Carly Rages at Sonny and Tells Him Not to Come Home as Michael Punches Scott — & Nina’s Case is Dismissed

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Tuesday, December 28, 2021 episode. Today, Nina and Willow have it out, Carly blows up at Sonny for his secret, and Michael punches Scott. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Sonny admitted on the stand that he and Nina were in love while he was Mike in Nixon Falls, plus, Leo was diagnosed.

Spencer sees Joss at school. He’s dropping his classes. Alexis arrives. She signed up for the sociology crime seminar. She’s thinking of being a mediator. Joss is glad. They can sit together. Alexis will decide if she’s a good fit to be a student again. Spencer jokes about Joss not knowing  how to have leisure time.

alexis takes class general hospital abc

Professor Conn arrives with a sign in sheet. Joss pulls Spencer into a chair and tells him to be quiet. Maybe he’ll learn something. Alexis interrupts the class as Conn talks about an old case and admits that there’s another side to the argument. The professor doesn’t appreciate being schooled. Spencer and Joss found that the lecture was more like a debate. She liked it. So did the others. Conn calls Alexis over and Alexis apologizes for overstepping. She gets passionate.

Conn knows her, recognizes the name. She read her article in the article on jury bias and made some good points. Why is she taking this lecture? Her days in the court room are over. Conn says she’s wasting her time being there. She doesn’t belong in her class. She should be teaching. She suggests becoming an adjunct professor and working her way up. She’ll help her out.

prof conn general hospital

Outside, Joss and Spencer talk about Nina’s case. They hope the judge throws the book at her. Joss knows Spencer will make it through jail. He thinks the trip will help everyone get to know each other.

Stella goes to see Portia about Marshall. She doesn’t know what kind of man he is now. She knew Irene and Marshall loved each other but he wasn’t one of the easiest men to deal with. Portia can see why. She wonders how Curtis is dealing. She knows he painted his father as a hero. Portia knows that’s not uncommon. She thinks Curtis really wants to know his dad. That’s what Stella’s worried about. She knows she’s overstepping but she needs Portia to step up and show him he’s not alone.

Stella talks marshall to curtis GH

Marshall gets a visit from Curtis. Marshall’s planning on staying in Port Charles. He’s never stayed in one place for long. He talks about feeling ashamed for losing time with his son and it’s why he’s staying.  He’d like to get to know him. Curtis reminds him he abandoned them and pretended to be dead. Why? He thought he was doing what’s best. Stella was there but this wasn’t her job to help. They needed their father. He barely remembers him.

Marshall remembers Curtis well. He shares anecdotes and his voice falters. Curtis again asks why he left. Marshall wanted to see them grow up. He’s finally in a place where he can give his son support. Curtis is a grown-assed man and doesn’t need his support. He needs answers. He talks about getting teased as a kid. Marshall’s sorry. Curtis begs for answers and says if he can’t give him that, not to bother staying in Port Charles.

shawn interrupts marshall call general hospital

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Outside the court room, Nina claims she didn’t use Willow. She begged her not to say anything. Michael yells that she lied and evaded the law. Nina reminds him if he hadn’t pushed it, this would not have happened and her secret would have been safe. Willow yells that Michael wanted justice.

nina sneers willow general hospital

What Nina did was cruel and selfish. Nina knows it was horrible. She’s said so a million times, which is why she stayed quiet. Scott comes out and Michael yells at him for badgering Willow. He tells Michael not to be sad that “dada” was happy in Nixon Falls and didn’t want to come home to his family.

Michael punches Scott out and Scott wipes his bloody lip and calls it assault. Michael shrugs. “Arrest me.” He stomps off in a huff while in the other room, Willow continues to badger Nina. Nina isn’t responsible for Willow’s choices. She could have lied! Later, Nina and Scott are gone.

Willow worries that Scott will go after him for punching him. Later, Milford is back and court is in session. He dismisses the case. The DA says that Sonny’s testimony is what got her off. Nina’s curious about how Scott knew about her and Sonny.

scott gets punched general hospital

Outside, Sonny calls to Carly to stop and listen. She asks if he’s still sleeping with Nina. He hasn’t slept with her. He remembered his family and came home to her. Carly says he fell in love with someone else. Where does that leave her? She knew something was wrong and blamed herself because of Jason. She yells that he was protecting Nina.

He tells her Nixon Falls is over. Carly thinks he’s lying to himself. She begs for the truth. He says he had no past or ties. He didn’t know Nina was lying to him and talks about Elijah trying to take over The Tan-o from Lenny and Phyllis and Nina helped “Mike” stop. “And you fell in love?” She asks. “I didn’t remember you,” he says.

carly angry sonny nina secret general hospital

Carly cries and whispers, “Maybe you didn’t want to.” Carly asks what Willow overheard. “Something she didn’t understand.” Sonny says. He tells her about his dreams of the blonde woman. He knew he was hers and she was his. It’s still true. Can’t see see that? Carly sobs. “Not after what I heard in that court room.”

Sonny wanted to tell her. He tried but Jason died. He got interrupted. Carly doubts he’d have told her. She just asked him if he fell in love with Nina and he dodged the question by saying ‘I didn’t remember you’ just now. Sonny can’t recall what he said a moment ago. Carly asks how he feels about Nina right now.

He hems and haws and says, “Okay, okay, okay, hold on,” he starts. He tells her backstory about how he was taken in and given a job and how Nina came to be. He doesn’t give her the answer she asks for so she asks again. He claims he doesn’t know what she wants him to say. They can work this out. “No, we can’t. Do not come home tonight,” she says before walking away.

carly sob general hospital abc

Back in her office, Portia hugs Curtis. She asks about how things went with Marshall but he doesn’t want to discuss it. He wants to talk New Year’s Eve plans.

Stella goes to see Marshall to warn him that Curtis is going to want answers. She’s concerned about her relationship with Curtis. Marshall tells her he won’t tell Curtis that she knew he was dead. “You were like a hero to my son.” He won’t take that away from him.

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