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Soaps Spoilers is back with the General Hospital Spoilers June Friday, 7 – Friday, June 11.

Last week refresher!

Maxie finally gave birth to her baby with Peter. Louise is her name and she gave the kid to Brook Lynn to hide her from Peter. Maxie told Peter their daughter died and Anna and Finn discussed Chase needing more antidote. His condition was more serious than Willow knew. Brando learned his mama was out of surgery and would pull through. He sat at Gladys’ bedside, sorry that she got caught up in this. Meanwhile, Sasha got morning sickness and Curtis opened up to about getting closer to Portia, to which Laura recommended he take things slow. Portia examined Cyrus and took the bullet out of his chest and stitched him up. By the end of the week, Maxie lied to Peter that Louise was gone, that Chloe the nurse stole their baby, and then Finn pushed Peter down the stairs.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of  Friday, June, 7 to Friday, June 11.

Monday, June 7

Carly shuts Jax out.
Michael and Willow grow closer.
Lenny gives Mike advice.
A surprise visitor arrives to check on Curtis.
Sam questions Dante’s motives.

Tuesday, June 8

Stella talks to Portia about her presence in Curtis’ life.
Alexis and Shawn make a discovery.
Jax backs Michael into a corner.
Ava runs into Laura at the hospital.
Elizabeth and Finn work together to rehash Chase’s case.

Wednesday, June 9

Nina gets a promising call.
Chase’s health appears to be improving.
Dante is called to Wyndemere after Ava and Nikolas receive a troubling threat.
Britt apologizes to Maxie.
Obrecht helps Anna vent her frustration about Peter.

Thursday, June 10

Sonny steps up when he and Phyllis are caught by surprise.
Finn considers a big decision.
Michael tells Willow about his encounter with Jax.
Carly is suspicious.
Brando and Sasha grow closer.

Friday, June 11

Carly confronts Jax.
Willow makes a promise.
Chase has a heartfelt talk with Jackie and Gregory.
Brook Lynn and Valentin share a warm moment.
Spinelli helps Maxie with a difficult conversation.

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