Sasha and Brando Say Goodbye to Their Baby as He Unites with Mike, and Drew Agrees to Help Curtis Find the Truth About Marshall

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Friday, December 17, 2021 episode. Today, Sasha and Brando say goodbye to baby Liam, Curtis asks Drew for help with Marshall, Drew tries to bond with Scout, and Olivia and Ned take Leo for his diagnosis. We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Sasha couldn’t say goodbye to her son and Curtis demanded answers from Marshall.

curtis portia talking at gh about marshall general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Curtis corners Portia at General Hospital to complain about how Marshall is already ingratiating himself into the family. TJ is calling him grandpa and Stella seems on the verge of inviting him to dinner. She wonders if he’s afraid of being hurt again. He doesn’t know what’s next. The doctor asks if he could find a place in his life for his father eventually. He has questions that need answering first. Curtis thinks Marshall could be dangerous and suspects he might have attacked Joey.

britt and liz

In the NICU, Liz wonders to Britt about how a child is dying while Peter might live. Britt says it’s not their job to pick and choose. The nurse wishes it was.

sasha and brando prepare to say goodbye to liam general hospital abc soapsspoilers

In Sasha’s room, she worries to Brando that she isn’t strong enough to do what they need to for their son. He holds her hands and promises to help her. They can take as much time as they need. She explains Sonny has made her see that time won’t change anything. There will never be enough time. They named their son after Mike so they should be as brave for him as Sonny was for his father.

sasha brando prepare

Sitting on the bed, Sasha says their son would have been lucky to have him as a father to teach him how to be a good person. He adds that she could have taught their son what real love is so he would never settle for less. “How is this happening? He just got here and now it’s over.” she sobs. She’s not ready for this but they can still show Liam what real love is.

carly and sonny chatting at gh general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Back down the hall, Nina tells Sonny that he and “Mike” are the same man, and they are both people his father would be very proud of. Carly and Olivia arrive and spot them together. Olivia reminds her that she planned to pull her punches. She ushers Nina away and Carly glares at Sonny. She approaches and he tells her she doesn’t need to wait around. He’ll be there for Brando. She asks if he’s trying to get rid of her. “Never,” he says, looking over at Nina. When she leaves him alone, he starts praying.

olivia warns nina

Nina tells Olivia that this is none of her business. Falconeri warns her that Carly is ready to take her off the map. The only reason she’s not dead now is that Carly is more concerned about having her husband back alive. Nina tells her that she should worry about her own marriage instead. Left alone, she stares at Sonny.

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olivia, ned, leo meet doctor

Olivia joins Ned and Leo to wait to see his doctor. Dr. Newman appears and asks Leo to come into his office and play some games. Once they leave, Olivia tells herself this is no big deal, just an evaluation. She says that whatever Leo’s diagnosis is, at least he’s alive. She’ll be there to give him all the help she needs.

leo's appoimtment eating cookie general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Sobbing, Olivia asks Ned to forgive her for making him the bad guy. Ned says that as long as they have a plan and each other, they have everything. Soon, Leo and Newman returns. The doctor says he will schedule a follow-up. Olivia clings to her son and tells him how much she loves him. Leo takes their hands and leads them out.

Britt finds Nina sitting alone. She’s sure this must be difficult for her, reminding her of losing Nelle. Sasha and Brando emerge from their room and Britt leads them down the hall.

Britt and Dr. Fleming tell Brando and Sasha that the procedure will be painless. Brando tells Sasha that their son will be with Mike and he’ll look after him. She wants to hold him when he leaves the world. Britt turns away and tears run down her cheeks and Liz and Fleming lead Brando and Sasha into the NICU.

mike takes care of baby liam passes away general hospital

Holding her baby, Sasha tells him how much of an impact he’s had on her life. She’ll love him forever. Brando kisses his son and asks Mike to look after him. Mike appears and says he will help with everything he’s got. He walks the baby off into the light.

Britt walks down the hall to give the family the news. Sasha and Brando soon come out and she collapses in years.

stella talks about the lord's plans general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Marshall joins Stella at Perks and she begins lecturing him for making her sister lie and tell the kids he was dead. “And what about you, Stella?” he asks. She claims the lie has always haunted her. He insists that he left for the family. Stella says she and her sister only agreed to keep his secret because he promised never to return.

marshall talks stella past and lord general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Seeing how great TJ’s future looks made Marshall want to be part of it. He’s not looking to change the past or be forgiven, just be understood and move forward. He’s sure that Curtis have a nightclub can’t be a coincide considering what a big part of his life music has been. Marshall still plays the clarinet, even though his fingers don’t fly like they used to. Curtis may be saying “no” to a relationship, but TJ has given him a definite maybe. He asks if Stella is willing to help.

scout sam drew kitchen

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Drew tells Scout that he wants to get to know her together. There is a little tree and he asks Scout to help him shop for some new decorations. Scout just wants to see her grandmother and walks away. Drew feels like he’s doing this all wrong. With the kid out of the room, Sam and Drew talk about his time in captivity. She saw that he had their daughter’s name written on the wall. He may not have fit back into the family right away, but he will. She says it will take a while, but he will bond with daughter. He says she’s gotten wiser over the years.

Curtis calls and asks if Drew is still willing to look into his father’s disappearance. He agrees but doesn’t explain anything to Sam. Drew promises that he won’t be doing anything risky. He has too much to lose. Scout returns and he asks her again if she wants to shop for ornaments. She wants to go home. Before she does, she and Drew hang an ornament on the tree. She can’t reach so he has to lift her.

Back in Portia’s office, Curtis tells her that Marshall is hiding something and Drew will dig it up. He notices she has something on her mind. She knows he’s prepared to hear the worst, but what is he prepared to learn he just wants to be his father.

Marshall returns to his hotel room and plays the clarinet.