Days of our Lives Spoilers September 5 – 9: Gabi Comes Face to Face With Stefan in the Crypt

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 5 to Friday, September 9.

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Then check below for what’s coming up the week after! What’s ahead includes Maggie learning Jennifer’s secret, Stephanie delivering surprising news to Abe, and Ava being disturbed in the DiMera crypt.

Days of our Lives moves to Peacock September 12

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How viewers can still watch Days of our Lives after it moves to Peacock whether you’re in USA, Canada or Australia. 

Monday, September 5

Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, Sept. 5!

Chad and Stephanie talk about how strong Sonny is. Stephaine is sure he’ll pull through this.

Leo has a terrible dream that Chad has the knife that killed Abby and he stabs him with it.

chad stabs leo dream days of our lives

Leo wakes up and calls the hospital, pretending to be Alex, while he asks after Sonny.

Leo’s happy that Sonny will be fine.

Will hurries home as Sonny battles for his life.

will snuggle sonny hospital days of our lives

Will turns up and Justin is singing to Sonny.

Justin and Will talk about how Sonny is going to pull through. “He has to,” Will says.

Victor orders Alex to work closely with Stephanie.

Maggie learns the secret Jennifer has been keeping.

maggie finds jenn drugs days of our lives

Jennifer is taking pills to get through her pain over losing Abby.

Sloan doesn’t like Rafe summoning her.

Sloan tells Rafe that Leo was giving Sonny CPR. Chad never saw him stab the man. In fact, the 911 log shows Leo called. Sloan tells Rafe his case is circumstantial.

sloan with rafe days

Rafe shows Sloan the list of people he was out to get. Abby and Sonny’s names were crossed off. Sloan calls it circumstantial.

Rafe threatens to dump Sloan in jail.

Sonny’s vitals improve now that Will is home.

Victor and Alex discuss Sonny. Alex blames himself.

victor talks to alex days

Stephanie writes a press release on Alex and he thinks it makes him sound sexy.

Maggie confronts Jennifer about the pills and Jenn drops them in the trash.

Leo packs to leave Salem as he tries to think of who is framing him.

leo yells sloan days

Tuesday, September 6

Days of our Lives recap!

Sarah’s ready to see if she can get her job reinstated at the hospital.

Xander believes Sarah will get her old job back.

Xander and Sarah decide to get married immediately.

xander and sarah wedding day DAYS

Rafe interrogates Sloan about Leo.

Rafe tells Sloan to stop lying about Leo and grabs her.

Chad confronts DA Trask about Leo.

Trask says Rafe’s on Leo’s case and knows where Leo is right now.

Gwen is released from jail much to Chad’s chagrin.

Sonny wakes up to Leo in scrubs and a funky wig and asks if they’re the nurse. Leo says, “Bitch please, it’s me.”

Leo makes his case to Sonny. He didn’t stab him.

leona days NBC

Jennifer fishes for her pills from the trash and hides them in her hand when Jack arrives home.

Jack confronts Jennifer about her pills and she lies about Kayla giving her medication for headaches. He buys it and they embrace.

Jack tells Jennifer about hiring a lawyer for Gwen. He makes excuses for his daughter and asks his wife to understand.

trask gets yelled at DAYS

Jack explains that Sonny was stabbed when Gwen was in jail. Jack thinks Leo set Gwen up. He knows his kid is no saint but thinks she deserves more from him. Jennifer decides that she can be forgiving.

Xander and Sarah arrive at Alice’s place in their wedding finest and ask Jack and Jennifer to witness their wedding. Maggie will meet them at City Hall but Jenn offers the Horton house since it’s Sarah’s family home too.

Jenn provides flowers and her and Maggie decorate. Jack’s grateful to Xander since it’s the first time Jenn has smiled in a while.

Gwen walks in just before the wedding begins. She’s there when the duo marries and later, goes back to her room wondering why it’s been wrecked.

rafe manhandles sloan DAYS

Gwen stares at Xandy’s photo and cries.

Sloan lets Rafe know that Leo’s on his way to the hospital. Rafe gets there but Leo’s long gone. Nurse Leona has left.

sonny sees leo hospital DAYS

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Wednesday, September 7

How viewers can still watch Days of our Lives after it moves to Peacock whether you’re in USA, Canada or Australia. 

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives recap!

Marlena gets pampered as John gives her a day of romance.

John massages Marlena and feeds her strawberries in bed. “Commencing with Operation Spoil Marlena.”

John and Marlena have sex and afterward, talk about how they have faced a lifetime of challenges and that they’ve always come out on top and stronger than ever.

jarlena sex DAYS NBC

John knows Orpheus is planning something more.

Marlena thinks the police or the FBI will find Orpheus before he does more damage.

Stephanie has some surprising news for Abe and Paulina about his campaign for governor.

Stephanie wants paulina run DAYS

Jada reads the riot act to Steve.

Steve tells Jada that they couldn’t call the cops or Orpheus would have killed their wives. Jada thinks they’d have had Orpheus in custody if Steve had called them.

Orpheus visits Rolf’s secret lab.

Rolf’s nervous when Orpheus starts touching his lab equipment. Orpheus knows what Rolf’s doing with Stefan.

Rolf tells Orpheus that he’s conditioning Stefan but insists it’s not his business.

Orpheus wants something from Rolf and reminds him it’s payback time since he got him pardoned.

Orpheus wants maximum pain brought to Steve, Roman and mostly John.

Kate tells Eric that Roman and Allie have forgiven her for knowing Lucas kidnapped Sami. She tells him that Marlena has forgiven her as well and she’s paying for what she did.

eric kate roman talk jada DAYS

Kate tells Eric she’s sorry for pushing him toward Nicole. She wants him to find the happiness that she’s found in Roman.

Kate presses Eric about his new woman and learns it’s Jada.

jada catches eric days

Paulina and Abe learn from Stephanie that the numbers for Abe running for governor are low. People like Abe but want to talk about Paulina, so Paulina thinks she’s holding Abe back. She thinks a divorce would solve that. Abe refuses.

paulina talks divorce days of our lives

As Kayla’s kissing Steve and thanking him for saving her life, Stephanie arrives and demands to know why her father didn’t tell her that her mom was kidnapped.

Thursday, September 8

Thursday’s Days of our Lives recap!

Anna and Tony ask if Johnny’s okay. He’s fine, he guesses. She hopes he wasn’t traumatized by EJ’s behavior. 

Johnny talks about having a service for Jake. He invites everyone. He tells Ava in person. She calls it sweet and EJ walks in on them sitting on her bed. He thinks she’s going through all of the DiMera men.

rolf told stefan love DAYS

Johnny tells EJ that he can’t steamroll over him.

Rolf tells an unconscious Stefan that he’ll only have Chloe on his mind once he’s up.

Li takes his dad to the airport and goes to Gabi, who hopes his dad had a nice time in Salem.

gabi talks li father DAYS

Kristen orders Rolf to wake Stefan and he does so. Stefan thinks he’s in love with Chloe.

Kristen tells Stefan to rush back to Chloe and get her into his bed.

EJ wants to discuss his son with Ava and what he’s doing with her.

EJ confronts Gabi about Ava.

ava thanks johnny DAYS

Johnny has a close moment with Ava.

Johnny calls Gabi to come to the crypt for the memorial.

Chloe rants about dealing with Kristen and Brady feels bad and blames himself for getting involved with her in the first place.

Chloe talks about testifying tomorrow in the custody case.

brady bummed about custody DAYS

As Brady and Chloe are in bed, Kristen arrives at his hotel room.

Li makes a bold move.

Li proposes marriage to a surprised Gabi.

Stefan wakes up and goes to the DiMera crypt where he sees the plaque with his name on it.

Ava arrives at the crypt and sees “Jake.”

kristen demands wake stefan DAYS


Friday, September 9

Days was pre-empted until 1:20 PM today

Reminder that today was the last episode of Days of our Lives on NBC. Here’s how you can watch DOOL whether you’re in USA, Canada or Australia. We’ll also continue our recaps here in our spoilers so you can keep abreast with what’s going on in Salem.

Ava has a disturbing encounter in the DiMera crypt.

tony anna nbc last air

Johnny lectures EJ about his treatment of Ava.

Li pleads to Gabi.

gabi engagement ring DAYS

Brady and Chloe question Kristen’s curious behavior.

Li and Gabi show Tony and Anna her engagement ring.

Stefan arrives home and gets a drink and looks at Stefano’s portrait and drinks to his father.

stefan drinks to stefano DAYS

In the crypt, Gabi talks to Stefan, trying to say goodbye when he walks in. She’s pretty shocked.

gabi sees stefan DAYS

Stefan, of course, was brainwashed so he doesn’t see Gabi the way he used to. 

stefan alive crypt DAYS


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