Esme Plays Victim, Sonny Plans a Romantic Gesture for Carly & Stella Confronts Curtis & Willow Gets a Shock

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Monday, January 31, 2022 episode. Today, Sonny’s determined to make a grand gesture, Michael surprises Willow, Esme plays victim ad Stella has a confrontation with Marshall. We also have Friday’s GH recap where Esme walked out of the cabin and argued with Spencer on the way home, and Valentin was kidnapped.

At home, Willow’s thrilled when Michael surprises her with tickets to Paris. Carly turns up and hears the news. She smiles and then Willow realizes she has no passport. Michael says they’ll expedite it.

She runs off to find her birth certificate and Carly details how she ran into Nina and hates her. She hates how Sonny refuses to acknowledge the pain she caused.

She tells her son about her last run-in with Nina, who intimated that they still have something. Michael says they convinced Sonny to have patience. She’s glad since patience isn’t his strong suit.

She’s sorry for confiding in her kid but he’s not. Willow returns. She can’t find her birth certificate so Michael runs to to the attic to look. Carly’s happy for them. Willow’s thankful and apologizes again for Sonny and Nina.

Carly stops her, knowing it wasn’t her place. Michael returns without the certificate. Willow will order another online. Michael walks his mom out and invites her to stay with them if she wants. Later, Willow shares that there’s no record that her birth certificate exists.

willow paris general hospital

At the hospital, Sonny rolls his eyes and is about to take his pills when Leo walks up and tells him how water fountains are sanitized less often than toilets. Is he sure he wants to drink out of that?

He laughs as Ned approaches. They get Sonny a bottle of water and he takes a pill while Ned lets Sonny know that they’re seeing Leo blossom, now that they know what sort of things interest him.

They call it a work in progress like marriage. He admits Olivia filled him in on his problems with Carly. Sonny lies that they’re back on track. “Especially after what I have planned.” He’s got some romance planned on a grand scale.

Ned asks if that’s really the right move. He reveals he too had that in mind after he screwed up with Olivia. He knows it’d have been a disaster and thinks Sonny should reconsider. He thinks Carly just needs to be heard. Sonny doesn’t think the circumstances are the same. He calls Carly to get her to meet.

ned advises sonny general hospital

At the cabin, Cam suggests to Joss that they check on Trina. Joss hears her moving around in the room but doesn’t want to. Trina appears. She feels better and they wonder why she passed out after one drink.

Spence goes to get her water for the hangover and Trina is sorry for worrying Joss. She doesn’t remember much. Cam goes to shower and Trina asks what she missed. “I called Esme a manipulative little bitch,” she admits.

Trina laughs. She can’t remember past the hot toddy so Joss tells her about how she revealed she missed the way things were before Joss and Cam got together and that she had to pretend to be happy for them. She asks if that’s really how she feels.

Trina sees him like a brother now and doesn’t resent Joss. Cam appears and they talk about Esme planning that whole thing. Cam goes to get some food and the women forgive each other. Trina wonders if Esme’s just a mean girl or more. “Definitely more,” Joss says.

trina wakes up drugged general hospital

In the car on the way home, Spencer refuses to stop for coffee. He just wants to go home but she doesn’t want to answer questions about why they’re home already from their weekend getaway. Spencer asks what the hell she was up to back there. Esme plays victim and acts offended. He inquires as to what she hoped to achieve asking those questions in that game they played.

Esme says nobody minded until Trina “stormed off” in a huff. Spencer argues that she wasn’t herself. Esme flashes to drugging her and then mocks her for being a lightweight.

She doesn’t like that he didn’t defend her when Joss called her a bitch and doesn’t want to go home with him. He asks if she’s breaking up with him. She drums up tears and tells him he never stands up for her.

It hurts, she claims. He’s sorry for not being the boyfriend she needs. She’s afraid that when he goes away, she’ll have nobody. Spence is sorry. She’s stood by him through everything. He asks for forgiveness. She kisses him and snuggles him. While her eyes are closed, he texts Trina that he’s worried about her. She ignores his text.

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Finn and Liz talk about Franco’s art. She tells him someone torched his studio so she’s trying to protect these pieces. She tells him it was arson and that she hasn’t been sleeping. He offers to lend an ear. She worries that her past keeps coming up.

They agree to move forward together. She continues to pack up the paintings and thanks him for not giving up on her before he goes. Later, she tries to get out of the room and is locked in. She finally gets out and then calls out, “Hello?” Nobody’s there. She goes.

liz talks franco general hospital

At Charlie’s pub, Stella asks Curtis if he wants his father back in his life, just as Marshall turns up. They were just talking about him. He hopes it was good. Stella goes to the bar to see Phyllis.

They introduce themselves and discuss how they know Marshall. At the table, the men discuss Sonny and how Marshall doesn’t like getting mixed up with unsavoury characters.

stella and curtis talk his father GH

Curtis points out that Sonny’s not usually like that. He doesn’t want a relationship if it’s built on conditions. He doesn’t want his dad to take off again. Marshall promises he’s not. He inquires how the new medicine is working and gets a positive reply.

Later, Stella returns to Marshall and Curtis goes to tell Phyllis about his upcoming musical acts while Stella  confronts Marshall about hearing he was in witness protection. Marshall says he never actually said that. He insists not knowing the whole truth doesn’t hurt anyone. He’d never have left his boys if he didn’t have to. He’s there now.

phylls meets stella general hospital