Days of our Lives Spoilers September 19 – 23: Chad is Ready to Deal With Clyde & Eric and Nicole Admit They Dreamed Of Each Other

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Monday, September 19

Days recap!

Will and Chad attempt to get Sonny to remember what happened the night he was attacked.

Sonny remembers the scent of vanilla during his attack.

sonny hypnotized days
W Network

Xander turns to Jack for advice about Sarah. He reveals she left him and why and he’s not sure what to do.

xandy jack talk sarah days
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Desperate Leo asks Gwen for help.

leo thinks craig killed abby Days
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Leo tries to figure out who killed Abigail. He knows who the “stab happy sadist” is.

Nancy suspects Clyde is cheating after she overhears him on the phone.

Clyde tells Nancy that he was talking with Ben who says he and Ciara are in Nova Scotia, picking clams.

Clyde admits he isn’t cheating but he has a secret. He pulls out a ring and proposes. Nancy sobs and accepts.

nancy engaged clyde days
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Jack learns that Sonny isn’t convinced that Leo Stark killed Abigail.

Maggie gives Sarah some tough love and advice that has Sarah running back to Xander.

maggie tough love sarah days
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Sarah shocks Xander by taking him back. They kiss.

Nancy is shocked to see Craig return to Salem.

Craig (Kevin Spirtas) returns to Salem to Nancy and Clyde’s surprise.

craig returns salem days
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Tuesday, September 20

Days of our Lives recap!

EJ and Stefan have a drink after dinner.

EJ has a proposition that should intrigue Stefan. He tells him Gabi has his shares now but Stefan could get them back if he’s willing to take Gabi down. Stefan’s quiet when faced with that prospect.

EJ thinks he and Stefan are cut from the same cloth and can accomplish great things  — first, taking down Gabi.

Chad is shocked when he learns Stefan is alive.

Jack and Jennifer share a few sweet moments when he brings her ice cream. He knows Ice Cream Sunday Night is one of her favorite traditions. While Jack’s busy cleaning up, Jennifer takes one of her pills.

Gabi looks at Stefan’s wedding band and wonders how he could forget their love. She thinks they’re still married. 

Gabi tells Rafe about her engagement. He thinks it’s fast but she points out that he and Nicole got hitched after a few months. Rafe reminds Gabi he’s known Nicole for decades. Gabi says she’s known Li for years. Rafe asks Gabi if she wants to marry Li still.

gabi talks stefan days
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Leo shares his theory of who is framing him with Gwen. He thinks it’s Craig Wesley.

Leo’s shocked when the police turn up. He tries telling Rafe that Craig is the real killer. Meanwhile, Gwen smiles at his misfortune.

Nancy introduces Craig to Clyde and tells him he’s her fiance.

Craig tells Clyde he’s not sorry for living his truth as a gay man but he’s sorry he hurt Nancy and wants to protect her.

Clyde says he’ll treat Nancy with love and respect.

cylde vows make nancy happy daysq
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Chad’s surprised to see Craig’s back in Salem.

Clyde tells Chad he’s waiting on an apology for his murder accusation.

Craig tells Chad he didn’t know Abigail was dead and is sorry. When he hugs Chad, Chad seems confused. He says he smells vanilla.

chad smells vanilla
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Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives recap!

Orpheus has a confrontation with Steve.

Steve sneaks into the interrogation room at SPD and is taunted by Orpheus.

orpheus taunting steve days of our lives
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He mocks him for clicking a pen, thinking it’s a silly choice for a weapon.

Steve knows he could kill him if he hit an artery and threatens to do it if he doesn’t come clean about what he did to his wife.

steve attack orpheus days
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Orpheus continues to torment Steve until he cracks and attacks him with the pen. He almost sticks it into the man’s neck when Shawan rushes in to stop him.

shawn stops steve attack DAYS
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Chloe asks for Shawn to testify at Brady and Kristen’s custody trial.

Kayla gets on a call from the hospital to tell Stephanie that everything is okay, despite all the coughing she does during the conversation.

kayla cough work DAYS
W Network

Marlena works from her phone and coughs while talking with a patient. Kayla finally says she shouldn’t be working.

Marlena’s trying to distract herself from the custody hearing.

marlena distracts self days of our lives
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Kayla doubts a judge would give Kristen DiMera custody.

At Rachel’s custody hearing, Kristen pushes John to explode.

Kristen brings up Marlena’s possession to the judge.

john calls kristen bitch days of our lives
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The custody hearing has Kristen crazed as she asks John to tell the court where Dr. Evans is today. John gets in her face. John tells Kristen that at this moment, Marlena could be dying. He calls her a miserable bitch. 

John’s forced to tell the kids what’s going on with Marlena. They visit her and worry.

marlena visited belle days of our lives
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Kate tells Roman she doesn’t want to sit around, waiting to die. 

Chloe wants a favor from Kate. She wants her to testify against Kristen and tell the judge she doesn’t think Brady killed Philip.

chloe favor kate days of our lives
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Kate considers Chloe’s favor and Roman decides he wants to talk to the judge. He leaves and she calls Philip, who is going to his therapy appointment. She cries as she professes her love for her son.

Roman arrives in court as Kristen accuses Brady of killing Philip again. 

The judge winds up ruling in Brady’s favor. He gets custody of Rachel.

Kayla and Marlena wait to receive their lab results.

Thursday, September 22

Days of Our Lives recap for Thursday, September 22!

Thursday’s Days recap: Jennifer is caught by Gwen

Clyde wants to marry Nancy — today.  

At home, Jennifer looks at Abigail’s picture and takes some pills.

Jennifer is caught taking drugs.

Craig and Leo reunite and it’s far from comfortable. 

Sonny’s pissed at Alex for a betrayal.

Chad figures out Abigail’s murder.

jen takes pills days of our lives
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Friday, September 23

Friday’s Days recap: Chad gets his gun to confront Clyde with

Nicole and Eric clear the air between them.

Jada is shocked by what she discovers.

Chad asks Sonny to affirm his theory.

Chloe makes a confession to Brady.

craig spd Days Peacock
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