General Hospital Spoilers May 23-27: Spencer Argues with Trina and then Esme, and Ava and Nikolas’ Relationship Issues Get Worse

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, May 23 to Friday, May 27, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week?

Sonny’s choices rub his sons the wrong way, Carly gets into a confrontation, Ava tries to outwit Victor, and Brook Lynn gets frustrated. For those reading this early, check out the GH spoilers for the week of May 30-June 3.

Monday, May 23

Monday’s GH recap: Carly gets the DNA test results back!

Dante expresses his misgivings about Sonny’s decision.
Carly doesn’t react well to being confronted at yoga by Brad.

Britt asks Brad if he likes his working situation.
Liz gets closer to learning the truth about the disturbances.

Brook Lynn is frustrated by her predicament with Linc. Drew thinks she should brush it off.
TJ discovers Marshall’s medication, and reveals to Curtis what he’s found.

Marshall wakes up in the hospital with his son at his side.
Liz gets results back and is still unsure why she’s sleepwalking.

Carly gets her test results back.

liz wonders what's wrong with her general hospital

Tuesday, May 24

GH recap: Liz checks into Shadybrook.

Nina takes the stand as her visitation hearing begins.
Scott takes a chance on an unlikely witness.

Laura, Finn, Kevin and Cam advocate for Liz.
Alexis and Gregory spar over The Invader.

As Curtis and TJ rally around Marshall, an unexpected visitor arrives.

nina and scott talk trial gh

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Wednesday, May 25

GH was pre-empted for ongoing news coverage.

Thursday, May 26

In Thursday’s GH recap: Sonny is grilled on the stand by Diane.

Scott calls Michael up to ask about Claudia.

Chet gets offered a job in Chicago. He doesn’t know Amy’s behind hit.
Things escalate in court as the visitation hearing continues.
Joss consoles an upset Cam when they’re interrupted.

Rory seeks out Trina at the gallery.
Ava and Victor try to charm each other.

Spencer tells Esme about a new condition of his trust allowance.
At GH, Nikolas tries to get information out of Britt.

cam joss hug after tape general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Friday, May 27

Friday’s GH recap: Esme finds Nikolas drunk and vulnerable

Testimony at the visitation hearing takes a sharp turn as Michael testifies.
When Nikolas approaches Ava, Victor stays to chaperone.

Spencer sees Trina and Rory together.
Amy eavesdrops as a preoccupied Chet has news for Terry.

Amy reveals she set Chet up and apologizes.
Ava and Nikolas argue about their marriage and Ava winds up being unsure if there is one left to fight for.

Esme writes to Maggie and Spence almost catches her.
Esme and Spence argue about Trina.

Esme continues to weave her web.

amy feels bad chet gh