Ava is Shocked When Nikolas Wants a Divorce, and Ryan is Disappointed in Esme

General Hospital recap for Friday, June 10, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Laura encourages Cam to go camping, Rory offers his help, Mac and Felicia clear the air, and Portia gives Curtis advice about his father.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Spienlli made a mysterious deal and Esme blew up at Ava.

ava questions gam spencer playing GH

At Wyndemere, Ava demands to know what Spencer’s real feelings for Trina are. He cares about Trina but is loyal to Esme. Ava waves his trust fund in his face again and demands to know what he is up to.

He insists he’s not up to anything.

esme offers be by nikolas' side GH

Meanwhile, Esme tells Nikolas that if the guilt of what they did is too much and he needs to unburden himself to his wife, she will be right there. The prince tells her they shouldn’t throw away the second chances they’ve been given.

He needs to find a way to reconcile with Ava now that she’s taken the first step. Esme gives him a hug for good luck and saunters off.

Nikolas interrupts his wife and son. Spencer takes off and Ava notices that Nikolas smells of Esme’s perfume. He claims he bumped into her and she said she wants what’s best for everyone.

She’s realized that if things are going to work out with Spencer, then they have to be happy. After a kiss, he tells her to forget about Esme. He’s found the perfect way to give their marriage a second chance: divorce.

Outside Kelly’s, Cam helps Violet pack for the camping trip. Laura wanders by to say how happy Liz would be to see all this. Cam immediately walks away.

laura asks cam camping general hospital

She follows Cam into Kelly’s and asks him why he isn’t going camping. Roughing it isn’t his idea of a good time. She suspects he thinks that because his mom’s not going to be there.

Laura hugs him and says they all miss his mom. He doesn’t think they should go camping while his mother is suffering. Things won’t get better until she comes home. His grandma tells him she only wants what’s best for her kids.

laura encourages spencer GH

She suggests that him going on a trip with his little brothers would make her happy. Besides, Finn could use his help.

Spencer rushes in and asks to speak to his grandmother alone. He announces that he is quitting since his trust fund is back. Cam asks him to finish his shift because he has to go.

After Cam exits, Laura wonders what Spencer gave Ava to get his trust fund back.

gregory senses more from finn GH

Back by the car, Finn admits to his father that Liz sent him away when he visited. They talk about Finn’s childhood and how he never took his father’s advice. Gregory assumes he’s planning some way to help Liz whether she wants it or not.

Finn admits he’s thinking of reaching out to Liz’s parents. His father suggests she let her figure things out on her own and just take care of her boys.

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epiphany studies with portia general hospital

At General Hospital, Portia helps Epiphany study for her MCATs. The nurse is starting to feel like she’ll never be ready. Portia urges her not to think about it as a test, but to think about the questions like they are coming from a patient.

Marshall and Curtis show up. They talk about the mugging and Epiphany leads him off to have his bandage changed. Portia asks Curtis how things went with his dad.

He doesn’t want to talk about it, but what he learned might affect her too. They sit down and he explains his father has schizophrenia. His father was protecting the family from himself. It must have taken a lot of courage.

curtis warns portia about what learning GH

Portia says it was very brave but wonders if he’s had any recent episodes. He hasn’t. Curtis suspects his father is worried it could be passed along genetically. She confirms there is a genetic component but that doesn’t mean he passed it on.

Medicine has changed a lot in forty years, so the diagnoses would have been from someone still learning. She suggests he go to a genetic counsellor to testing. He’ll wait for the okay from his father until he does anything.

Curtis adds that if it means that much to her, he will speak to the specialist. She says there is no rush and he should talk to his dad first.

Once he leaves, she looks worried and almost falls over. She immediately calls to set up a consultation with a genetic specialist.

ephiphany confronts marshall gh

Down the hall, Epiphany reminds Marshall that he took off on her. She also admits she’s going after being a doctor. He’s thrilled to hear that and he’s back to stay. Marshall asks her out for a second date.

Mac and Felicia are appalled when Ryan is wheeled in. Rory explains that the patient is just undergoing some tests.

crazy daydream of ryan attacking general hospital

Mac gets in Ryan’s face and tells him that if it were up to him, he would have taken him down a long time ago. Even if he hates being a vegetable, it’s better than he deserves.

Ryan screams and attacks him, tearing his throat open with the teeth. That’s only a fantasy. He doesn’t do anything. Ryan is taken away and Felicia tells Mac that evil like Ryan can never win.

She has something better than a silver bullet: a baby. He sits her down and asks if she’s pregnant. “God no!” she says. She just meant they have Bailey-Lou. They raised two beautiful daughters and that’s good enough for her.

Mac gets a text and has to leave for the station. After he leaves, she stares at the room where Ryan is.

Esme strolls in and asks some guards to let her see Ryan. She’s left in a room with him and tells him she’s about to make all his dreams come true. She made the prince an offer he couldn’t refuse: her.

Ryan almost wants to hug her. But he’s disappointed that she hasn’t told Ava that slept with her husband. Gripping her hand, he tells her words can’t express just how disappointed he is.

joss and trina open email GH

At the gallery, Trina gets an email from the school administration about the review of her case. Joss opens it for her and sighs, “Oh no!” She gives her friend a hug. Trina reads it. She’s been found guilty under title 9 and may be expelled.

Joss tries to be positive but Trina doesn’t need a pep talk. Rory arrives and eavesdrops as Trina explains this is only pushing her to find a way to clear her name. Joss assures her she has her family to help.

officer eavesdropper rory GH

Rory enters and adds, “Hopefully there’s room for one more supporter.” He offers to help come up with a strategy when he is off duty. Trina insists she needs to do it on her own.

Joss wants to drive ahead but her friend continues insisting she handle this herself. The cop says Esme will need lots of lucky if they are going after her.

Once he leaves, Trina tells Joss she knows how to break down Esme’s story.