as they get married.

Nika tells him that there’s a guest eager to see him. He goes to the back where Brad is waiting.

brad drops off gift GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He hands him an envelope from Selina. Curtis thanks him and Brad takes off.

Laura arrives and Portia joins them. The mayor explains that Stella called and asked her to step in as the officiant. They’re pleased to hear that.

laura tells curtis portia stalla ill GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

They discuss how suddenly Stella became ill. Portia asks for a moment alone and gulps.

She tries calling Stella and gets voicemail. Her brother approaches and notices how worried she looks.

portia zeke party GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When she talks to he father, he tells her that Curtis is okay. She’s done nothing but make her proud. She’s every father’s dream.

Trina sits with Marshall. He tells her that Epiphany is out of town looking at med schools and might move.

In the corner, Molly and TJ discuss relationships after she brings up his mom.

molly tj savoy GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He hopes that they stay good. They have something in common with why his mom and Curtis didn’t make it.

His mom and Curtis let their careers take focus and they grew apart. They promise not to let that happen to them and kiss.

Trina interrupts to ask how close the DA is to nailing Esme. Molly explains that the defense may try to plead it out.

trina asks about case GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Liz arrives and is about to leave immediately when she bumps into Drew. He tells her how sorry he is about her break up with Finn.

liz can't be GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells him it’s been a rough couple of weeks for everyone. She’s become hyper-aware that time is fleeting and nothing is promised.

Drew and Marshall discuss how nervous he is about performing at the wedding tomorrow.

Laura finds Liz at the bar. She notices she’s upset and assumes it’s about Nikolas.

As Trina dances, Spencer arrives and watches.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas threatens to take Avery from Ava. As soon as he strides off to do it, she grabs a sculpture and clobbers him.
He hits the floor. She rolls him over and begs him to wake up.

nikolas knocked out GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s not responding. Austin starts banging on the door.

She answers and tells him she wasn’t expecting company. He begs her to let him in. She directs him to the sitting room upstairs and then sneaks back to Nikolas.

She tries thinking and notices the door and then drags him body out to the stables.

“I’m so sorry Nikolas, I did love you,” she says, before locking him in a closet.

ava nikolas body GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

When she turns around, she’s startled that Austin is standing there.

She explains what happened. He tells her that all just sounds like motive and wouldn’t look good.

austin catches ava GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

Ava says it doesn’t matter how any court would deal with it because she will be condemned and sentenced by Victor.

She offers him money, the house, the gallery. She insists this isn’t who she is. “Not any more,” she adds, begging for time to leave town with her daughter.

ava begs austin GH recaps SoapsSpoilers

The doctor explains there’s nothing she could say that would make him change his mind.

He has no intention of reporting this. If Victor would kill her if he found out, they need to keep it a secret. He will help her keep this from everyone.

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