Curtis Learns That Marshall Has Been Lying, and Sonny Stumbles on Disturbing Evidence

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 23, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Drew gives Curtis information on Marshall, Cam and Joss agree on their next move, Ryan threatens Harmony, and Nikolas is surprised by who he sees with Spencer.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Selina and Sonny cut a deal and Portia agreed to mentor Epiphany.

curtis drew know GH

Drew meets Curtis at the Metro Court and notices he started drinking without him. Showing him his new house keys, Curtis announces that he and Portia just closed a real estate deal. It’s hard for him to focus on the future when Marshall’s past won’t leave him alone.

Drew asks if he really wants to know what he has learned about his father. He knows he would just be happy to know his father in the here and now and leave the past in the past. Curtis mulls it over.

curtis chat with drew general hospital abc soapsspoilers

If it was just him, he could let this go. But he has other people in his life and needs to know everything about Marshall before he lets him get any closer. Drew slips him an envelope.

It contains a lease from Buenos Aires. Marshall was living there with no alias. That doesn’t make sense if he was in witness protection as he’s claimed.

marshall sees sonny general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At General Hospital, Marshall asks a nurse to track down Dr. Rose so he can get his medication adjusted. He glares as he watches Sonny arrive.

avery arm hurts general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Sonny joins Avery, Ava, and TJ. The little girl has hurt her arm and they assure her the doctor can look after it. After she gets checked over, TJ says they will x-ray her arm to see if it’s a sprain.

Sonny goes to the gift shop to get her a lollipop. On the way, Marshall corners him and says he’s the type who only learns his lesson the second time around. Corinthos is confused.

Marshall says he saw him talking to TJ. Sonny points out he’s a doctor. Marshall doesn’t want his grandson associating with the likes of him. “I’ll be interested in finding out how you are going to enforce that,” Sonny says, wandering away.

Sonny returns to his daughter with candy. TJ asks to speak to him in private. He asks if everything is okay with his grandfather. Sonny says he has no problem with Marshall.

He returns to Ava and Avery, who asks if they can get ice cream with Carly. Ava offers to call and ask her. Sonny tells his daughter that there have been a lot of changes, but all of her parents and family will love her.

ava visits sonny GH

Ava asks what’s up with Marshall. Sonny says it was just a communication problem. She quizzes him about Nina. She’s not used to seeing him be so optimistic and sociable.

TJ finds his grandfather pestering a nurse to see a doctor. Marshall insists that his issue will keep.

His grandson asks about his run-in with Sonny and warns that he is no one to have as an enemy. Marshall warns him that people like Sonny always collect on anything owed.

sonny sees his pills general hospital abc soapsspoilers

When Marshall is about to leave after getting his meds, Avery bumps into him and he drops them.

They roll across the floor to Sonny, who picks them up, reads them, and hands the pills to Marshall, saying he will be seeing him.

carly talks kid general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Carly brings Joss to The Invader office. When they enter, Cam and Liz are already waiting with Alexis. The editor has everyone sit down and reminds them this is their chance to control the narrative of their sex tape.

The mothers have plenty of questions. Alexis wants to talk to the couple in private for a moment first.

alexis asks for decision GH

When they are alone, she tells them about the legal ramifications for revenge porn. They have no evidence against Esme so they can’t name her. Typically pseudonyms are used for the victims by respectable publications.

This won’t stop less respectable ones from using their real names.

joss asks cam support GH

Joss suggest they just use their real names. Cam says maybe they shouldn’t do this at all. They debate it. Alexis repeats she’s not running the story for money and will understand if they aren’t on board with this.

Cam wonders if staying silent will let the story dissipate and people will move on.

She reminds him this was a crime and they have nothing to feel ashamed for. It would hurt her more not to stand up for herself. She asks if he is with her on this.

Alexis returns with Alicia the reporter and says that if they want to stay ahead of this, they need to publish tomorrow.

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Carly and Liz go to the Metro Court and talk about how their kids are handling this. Liz is sure Joss will be okay with a mother like Carly. The nurse admits she was always terrified of having a girl and would have built walls around her to protect her.

But now that she has Violet in her life, she realizes she was wrong. Carly is surprised as Liz compliments her on what a great mom she is.

She admits she was rooting for Cam to get involved with Trina, but is now happy he is with Joss. They talk about how fierce she is.

carly asks liz if sure GH

Carly tells her that Cam is a great kid. They flash back to some of their fights and name-calling.

Carly admits she could have taken the high road in the past, but she didn’t and isn’t likely to going forward.

liz carly talk past general hospital abc soapsspoilers

They feel like Joss and Cam are paying the price for the way they used to behave. Liz is sure they have raised fundamentally decent humans. Carly hopes they have a lot less drama.

Cam and Joss join them and announce they are doing the story. Detective Lopez of the PCPD shows up and asks if they are ready to give their statements.

Back at The Invader, Alexis tells Alicia she is proud of the couple and hopes they don’t regret their choice.

laura asks nikolas close ranks GH

Laura is surprised when Nikolas stops by the penthouse and offers to help with Spencer’s homecoming. She has it all in hand. Plus, she thinks he should be going to Wyndemere.

He doesn’t think his son would be on board with that. Whatever ground he’s gained with his son, would be lost fast. She says they need to close ranks if they want to keep Victor away from him. Spencer can’t go on living there indefinitely.

esme asks if confident GH

Esme pops up and agrees, announcing she is moving out. Nikolas thinks she should at least stay until his son returns. Laura asks to speak to her alone. When they are, she asks what’s really going on.

The mayor says that she’s re-evaluated what she thinks about her after seeing how she encourages her boyfriend to reconcile with his father. Esme still says it’s too late for her and Spencer. Laura finds that hard to believe so Esme tells her about Trina.

esme reveals spencer issuese general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At first she chalked that up to her own insecurity, but it has become obvious that Spence has fallen for someone else. That’s why she needs to leave him behind. She’s not sticking around for scapegoat duty.

It’s clear to her that Spencer no longer sees her. Laura thinks she should find out if it’s really over before she walks away. She knows how much she cares about Spencer and he needs everyone in his corner.

At Spring Ridge, Harmony interrupts Spencer’s card game to ask if he can spare a moment for Ryan. He wants to play a game of chess and talk. To her surprise, he agrees.

When they join Ryan at his table, he blinks, “You’re welcome.” Ryan accuses him of using his name in his misdeeds. Now he’s lost his girlfriend and he’s the only friend he has left.

ryan blinks to spencer general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Ryan says they both want Ava away from Nikolas but only one of them has the power to act. Once he puts Spencer in checkmate, Nikolas arrives. He and his son cross the room.

The prince asks what’s going on with Ryan. His son explains he’s just trying to get into his head. They begin arguing about Ava. Nikolas tells him he still has a lot of work to make up for the pain he caused. Ryan glares over at them.

ryan using blinking to talk general hospital abc soapsspoilers

When Harmony returns to Ryan, she tells him she’s tired of being his lackey. He blinks that he will free her from his service the only way he knows how.

Nikolas and Spencer arrive at Laura’s, where she is till talking to Esme.