Chloe Lanier Returns to General Hospital as Nelle Benson

Did anyone really think she was gone for good?

Chloe Lanier makes a return to General Hospital as Nelle Benson, who was presumed dead when she fell over the edge of the cliff in September 2020. 

Nelle’s return should bring a load of drama to the ABC soap and will ruffle more than a few feathers as Nelle also brings controversy with her wherever she goes. 

Whether Nelle is a ghost, or just never died during her fall remains to be seen, and though SoapsSpoilers doesn’t have a first airdate, Soap Opera Digest reports that her stay will be a short one. 

A short stay could mean that we don’t get Nelle stirring up trouble with Carly and Michael, or accusing Carly of pushing her off that cliff instead of attempting to save her life.

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A longer stay could have caused Carly to become arrested, while Michael could have been in a custody agreement with her, which inevitably would add pressure to Willow, who is under enough stress from facing cancer while being pregnant. 

More time on the soap could have also meant Nelle and Willow scenes, with the audience and Carly knowing that Nina is their biological mother. Again, that could have driven drama since Carly still hasn’t said anything to Nina about this. 

Are you looking forward to Nelle’s return or did you wish she would have stayed gone?

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