Cam and Joss Tell Their Parents About the Sex Tape and Carly Confronts Esme

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 11, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Cam and Joss tell their parents about the sex video, Michael and Brook Lynn talk about Chase, and Esme ingratiates herself with Nikolas.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Brando and Sasha got married and Diane gives Michael and Willow advice about Nina.


michael with brooke lynn back general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At the Quartermaine estate, Willow and Michael talk about getting a dog for Wiley someday. He’s looking forward to sleeping in when they get to Paris. She tells him he can be convincing when he wants to keep her in bed.

As they kiss, Brook Lynn walks in on them and says, “At least you two are still together.” They talk about her trip to the old neighborhood. Now she’s back. Michael explains that he and Tracy already moved her stuff out of the beach house. She has no idea what’s next.

They know being without Bailey must be hard on her. Michael tells her about when he learned that Sonny killed AJ. He retaliated by taking Avery away from him. For those months, he basically saw his sister as his daughter. Carly eventually convinced him to give her back and that left a huge hole in his heart. Even if it was the right thing to do, it wasn’t easy.

Brook Lynn admits this is excruciating. But when she gets over it, she will go back to her old carefree life. They are sure she has changed too much for that. She adds that she didn’t do it alone. Chase was always there.

They regret giving Chase a hard time. Willow leaves. Brook Lynn says they are a “nauseatingly cute” couple. When she comments that not everyone is right for coupledom, he wonders what is up with Chase.

michael brook lynn talk chase GH

She insists that they are only friends. She doesn’t have a lot of those and can’t afford to lose one. If there seemed to be more, it was just because of the heightened emotions of the situation. He says that he apologized to Chase and hopes they can be friends some day. Michael could tell that Chase was lost without her, just like she is.

Brook Lynn doesn’t know how to deal with all the awkwardness. She doesn’t even know how she feels about Chase. Michael urges her to focus on what she might gain.

finn chase discuss liz GH

Bored Chase shows up at Finn’s office and complains about being on suspension. Finn tells him that Violet has been enjoying their tea parties. He’s welcome to visit her whenever he wants since he won’t be having date nights with Liz anymore.

They talk about the mysterious painting and another event. Now that Betsy has been crossed off the list, Jake is a suspect again. Chase thinks that Liz breaking up with him is an overreaction but the doctor doesn’t and fills him in on what Jake went through.

The kid has been through a lot. If the only thing he can do to help keep his distance, then that is what he will do. It’s all very depressing. The doctor asks after Brook Lynn. Chase hasn’t heard from her since she left.

chase has no game general hospital abc soapsspoilers

The detective hasn’t called her. His brother wonders why he hasn’t reached out. Chase sent a text but she only replied with a thumbs up. He assumes this means she doesn’t want to talk to him.

As Chase walks the halls, he bumps into Willow, who tells him that Brook Lynn is at the house right now.

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mom learns of sex tape general hospital abc soapsspoilers

At home, Liz makes breakfast for Jake and Cam. Jake perks up when she tells her sons that they won’t be seeing Finn for awhile. They are taking time apart so she can make sure her boys are safe and happy.

She’s made Jake an appointment to see the psychiatrist to talk about his feelings. “You think I’m a psycho!” he accuses. She insists not. He’s sure she thinks he put up the painting.

Suddenly, Jake gets a text from a friend asking if it’s really Cam in a video. Cam begs him not to click on it and leave it alone.

Liz sends Jake to get ready and then asks her other son what’s really going on. He’d rather die but she says it’s not an option.

Cam can’t explain this while she’s looking at him so she turns away and drinks coffee. He explains there is a video of him having sex with Joss going around. His mom’s eyebrows go up.

cam tells liz sex tape general hospital abc soapsspoilers

She sits on the floor with him and tells him she’s sorry he’s going through this. He tells her this isn’t right and people are calling Joss names.

She turned off her phone so he hasn’t heard from her. Cam never wants to talk about this again.

His mom thinks he should talk to someone. They wish Franco was there. At least he would make a joke.

liz asks for another try GH

Jake returns, insisting that he doesn’t need to see a shrink. His mom says that none of them are the same after all that’s happened.

He’s just lost his dad and, like him, he gets quiet when he’s upset.

A lot of people love him but sometimes it’s easier to talk with a stranger.

carly asks joss about problem GH

Joss enters the Corinthos kitchen and tells Carly she hopes it’s okay she slept there. She didn’t feel like sleeping in the dorms.

Her mom wonders why. “I can’t go back to school mom. Never!” Joss cries, lunging into her arms.

Joss explains that she and Cam had sex and she feels stupid. Her mother assumes she’s pregnant. Joss explains that they used protection.

But someone sent a video of them having sex to their sociology professor’s computer and it went up on the screen. Someone filmed them and sent it to the entire school.

carly with mossy and joss general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Joss tries to make a joke but her mom isn’t laughing. Carly decides to call Spinelli to take it off the web. Her daughter recalls what happened that night.

Esme accused Trina of being behind this. She admits that her friend was pretty drunk, angry, and acted out of character.

Joss says Trina would never do it. Everyone thinks she did this on purpose, filming it and making it public. Random people are sending her messages. She doesn’t know how to face the volleyball team.

carly horrifed about sex tape general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Carly tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of and the people who matter know that. Her daughter can’t believe this is happening.

She’s never been so embarrassed. The whole world has seen her naked. Her mom assures her not everyone is judging her. This must seem insurmountable but life goes on and people forget. She knows she’s strong enough to weather this.

ava eager ceremony GH

At the Metro Court, Ava and Nikolas make plans for their vow renewal. She reminds him that this isn’t all about the family, it’s about them too.

She can’t wait to make her vows and mean them this time. He can’t wait either. They kiss.

Esme steps off the elevator and joins them. They inform her they want their family at the vow renewal. He’s going to invite Spencer in person. She tells him he shouldn’t bother inviting him at all.

Nikolas is surprised to hear that. Esme agrees with Ava that Spencer will never accept her.

When Ava walks off to take a call, Esme tells the prince that he’s not the man she thought he was based on what his son told her.

esme offers nick help with son general hospital abc soapsspoilers

He’d rather not hear the horrible things his son says about him. She says it actually borders on worship and it always made her jealous. He asks if he’s worse than she expected.

Esme can see that he has room in his heart for more than one person. She’s sorry that she helped hurt Ava and wants to make amends. She has been urging Spencer to forgive him and offers to soften him up about the vow renewal.

Ava returns. The call was about Ryan. Kevin just confirmed that Ryan is the same and not communicating with anyone.

Esme makes a fist under the table and they discuss her father being a monster. Ava is sure there is nothing he can do to them now. The prince walks Ava out and Esme requests more time to speak to him.

Carly and Joss are in the elevator. Carly tells her that Spinelli has been wiping the video from sites. He’s on the way to the cabin to look for the camera. They will find out who did this and make them pay.

When they step off the elevator, Esme asks how she is doing and tells Joss how brave she is for going out in public. Before she can leave, Carly orders her to sit down.

esme caught carly gh

Back at the hospital, Liz bumps into Finn. Before he can say anything, Jake pops up, eager to get him appointment over with.

Chase goes to the Quartermaine estate to see Brook Lynn as she flashes back through their relationship.