Dead Ashby is Fished Out of the Harbor, Sending Anna and the Others Into Panic, Spencer Works with Victor, and Cam Says Goodbye

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 30, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Esme and Spencer bicker about the baby, Joss tells Trina’s she’s been seeing someone, and Felicia asks Ava about Austin.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Epiphany’s friends gathered at General Hospital to remember her life and what she meant to them.

Laura arrives at Liz’s as Finn and the kids get food ready. When Cam comes down the stairs, they announce they are giving him a proper send off. He feels like the luckiest guy.

cam leaves GH

After he thanks them, they sit down to eat. Liz is clearly upset and heads into the kitchen. Finn trails after her. She admits it’s been an intense few days.

cam's family with him on his last day

She forces a smile for Cam’s sake. Laura joins her and wishes there was something she could say but sending your kid out into the world is hard.

Liz is proud but she already feels like part of her is missing. Laura says it is all a blessing and she will always be his mother.

liz watches cam before he goes away

Cam and Laura chat about Scott. He’s happy to have him and Laura as his grandparents. She’s very proud of the man Cam has become.

He thanks her for all she’s done for him. Hugging him, she tells him she can’t wait to see what he does next.

In the kitchen, Liz and Finn discuss Epiphany’s memorial. She tells him her friend did write a letter to the ethics committee for he. She’s glad she didn’t let her mentor down.

Violet and Cam’s brothers give him a drawing they made. He loves it.

the drawing cam's brothers did for him

He says his goodbyes as Finn and Violet leave. His brothers will miss him and tell him what a great big brother he’s been. Cam tells him he won’t be gone for good.

They hug.

cam hugs his brothers

Left with his mom, Cam doesn’t know if he can leave. It feels selfish. She tells him he’s been her rock and having him as her son has been the greatest gift in her life.

It’s his turn to go out and live his best life. They hug.

Dex finishes his security sweep on the pier for Sonny. Selina and her underling Li arrive with a bag.

sonny dex find body in water

Sonny asks if she’s managed to ID the person who tried to shoot him. They managed to acquire the belongings the shooter left at a hotel.

sonny meets with miss wu on the pier

They drop the bag and leave.

Before Sonny and Dex can leave, Dex spots a body in the water and leaps in after it. He fishes Ashby out and Sonny recognizes her.

dex fishes ashby out

They call the cops. Jordan soon arrives and asks Sonny how he’s involved in this.

He claims the body just washed up while he was taking a walk.

Laura rushes over. When Jordan steps away, Sonny and Laura assume this was Victor’s doing. In tears, she tells the mobster that Anna, Lucy, and Valentin need to be warned.

jordan sonny laura ashby corpse

Jordan returns and tells the mayor that Ashby died from a fall.

Joss and Trina take a break from rehearsing their routine for the Ball. Maxie shows up, worried that they are still practicing when the show is tonight. She claims the Ball is going to hell.

maxie says the ball is going to hell in a handbasket

They assure her they are doing fine and she bustles off to deal with llamas.

Straddling some chairs, they talk about how complicated things are with Spencer.

Trina feels like they are a cosmic joke. The night they finally kissed, their lives imploded.

joss and trina talk about hot boys

It feels weird that he and Esme are living together with the baby. She feels like she should take things slow. That sounds like the right idea to Joss.

Trina asks her if she’s ready to get back out there now that Cam is leaving.

Joss claims she has no time for dating. Her friend offers to set her up with a guy. When she’s not interested, Trina wonders if she’s already seeing someone.

Stretching, Joss admits she is. It started happening around the time she broke up with Cam and she didn’t want to put Trina in the middle of it.

Joss won’t give her any details because there could be consequences if it became public. She promises to tell her when she can.

Trina remembers Spencer lashing out at Dex. Joss asks her friend to forget about this and Trina makes her promise to come to her if she’s in trouble.

Dex shows up for rehearsal. After Maxie drags him out, Trina guesses that he’s the person Joss has been seeing.

dex talks to joss and trina about the ball

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Ava and Felicia have coffee at Kelly’s and talk about the recent events in their lives. They’re thankful they won’t have to deal with Ryan any more, but Esme…

ava says she won't harm esme

The Jerome was not happy to hear that Esme will not be facing charges after she destroyed her relationship. Now all she has is an empty castle.

Felicia asks about Austin and notes they seem to be together a lot. Ava claims they are just bonded because they were victims of the same lunatic.

felicia ava talk austin

Esme and Spencer arrive at General Hospital. She needs her son to be seen immediately because he’s sick.

esme asks if spencer is on her side

Spencer starts filling out the forms and tells her fighting with the staff won’t help. He won’t leave her alone with his baby brother.

As they sit and do paperwork, he asks how long she can keep up the angelic mother act. He says she can’t hide behind Ace forever.

After the nurse checks the baby over, they wait for the doctor. Esme asks Spencer if they can just leave the past in the past and get along for Ace’s sake.

esme asks spencer to treat her better

He can’t easily forgive the things she’s done. She says it’s not good for the baby if they keep fighting.

Austin joins them. He and Esme recognize each other. She says he’s the man her mother tried to kill.

austin tells someone he knows them

She’s surprised that he’s not mad at her. He’s friendly and makes introductions before asking about the baby. The doctor explains the baby just has colic and she’s doing a great job as a mother.

When Spencer says he’s going to leave, Esme complains she always has to look after herself. She suggests she’ll get a job. He finds that hard to believe.

They begin bickering about her being a single mother and she accuses him of trying to get custody of her son. He walks out.

When she and the baby walk out to finding a vending machine, they bumps into Ava.

At the safe house, Anna loads her gun and tells Valentin that the situation is deteriorating. They are sure Ashby can’t outrun Victor.

anna worries about eileen

They pull their guns out when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Drew. He informs them that Victor has disappeared.

drew says didn't leave on her own

They are sure that Victor is onto them and Ashby likely revealed everything.

Drew searched Ashby’s apartment and there were no signs that she’d planned to leave. Anna guesses something bad has happened and they are all at risk.

anna and valentin talk about eileen leaving under duress

Drew says Ashby didn’t know he and Carly are involved. Sonny shows up and announces that Ashby is dead. They assume Victor will come after them now.

Spencer meets with Victor in the woods. His uncle asks if he’s finally agreed to do what he needs to be done.

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