Peter Collapses on the Floor of His Prison Cell, Poisoned After Eating Food Brought in By Brad Cooper

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for Friday, December 10, 2021 episode. Today, Willow forgives Chase, TJ and Brando share a laugh, Britt goes off on Nina for her lies, and Anna snipes at Peter. When Peter eats his breakfast, he collapses in pain. We also have Wednesday’s General Hospital recap where Selena and Sonny made a deal to kill Peter in exchange for letting Brad out of prison.

At Metro Court, Sonny and Selina talk about the holidays being busy. Sonny asks what guarantee she has that Brad will be out or that Peter will die. She says if Jason was there it’d be easier. She’s held off discussing it out of respect. He asks if she thinks they should move on. Carly walks by and questions him. He covers that they were discussing her nephew’s parole hearing.

Carly reveals to Selina that her son will testify against Brad. Selina shrugs that these things have a way of sorting themselves out. As her husband will agree. Sonny flashes to their deal to let Brad out if she kills Peter. Selena goes and Carly calls her tough and fair. She asks what bargain she walked in on. He think it’s time to replace Jason. They talk about her having to carry on without him. She tears up. She brings up how he really did change when he was in Nixon Falls. She talks about how much she wants him and they kiss.

carly asks selena what bargain general hospital

In prison, Peter has a bad dream. A guard lets Anna into his cell. Peter tells him that Sonny’s all but put a bullet eye on his back. He wonders which of the guard is on his payroll. Anna grins. He’s safe there. Sonny’s too smart to risk a hit. She tells him he’s made a lot of enemies. If he wants to stay alive he’ll have to save himself. He has to own up to what he’s done and accept his punishment and do it like a man. He asks why he would.

anna taunts peter general hospital

She says, if he does, maybe there’s something she can do for him. He can’t let go of the idea of being a family with Maxie and Louise someday. Anna gets in his face and tells him that death isn’t good enough for him. She says the trouble with her is that she still believes in the justice system.

If he owns what he’s done, she’ll do what she can. She takes off. Later, the guards come around with breakfast. He passes and then decides he’ll take the meal. The guard delivering the meal is Brad Cooper (Parry Chen). The meal was poisoned and Peter collapses on the floor of his cell.

Brook Lynn lets Chase into the Quartermaine manse. He feels useless because of his suspension. Since he can’t work, he has Willow on the mind. He can’t work and can’t stop thinking about the look on Willow’s face when she thought he was the father of Bailey. He says he’s going to start changing diapers and playing with the girl to make it look real. In another room, Michael tells Willow that he will appear at Brad’s parole hearing.

Willow’s surprised but he explains that he has to ensure he never comes around their son. She starts to suggest that if his dad is willing to give Brad a chance…she trails off. Michael says now that Jason’s gone, the  level of enforcement is gone. She knows he’s grieving for Jason. She asks him to forget Brad and Nina for today and shop for a Christmas tree with Wiley. Brook Lynn and Chase walk in. It’s awkward.

They talk about using disposable diapers versus a cleaning service. Michael asks why he didn’t come forward that he fathered Bailey. Chase didn’t know. Michael thinks he didn’t want to know. Brook Lynn tries to stop an explosion but Chase tells them that they can’t avoid this forever. He asks if they can get past this. Michael calls Chase out for lying again but Brook Lynn defends him. She tells him is he’s to blame.

Willow knows how betrayed Chase felt when she betrayed him and he moved on. She’ll do the same, “But you, Brook Lynn, you’re a different story.” Michael knows that ELQ played a part in the mess. They talk about the reason behind the lies and Willow hopes that since their kids are going to grow up together that they can put this behind them. Brook Lynn and Chase leave the room and he calls what she’s doing noble. Back inside, Willow asks if Michael can forgive Brad. He thinks this is a black and white subject. Willow flashes to learning that Nina and Sonny had feelings for one another in Nixon Falls and she looks away. He gets how she can give Chase a pass. He doesn’t get why she’s forgiving of Nina.

chase michael face off general hospital

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Brando tucks Sasha into her bed at the hospital. She wakes up in a good mood. She tells him today’s the day they’ll bring their daughter home. She hopes the special therapy to cool Liam’s brain works and that his EEG is good. They look at his photo together.

In Britt’s office, Nina and Maxie discuss Louise coming home to her at some point. Britt says, “Of course, she could be home if Nina had called the cops while she was in Nixon Falls.”

Nina makes a move to leave and Maxie stops her. Nina goes to Sasha’s room and Lucy stops by with treats. Brando leaves the women to visit. Lucy tries to talk about Sasha’s future but she only has her baby on her mind. Lucy admits she’s had many miscarriages. She tears up as she talks about how grateful she is that Dominique asked her to carry Serena and raise her with Scott. She can’t say what it meant to her.

Even though she lives across the ocean, Serena will always be her daughter in every way that counts. Sasha cries. Lucy thinks she’ll manage to cherish each moment no matter how scary it is. In her own office, Britt calls to set up the appointment for the EEG, and Nina reappears. She thinks Britt should talk about her feelings on Jason’s death and get it out that her life could have been different if she just told the truth about Peter.

Britt asks why she didn’t call the cops when he turned up in Nixon Falls. She explains she needed someone she could trust and it was Obrecht’s idea to go after Peter. Once she has something on her mind, there’s no stopping her. Nina’s sorry. Britt says she could have gotten her mom killed. Nina does — she loves her. At least Peter’s in prison. “Jason’s dead,” Britt counters. She’s not going to play the blame game. Nathan would want her to help her. They hold hands. Britt gets the call and Nina asks if it’s about Liam.

britt angry nina general hospital

Brando goes to the chapel to pray. TJ watches. He hears his baby was in the NICU and wanted to see if he was okay. He says there was a time when they were friends. Brando remembers he tried to rearrange his jaw. TJ offers to listen if he needs.

Brando says he was talking to someone. “Did they talk back?” TJ asks, looking up. They laugh and talk about how if their elders heard them talk that way, they’d have their mouths washed with soap. Brando’s grateful to share a laugh during such a challenging time. They head back to Sasha’s room and Brando tells Lucy that they should be hearing from the doctor. He gets her things and she tells them she’s rooting for him. She goes. TJ heads out. Britt and the other doctor head into the room.

brando sasha talk liam eeg general hospital

Anna interrupts Sonny and Carly at Metro Court. She’s sorry to hear about Jason. Carly leaves them to talk. Selina returns and tells Carly that she recognized that the subject of Jason may have caused a communication but it’s all about wanting to protect her and her family. That’s what she and Sonny want, right? Anna fills Sonny in on visiting Pentonville. She put the fear of God into Peter. Is he willing to let this go? He shrugs it off.

Back at Pentonville, Peter is in his suit for court and has finished eating. He goes to the door and clutches his guts. He starts to cough and gasp for air and collapses on the floor.

peter collapses dies general hospital

Outside Peter’s cell, Brad takes the rest of the breakfast dishes and walks away.