Brad is Released on Parole Despite Michael’s Best Efforts & Finn Rushes to Stop Liz From Killing Peter

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Tuesday, December 14, 2021 episode. Today, Brad is released despite Michael’s pleas, Sasha and Brando have to face an impossible choice, Curtis still needs answers, and Finn stops Liz from killing Peter. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Sasha and Liam were devastated to learn Liam is brain dead and Maxie hoped Peter dies.

Curtis helps stella sit after seeing marshall general hospital

Stella is startled when Marshall wanders into The Savoy. Curtis helps her sit down and Marshall apologizes. His son explains that Stella is recovering from a stroke and seeing him back from the dead could have killed her. Stella lets it slip that this isn’t exactly a surprise. Marshall tries to cover but Stella just wants a moment to process the situation.

stella sees marhsall gh

It becomes clear that Stella isn’t entirely shocked. Curtis is confused because his auntie always made the truth so cut and dry. Marshall thanks Stella for all she did for his children. Curtis orders his father to leave for good and stay out of his life. Before Marshall can exit, Stella steps up and says he will be the only father he will ever have.

marshall faces stella gh

Curtis needs answers. His father insists that every moment he stayed with the family put them at risk. His aunt backs this up and tells Curtis he will get answers when his father is ready. Marshall insists he didn’t want to leave but the situation is complicated and could still be dangerous. This isn’t enough of an explanation for Curtis. His father repeats he just wants a relationship with his family and walks out.

Stella sobs and apologizes. Curtis is confused again. She changes the topic, urging him to give her a tour of the club and forget the past. His aunt promises she won’t let anyone upend the family.

brando and sasha talk baby brain dead general hospital

In Sasha’s room at General Hospital, she worries to Brando that Liam is feeling trapped in the incubator. He’s sure he just feels safe and loved. She’s determined not to give up. They need to be ready for their son. She wants to plan his best life. Brando says it’s time they get some answers.

austin admires britt gh

As Austin steps off the elevator, he tells Britt that he just saw her brother and he’s on death’s door. She complains about being warned she was a bad influence. He says that he holds her in high regard and anyone who thinks she’s a bad influence must not know her. Britt is so shocked to hear this she laughs. Brando interrupts.


Britt and Brando return to Sasha’s room. Sitting down, she explains that Liam will never breathe on his own or have any knowledge of his surroundings. General Hospital isn’t set up for the kind of care he would need. Sasha says they will find someone else to help them if Britt won’t. The doctor insists that she will help them look at all options and refer them to other experts, but Liam will be in a vegetative state for years with a low quality of life. Brando says it sounds like there is only one option… letting Liam go. The couple can’t imagine a world without Liam in it. she refuses to accept there is nothing else they can do.

Maxie quizzes Finn about what poison would be in prison that could kill Peter. As they ponder who would have gone after him in solitary, Liz shuts the drapes around Peter’s bed and pulls out a scalpel. She flashes back over everything that he’s cost her. Before she can do anything, Finn startles her and takes the scalpel from her hand. Austin interrupts and Finn leads the nurse out.

Maxie rushes up to Austin and begs him to tell her Peter is going to die. He can’t say much but whoever attacked Peter certainly wanted him dead.

liz wanted peter dead general hospital

Finn leads shaken Liz away before she does something she regrets. She can’t believe what she almost did. He recognized the look of rage on her face. It’s the same one he had when he threw Peter down the stairs and he wanted to spare her the guilt. She’s not thankful for being stopped ridding the world of the monster who ripped Franco away from her family.

Finn points out that she would have gone to prison and that would have made things worse. The doctor reminds her that she stopped him from confessing to the police because it would have cost Violet her father. She can be angry with him, but he’s only returning the favor she did for him. When he offers her all the support she needs, she kisses him and walks out.

Kids with Sonny and carly general hospital

When Carly gets to the Corinthos house, Sonny tells her that everyone is climbing the walls but they need to focus on the fact that he’s back and with his family. He wants to celebrate and shows her all the Christmas decorating he’s been doing. She takes his hand and smiles.

When they bring the kids in, he shows them the gifts and confirms that he will be there on Christmas morning this year. Last year, he couldn’t be but it wasn’t his choice. He’s determined to make up for lost time and asks them for hugs.

sonny carly decorate tree gh

Carly looks at the ornaments and sobs when she is left alone with one from Jason. Sonny returns with icing sugar on his face. She stares at the tree and says it felt wrong when they trimmed it without him last year. He assures her it’s alright to share her feelings about Jason. Carly recalls the first Christmas she spent with Jason. Sonny hangs the ornament on the tree. His wife knows how hard things have been for him, but promises that he is the only man in her heart. They kiss.

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Micahel sepeaks out against brad being let out of prison general hospital

Michael and Willow are in Pentonville waiting for Brad’s parole hearing to commence. As Brad is led in, Michael tells Willow that he’s never been more sure about anything in his life. Selina comes in and tells Michael that she doesn’t condone what her nephew did but assures him he will never cause his family harm again. “After what I say, there’s no way in hell he’ll see the light of day again,” Michael warns her.

michael willow parole hearing gh

Michael stands up and speaks to the parole board, explaining how he grieved for a child that was not his while Brad raised his son. He lists the hurts that Willow and his family suffered thanks to Brad’s deception. In detail, he explains the complicated story of the baby swap and Nelle’s involvement. Granting parole to a man with such a lack of judgment would be a blow to his family’s healing and the community.

brad speaks at hearing gh

Asked to speak, Brad stands up and apologizes to Michael and Willow before asking the board for a chance to redeem himself. He’s been a model prisoner and Britt wrote him a letter of reference. He insists that he’s more than his mistakes and promises to lead a virtuous life if he’s paroled.

Michael and Willow go to the Corinthos house with Wiley. When left with Sonny, Michael tells him he hopes the parole situation won’t make things awkward with Selina.

Carly tells Willow that whatever happens, Wiley has the full protection of the family. Michael helps Wiley hang an ornament. Sonny gets a call from Selina. She informs him that Brad will be released in a few days and he has her gratitude.