Unpopular Opinion on Killing Off Laura Horton

Good riddance or painful goodbye?

Days of our Lives killed off Dr. Laura Horton Tuesday, February 9 when Laura went to Gwen’s suite at Salem Inn to make amends for keeping Gwen and her father Jack apart their whole lives. Once Laura detailed how things went down with Gwen’s mother Tiffany, and how she paid the woman off to stay away, Gwen told her she wasn’t off the hook. Gwen was ready for revenge. She grabbed Laura’s lapel and in the next scene, Gwen was sitting beside her bed looking apprehensive.  She kicked Laura’s boot and when the doctor didn’t move, because she was dead, Gwen checked her pulse and confirmed it.

We’re not sure if Gwen murdered her or if it was an accident or if perhaps someone else entered the room and did the deed. It’s a shock to most and many viewers are angry that she was killed off to ‘prop a newbie’ and ‘because the writers needed to kick things up in February sweeps’. I’m taking a look at both sides.

The point of Sweeps

Sure it’s risky to kill off an iconic character, but I was always under the impression that the data collected during sweeps helped the soaps position for renewals each year. Many are citing that the scribe has killed off too many. I won’t argue that point but I will say that he has also brought back quite a few. And it’s not as if Laura has been seen much in over a decade.

Her death fits into the story

Laura made a massive mistake by keeping a father and his child apart. I detailed my thoughts on her guilt in my column last week, knowing that it was the reason she butted in. It was such a shocking act and since we know Gwen’s unstable, it’s not a surprise that she’d want revenge. That they didn’t show how Laura died and we’re to rely on Gwen’s admission of innocence is something that will keep us in suspense for a while. Maybe Gwen did kill her. Maybe Laura fell or maybe someone else came along and did the deed. I’m not sure, though I did notice the position of the body. If Laura had hit her head on the desk in front of her, why is the wound in the back of her head? Hmm?

Is the loss nostalgia or will we miss the actual character?

Many are feeling a loss because Jaime Lyn Bauer has played the part off and on since 1993 and the character originated in 1966. Many also adored Laura. I feel for everyone who will miss her. And I feel for the actress. I know what it’s like to lose a fave, but I won’t miss Laura. My unpopular opinion is that I have never cared for her. I don’t have any feelings of nostalgia toward her. I’ve found her to be weak and whiny and one of the worst psychiatrists in soaps. I’m just grateful that Dr. Rolf is locked up and can’t bring her back. Yep. I said what I said.

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