Days of our Lives Spoilers September 26 – 30: Rolf Mixes up The Cure While Kristen Begs Him For Help With Brady

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Included, Steve’s omission makes Stephanie furious, EJ has some shocking news for Belle, and Brady catches Stefan with Chloe.

As of September 21, almost a year to date of us ceasing Days recaps, we’ve begun writing them again. Daily Days of our Lives recaps can be found not in the spoilers but in the recap section. 

Take a look at the Days spoiler video promo from Peacock! It’s a doozy.

This week, after learning Clyde was Abigail’s killer, Chad goes after Clyde with a gun and demands to know why he did it.

Meanwhile, Nancy sobs as she learns that her husband-to-be is a killer.

Jack tells Julie that Jennifer’s back on pain pills again and Jenn has an another worldly visit from Abigail.

We’ll be here Monday to recap the episode in the morning! 

Monday, September 26

Chloe tries to get Craig to help her stop Nancy’s wedding.

EJ has shocking news for Belle.

Chad wants blood.

Rafe and Jada try to find Abigail’s killer.


Tuesday, September 27

Tuesday’s Days recap: Jenn drives while impaired

Chad gets the details of the night Abigail was murdered.

Chad’s horrified by Clyde’s reason for killing Abby — it was supposed to be Belle.

Belle and EJ search for Chad.

Gwen exposes Jennifer’s secret to Jack.

Jennifer is driven over the edge.

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Wednesday, September 28

Wednesday’s Days recap: Jack realizes Jenn ran over Gwen

EJ rescues Chad.

Clyde begs them to call paramedics but the men refuse.

Rafe discovers an injured Gwen.

Jack thinks Jenn ran down Gwen.

Jennifer makes a confession to Jack and Julie.

Xander is shocked when Gwen is rushed to the ER.

Gwen wakes up and can’t recall who hit her.

Jack tells Clyde he hopes he never forgets seeing Abigail’s face.

gwen remembers days peacock

Thursday, September 29

Thursday’s Days recap: Chad says a tearful goodbye to his wife

Chad says goodbye to a vision of Abigail.

Gabi is upset by the way Stefan is behaving.

Ava and Gabi scheme.

Allie tells Johnny he’s overstayed his welcome.

Allie’s jealous of her brother.

EJ has an offer for Ava and Johnny.

chad bye abby ghost days

Friday, September 30

Friday’s Days recap: Rolf has the cure

Rex has a realization about Kate’s illness.

Kristen turns to Rolf for help and he refuses her.

Brady catches Stefan and Chloe together.

Chloe explains it’s her birthday and they were celebrating.

Stephanie is upset with Steve for not informing her of her mother’s illness.

Stephanie tells her brothers not to come to Salem.

John, Rex and Steve find out what the cure is.

Rolf is already making a cure, for interesting reasons.

john yell brady chapel days

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