Finn Confesses to Attempted Murder After Being Threatened, and Peter Ponders Exposing His Accomplice

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Thursday, January 20, 2022 episode. Today, Anna has doubts about Valentin, Franco’s studio is burned out, and Maxie changes her mind about visiting Pautauk. We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Brooke Lynn was shocked by who was creeping around her house and Dante had horrible news for Liz.

dante tells liz and cam about arson GH

Liz answers her door first thing in the morning. Dante enters and informs her that Franco’s studio was burned by an arsonist. Cam joins them as the cop explains that an accelerant was used. He asks Liz for the keys to the studio. When she gets them, she finds her wedding ring with them. Liz admits she hasn’t been there since the night Franco was killed.

dante firer franco studio general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Cam thinks the cop should question Peter. He worries the fire could hurt the case against him. Dante assures him there are so many charges against August that he will never walk free again. Cam wants him to pay for what he did to Franco. Upset, he walks off. Dante promises Liz he will find who did this and leaves.

When Cam returns, he says that he’s been imagining Franco was in his studio painting. Now it’s all gone. “Kinda feels like we are losing him all over again,” she says. They hug. He tells her how weird the timing of this is considering what happened with her ring. She takes it out and looks at it.

brook lynn talks chase GH

At Jax’s place, Brook Lynn tells Maxie about conking Cam on the head when she thought he was an intruder. Chase joins them and Maxie asks why they left the Quartermaine estate. They inform her that Tracy figured out Bailey is Maxie’s daughter. As Maxie worries about everything unraveling, her friend takes her hands and assures her it will be okay and Peter will be locked up soon. Not soon enough for Maxie.

ned asks brook lynn about trouble GH

Ned shows up as flustered Maxie runs out the door. He asks to speak to his daughter alone so Chase exits. “Why does your grandmother think you’re in trouble?” he demands. She claims she just moved out for privacy so Chase could have easier access. Her father asks if she’s falling for Chase. She insists she’s not. He reminds her he was just rejected by Willow and she kept his child from him. His daughter insists they are getting along and asks him to stop glaring at Chase. He admits that he could see them as a couple. They have a child and will always be bonded.

anna valentin discuss brook lynn GH

Sitting with Anna at Kelly’s, Valentin tells her how beautiful she is. They’ve both been thinking about their kiss on New Year’s and how they’ve been to busy to revisit it. He assures her there’s no rush. He’s not going anywhere. She asks him to exploit his relationship with Victor to find out what’s going on. Laura asked him the same thing. He agrees to help and has already started attempting to get to the bottom of why his father is trying to unite the family.

valentin wants to be feared GH

He explains that he and his father have been getting along famously. They’ve been playing a game. She doesn’t doubt that Victor wants to get to know him better. He concedes he and his father share a desire for revenge on Brook Lynn. Anna wonders if that’s necessary. He won’t forgive the way she hurt him and his daughter. She’s surprised to hear it’s important for him that the world fears him. She didn’t think that was who they are anymore. He reminds her that’s exactly who they are. Propriety is overrated and they don’t need to respect the rules.

anna valentin favour general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Dante interrupts for a word with Anna. Valentin leaves to make a call. He tells her about Franco’s studio being torched and she offers to get him a list of people who could be involved. Before he leaves, he says, as her friend, that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. If she is getting involved with Valentin, he hopes she’s careful. After he leaves, Valentin assures Anna that he will stop things if Victor’s plan goes too far. She’s not sure she trusts him.

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Felicia tracks down Austin by one of the vending machines in General Hospital. When Peter is wheeled by with his guards, he spots Finn and asks him to consult on his back pain. “Feels like someone threw me down an entire flight of stairs,” he says.

peter wants to stop transfer GH

In a room, Peter tells Finn that transferring him to Pentonville is premature. He orders him to make sure it’s delayed or he will reveal how the doctor left him for dead. Finn says it’s his word against his. Peter doesn’t think the hospital would keep him on staff if the accusation went public. The doctor refuses to help. Peter threatens him again but it doesn’t help and Finn exits.

martin rejects peter's plan GH

Martin arrives to see his client. He informs Peter that they have no grounds to oppose his transfer. Peter announces he wants Finn arrested and charged with attempted murder. After he explains what happened, the lawyer asks for proof. There isn’t any. Peter doesn’t care if he’s exonerated; he just wants Finn tarnished. The lawyer points out bringing up poisoning a cop will only make things worse for him. He says he can pick apart the case against him; all Peter needs to do is look penitent. Peter asks if he can gain any goodwill by naming the person who helped him escape from GH last year.

austin can't help felicia GH

Meanwhile, Felicia tells Austin that there are no leads on Louise and it’s tearing everyone up. He says Maxie is strong. Her mom worries she is suffering and explains she and Anna are digging into the case personally. He’d be happy to help, but he’s not going to convince Maxie to return to Pautauk. She experienced trauma there and he doesn’t want to force her. “I like you,” she decides, but she’s not sure her daughter knows what she wants.

maxie refuses to revisit pautauk GH

As Felicia tells him she’s sure her daughter is comfortable with him, Maxie suddenly pops up to say she’s not comfortable with them discussing her behind her back. Felicia admits she’s been pushing the doctor to convince her to return to Pautauk. Maxie doesn’t need to go back. Austin says he will go on his own. He’s a little fuzzy and might remember some details. That makes Maxie worried. She abruptly changes her mind and says she wants to be there if he remembers anything.

chase questions finn GH

Chase visits his brother at his office. They chat about Finn’s date and his brother guesses something else is going on. Finn doesn’t want to get him involved, which only piques his brother’s interest. Reluctantly, the doctor explains that Peter got under his skin. He nearly went out of his mind after Peter poisoned his brother.

chase shocked general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Chase is startled when Finn mentions fighting him on the roof and asks for details. Sitting down, Finn explains that he confronted Peter, who refused to give him the antidote, then he pushed him down the stairs and shoved him in a freezer. They debate how to handle this. Chase reminds him that he saved his life and tells him to forget the roof. He needs to focus on the fact that he cured him. That makes him a hero in his book.