Brando and Sasha Have a Surprising Wedding While Nina Turns to Sonny for Help with Wiley

General Hospital recap for Thursday, March 10, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Brando and Sasha get married, Diane gives Michael and Willow advice about Nina, and Maxie makes peace between Austin and Obrecht.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where it was revealed that Ryan is Esme’s father and Drew put Victor on notice.

willow admits court nina general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Michael takes Willow to The Savoy to celebrate her finishing her exams. After he goes on about what a superhero she is, she tells him she’s messed up.

diane tries set up alexis general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Alexis tells Diane that she is enjoying her new job. She’s gotten by with a lot of help from her friends…including Harmony (temporarily played by Priscilla Garita) who she asked to join them. Diane is not amused. Harmony joins them and Diane goes to the bar to order drinks.

harmony recast priscilla garita general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Harmony comments that that was one of the most drama-free encounters she’s had with one of Alexis’ friends. Spotting Willow and Michael, she crosses the room to see her, telling the couple she hopes they enjoy their trip to Paris.

Alexis tells Diane she’s in the mood for fun. A man drops by their table and offers to buy her a drink but she turns him down. Diane wants to shake her. She thought she wanted to have some fun. The editor isn’t interested in a relationship and lists her romantic failures.

Willow tells Michael that she ran into Nina at the hospital and snapped at her. He would have loved to see that. “I pushed her too far,” she says, explaining she’s threatened to sue for visitation. He assures her she won’t come anywhere near their son.

They bring Diane over and ask her about Nina’s case. Diane tells them that Nina has the right to petition but is only guaranteed a hearing. Willow says they can’t trust Nina. Diane urges them to keep this out of court. It would give them more options. Her best advice for now is not to engage.

willow and michael general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Michael tells Willow that Nina may have started this, but they will finish it.

Alexis tells Harmony that she overreacted when Diane prodded her about romance. Harmony assures her that it’s perfectly okay if she doesn’t want to date. She’s the only person who can know what’s right for her.

Diane joins the other two women and they mull over Alexis’ life some more before she gets up to dance.

maxie teaches austin lesson GH

Maxie shows up at General Hospital to see Austin. Before they can kiss, Mac interrupts by clearing his throat. Felicia demands to know if they are an item now. “It’s new,” Maxie says. After Mac gives the doctor the one-over, he and Felicia leave.

In the elevator, Felicia tells Mac that Maxie has moved on too soon… but she’s a grown woman. “If Dr Holt steps out of line, I will smush him like a bug,” he says.

maxie gives austin package general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Meanwhile, Maxie asks Austin for help getting what remains of Peter out of her life. She’s supposed to dispose of Peter’s effects. Obrecht leaps between them, declaring that she will make Austin pay for betraying her. Austin apologizes repeatedly but he’s made his amends.

Liesl still thinks he needs to do a particular kind of penance. Maxie asks her to forgive him. He’s part of her life and she needs to accept it. Obrecht agrees to co-exist with him, but if he hurts Maxie, he won’t live to regret it.

After Obrecht leaves, Maxie assures Austin that she will come around eventually. He tells her that the hospital has a place to get rid of toxic waste and that’s where they can take Peter’s things.

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anna robert catch up GH

Robert joins Anna at the Metro Court. He wonders if she has been avoiding him as she gets used to Peter’s ghost haunting her. Robert tells her not to blame herself for any of this. She’s more concerned about the man who helped him escape, Victor.

Mac and Felicia join them and the four of them discuss the situation with Victor. They need to prove he murdered Luke. Anna is going to Austria to find evidence and Felicia is going with her for cover. Mac forbids it but his wife reminds him he can’t go.

anna and felicia going to austria general hospital abc soapsspoilers

The ladies explain the details of their plan and Felicia insists that she will take part in all of the investigation. Anna insists they are only going to review transportation records. Robert says they owe it to Luke and their families to stop Victor.

The men offer to hold down the fort in Port Charles and keep Victor distracted. Mac has faith in his wife. She is eager to make Victor pay.

carly helps gladys general hospital abc soapsspoilers

A desperate Gladys bumps into Carly. She tells her that Brando is about to make the biggest mistake of his life and she needs her help. Carly in underwhelmed when she informs them that Sasha and Brando are eloping. “Marriage is dangerous. You of all people should know that,” Gladys says.

Carly won’t let her go anywhere on her own since she’s been drinking and offers to drive her to Sonny’s herself.

sasha tells brando now or never marriage GH

Outside Niagara Falls, Sasha and Brando wait for their car to be fixed. When the mechanic comes out, he says they need a new fuel pump and it won’t be fixed until the morning. Brando wants to take a look.

When he steps away, Sasha grabs her pills. She momentarily resists taking them and thinks about how they will soon be married and prove that Liam was born out of love.

sasha getting drugs general hospital abc soapsspoilers

As she downs a pill, Brando returns and says the fuel pump is shot. He knows they wanted to get married today but suggests they do it in Port Charles.

She has the feeling that if they don’t marry tonight, they never will and she will lose him. He assures her she won’t lose him and they can get married anywhere.

sasha brando happy married general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Vern the mechanic announces that he’s ordained and can perform the ceremony. He calls his wife over with a CD player to play the wedding march in the backyard. Vern starts the ceremony and they speak from the heart since they have no prepared vows.

Brando has seen how she fights for those she loves and he’s honored to be her partner in whatever may come.

She admits that at first she didn’t know what to think of him, but he’s saved her life in so many ways. In him, she has found a perfect complement to her life and she is thankful to have found him.

sasha brando eloped general hospital abc soapsspoilers

They are pronounced husband and wife and kiss. She urges him to call his mom.

nina tells sonny court wiley general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Nina visits Sonny at his penthouse. He tells her it’s the anniversary of his sister’s death but he’s okay and not drinking. She says they need to discuss their grandson. Following a tough talk with Willow, she has decided to sue for visitation rights. “You can’t do that,” he says.

He asks her to let him lower the temperature with Michael. She’s worried about Carly’s influence on his son. If she learns he’s helping her with Wiley, that will only make things worse. She’s surprised Carly hasn’t come after her already.

Carly shows up with Gladys, who panics to them about the elopement. She insists that her son and Sasha are in no state to make a commitment like this. Nina agrees with her. They owe it to Brando and Sasha to make sure they get married for the right reasons.

gladys goes nuts worry general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Carly and Sonny insist that Sasha and Brando need to make their own choices and trust they are right. Nina is convinced. Gladys threatens to rent a helicopter. They tell her to sit back and let her kid make his own decisions. Carly says supporting him is all she needs to do.

Brando calls his mom and announces that he just eloped. Sobbing, Gladys tells them they have her blessings. Once she gets off the line, Sonny tells her she did the right thing. Gladys mopes out. Carly exits after, slamming the door.

Alone, Nina tells Sonny she will put her legal action on hold if he talks to Michael. She worries about Carly. He urges her to lay low for now.

Outside, Carly tells Gladys that she did well. Gladys says that if she saw her ex with “that woman” she would have ripped her hair out and set her on fire. Carly claims she is moving on.

Back in Niagara Falls, Brando and Sasha are too isolated to get a cab so Vern says they can sleep on his floor. Brando guesses this isn’t Sasha’s fantasy elopement. On the contrary, she says it is because he’s her husband.

vern GH