As Sonny and Michael Fight at the PCPD, & Carly Tries to Shut Down the Joss Story

General Hospital recap for Monday, March 21, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Alexis tells Carly why she should run the story, Michael fights with Sonny, Shawn says goodbye, and Willow collapses.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Michael was arrested for assault and Esme exploded at Spencer over Trina.

On the footbridge, Carly answers a call from Willow but she’s not there. Diane calls and informs her that Michael has been arrested for punching a reporter right in front of the police commissioner.

diane and michael similar to jason general hospital

At the PCPD, Diane tells Michael that what he did didn’t help his sister. Because it is late, he will likely be arraigned tomorrow. He wonders how many times she’s been through this with Jason. The lawyer says it was in the triple digits. She may have been able to get him off, but he never punched a reporter in front of a cop.

Carly arrives and Michael fills her in on what happened. They talk about how the reporter could make things worse for Joss. She hopes Alexis can shut him down.

alexis reads note general hospital

In her office, Alexis reads a note from Shawn until Smoltz wanders in and tells her he has a perfect story for The Invader. He tells her all about revenge porn, how they can play it politically, and that it involves the member of an influential mob family: Joss.

alexis caught general hospital

She begins lecturing him about his ability to handle this story. He tells her how easily the Corinthos name sells. Carly pops up and advises them to think twice about this. Smoltz asks how her son is doing in lock-up. Carly threatens to sue them and Alexis ushers the reporter out.

Carly tells Alexis that if she feels for Joss, she won’t run the story. The editor thinks that would be a mistake. She explains that what Joss and Cam are going through is terrible. It’s a big story and someone else will pick it up.

If The Invader picks it up first, they can frame the narrative and shape the way it is dealt with. If someone else does it, it will be trashy in comparison and she can give them the opportunity to discuss their experience.

Carly doesn’t want this to get worse. Alexis assures her she is on Joss’ side and she will not cover it if they prefer. But maybe Joss could find talking about this empowering. Carly offers to talk to her daughter and let her know.

tj finds willow passed out general hospital

TJ notices that Willow has collapsed on the floor of General Hospital. He shakes her until she wakes up and flashes a light in her eyes. He’s determined to admit her and calls her mom to tell her she fainted.

When he takes her to the nurses’ station, she checks her phone and sees Michael is at the PCPD. Epiphany tells her to do what she would tell a patient to do and obey the doctors by staying put.

willow low blood pressure general hospital

Willow admits to Epiphany that she feels embarrassed. Laughing, Epiphany tells her how much once got sick by drinking too much coffee when she was in training. Willow is amazed such a great nurse could do that. They talk about how much they love nursing. Epiphany didn’t always want to do this but she loves caring for patients.

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harmony calls lorraine general hospital

At Charlie’s, Nina is surprised to discover that Phyllis used to know Harmony as Lorraine. They were nurses together. Phyllis remarks on what a small world it is. After TJ calls Harmony about Willow, she takes off.

Nina sits at the bar with Phyllis and fills her in on the latest with the Wiley situation and her desire to avoid taking things to court. She was trying to get Harmony on board but she seems non-committal.

They rehash the story of Nina and Nelle. Phyllis still feels guilty about her role in all that. As Nina worries that she may have lost her grandson forever, Phyllis holds her hand.

Nina can’t understand why Willow can’t see that Wiley is her own link to her daughter. Phyllis suggests that Harmony could be the link to bring them all together. Her friend asks her to put a good word in for her. This isn’t something she wants to take sides about, but Phyllis will tell her old friend about the Nina she knows and loves. Nina hugs her.

Nina looks wiley pic GH

When Nina exits, she sits on the pavement and looks at pictures of Wiley.

shawn handsome with sonny general hospital abc

Sonny bumps into Shawn at the Metro Court waiting for Molly and TJ. They chat about Alexis. Shawn thought they made a good team and they discuss his new business expansion in San Francisco. All Shawn wanted was a fresh start and that’s what he’s getting.

molly and tj show up general hospital

Shawn was sorry to hear about Sonny’s divorce. Molly and TJ arrive and ask Sonny to join them for dinner. Sonny turns them down and takes off. He gets a call from his cop at the PCPD informing him that Michael has been arrested.

Jordan joins Shawn as TJ and Molly are telling each other how brilliant they are. She gets hugs from everyone and tells them it feels like she never left.

When the ladies go to the bathroom, Shawn and TJ worry about Harmony’s ongoing presence in Alexis’ life. TJ will continue to keep an eye on her and asks him if they are still only friends. Shawn says he can’t go on living in the past.

Jordan returns and the couple walk off. She and Shawn comment on how perfect TJ and Molly are. They recall all the mistakes they made. He says the one consolation is how much TJ is thriving. When Molly and TJ return, they pour them champagne and toast to family.

michael no help from sonny general hospital

Sonny shows up at the PCPD to check on his son. Diane says he’ll be staying the night unless she can work some magic. After she leaves to see the DA, Michael makes it clear that he doesn’t want anything from his father.

Michael tells him this doesn’t concern him and mentions Joss. Sonny doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Michael complains about him putting Nina first and adds, “Just for the record, Josslyn isn’t your family anymore.”

Michael tells him a man who cares about his family wouldn’t sabotage it the way he has. “What do you want from me?” Sonny screams. He refuses to let him use Nina against him anymore. Michael compares Nina to Nelle and repeats that he and Joss don’t want him or his help. Sonny hopes maybe one day he will understand.

Frantic Harmony visits Willow at General Hospital and starts telling her how grateful she is that she’s in her life. She runs off to ask why a doctor hasn’t been in to see her doctor. Epiphany says that other doctors have more urgent patients and lectures her for making demands.

They go in to see Willow. After Harmony takes off to get a sandwich, Dr. Nelson arrives and asks what’s going on. Nelson takes Epiphany into the hall and lectures her for giving Willow special treatment. He points out that she’s broken protocol and stepped out of line.

When she returns to Willow, Epiphany complains about working as a nurse for twenty years and still having to defer to doctors. She wishes she had a more active role in patient care decisions. Willow suggests she change her job.

Harmony returns with food for her daughter.

epiphany looks up mcats GH

Epiphany looks up the MCAT on the computer.