Ashby Makes a Confession, Victor Hits on Liesl, Marshall’s Shocked at his Test Results, and Trina Comforts Spencer

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 8, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Ashby’s surprised to see Anna and Valentin and makes a reveal, while Cam lashes out at his mother.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Drew told Carly they should go public, Marshall and Portia cleared the air, and Willow talked to Nina about her condition and seemed to thaw toward her.

Cam lets himself into the house and finds Liz on the sofa. She assures him she’s not sleepwalking.

She waited up for him. He’s glad. He says he’s going to play soccer for Stanford. They embrace happily.

liz and cam talk stanford GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Liz is proud. She admits that she knew where Esme was for a while and that Nikolas held her hostage at Wyndemere.

Cam’s stunned into silence for a moment before he freaks out. Why didn’t she tell anyone?

She says they thought they were doing the right thing until Rory died.

cam GH Recaps

She struggled and didn’t want to go to jail and leave those guys. 

She reveals she got an immunity deal from the cops. She asks for forgiveness.

He’s not sure what to think and needs time alone to consider it. He loves her and is proud of her.

It must have taken a lot of guts to confess to the police. Liz cries as he calls her a good person. She feels lucky to have a son like him.

cam and liz talk about esme GH recaps

Laura visits Esme in General Hospital. She’s sullen and now knows the truth about Laura’s son and says none of you can be trusted.

She’s done listening to her lies. She just heard Nikolas held her prisoner. Laura’s sorry.

She only just learned that recently. She says she’s on the baby’s side since she’s his grandmother. Esme softens.

laura and esme hospital GH recaps

She couldn’t have gotten through Ace’s birth without Laura, who says she’ll ensure she’s treated fairly.

Esme asks why she cares. Laura has a good idea of what she might be feeling right now.

She was her age when she had her first baby and was frightened and trapped, surrounded by enemies.

Esme’s startled. Laura says she was separated from her son. Esme worries that’ll happen to her.

Laura says not necessarily. But she needs to ask herself if prison’s really a place for a baby.

esme learns ace coming to spring ridge GH recaps

Trina finds Spencer outside Esme’s room.

He flashes back to that hot kiss and they embrace.

She wanted to be there for him and gifts him a baby blanket for his brother.

trina looks at spencer with love GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s grateful but tells her that Esme says his father kept her prisoner at Wyndermere. Liz helped.

Trina’s shocked he believes it.

He also shares that Esme’s lawyer filed a petition and she wants to take the baby back with her to Spring Ridge. 

spencer trina hugging outside esme room GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Nearby, Curtis arrives as Portia asks Marshall if there’s hope for her and Curtis.

Marshall goes to check in and urges his son to talk to Portia.

He won’t so she begs him not to go.

marshall portia wants curtis talk to her GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Marshall leaves and Portia says Curtis hasn’t been home since the wedding.

He’s staying at Metro Court. She asks him to come home.

She’ll stay in the guest room. He’s not ready.

cutis and portia GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

At Metro Court, Victor approaches Liesl who tells him to get lost.

He invites her to tell him off. She’s just trying to eat.

He reminds her she enjoyed the love of her children.

victor and liesl GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Valentin came into his life late and they barely had a relationship.

He was taken from him before he could fix the damage between them. It’s still hell.

Liesl understands. He wants to comfort each other.

He asks after Scott and learns she doesn’t know where he is and doesn’t care.

Vicor’s tickled. Was it his horrible clothing choices or abysmal table manners? She refuses to tell him anything.

He laughs, calling her feisty. She finally reveals Scott lied to her so Victor tries to hold her hand.

He thinks they can keep each other company. She pulls her hand away. He’ll never touch her again. “I’d rather be alone,” she says before stomping away.

liesl tells victor she is done with scotty GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers


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Blindfolded Ashby is led into a room by Robert and is astounded to see Anna and shocked that Valentin is alive.

She says Victor would probably kill her if he heard the video of what she did.

She asks about Lucy Coe but Valentin tells her she’s answering their questions.

Anna wants to know why she works for Victor. She says they’re not partners.

valentin and anna vanna GH recaps

She works for him and does what he wants since he promised to back her political aspirations.

She didn’t know he’d be killing people who got in his way. Robert’s snide.

Ashby says Vic believed in her but her eyes opened when she started working with him.

Ashby says she doesn’t know how Holly Sutton came to work for him.

One night he said he liked the idea of using her against them.

Their relationship is sometimes personal, she admits. He confides in her when they’re in bed. “You’re sleeping with Victor?”

Robert busts out. She says it was casual and after the explosion, they stopped.

He was angry when the necklace was gone. He thought it would lead him to somewhere.

Some place he was looking for. Anna and the men ask Ashby to get Victor to open up to her.

Once alone, Valentin and Anna think there’s some code they must be looking for.

ashby confesses sex with victor GH Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Back at GH, Spencer talks about his relationship with Esme being a setup.

She had instructions from her father, Ryan, to manipulate him and get into his life and take revenge on his father. She wanted to drive him and his dad apart. Trina’s sorry.

“That’s the worst.” Portia appears and Spencer goes to Esme’s room to talk to Laura while Portia asks if her daughter has anything to say.

Trina can’t believe Marcus isn’t that upset at her mom. They agree he’s amazing.

When Portia tries to talk casually, Trina’s sorry but they’re not there yet. They admit they miss each other.

Nearby, Laura updates Spencer on how Esme’s feeling. Spencer thinks they need to take this to court.

Laura wants to look for an amicable solution for all of them including Nikolas. Spencer thinks it’s a fight Esme wants so she’ll get that.

He wants to hold his brother once more before he’s stripped from him.

Laura tells him Esme and Ace are going to Spring Ridge tonight.

laura and spencer talk ace and esme General Hospital recaps March 8, 2023

In a doctor’s office, Marshall and Curtis learn that Marshall doesn’t have a single gene mutation that would indicate Schizophrenia.

The tests reveal Marshall isn’t at risk any more than anyone else is of getting the disease but she doesn’t know if this means Marshall isn’t mentally ill. 

Marshall is happy, wondering if he could have been misdiagnosed. If so, why?

marshall doesnt have schizophrenia marker

Back in Esme’s room, Ace is brought to her and Portia tries to make her feel good about herself.

Esme thinks she’s kind, especially since she’s done some terrible things.

She guesses Portia’s a great mom.

esme and ace leaving GH recaps

She goes and Esme vows to protect her son with her life.

She and the baby are wheeled out in front of Trina and Esme.

Spencer gives the blanket to Esme who refuses it. Laura says it’s good to have an extra and puts it on her lap. Esme accepts and invites Laura to visit them soon.

They go and Spencer vows to do all he can to keep his brother away from “that lunatic.”

Ashby finds Victtor at Metro Court. She wants to make up.

esme and ace leave hospital GH recaps

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