Days of our Lives Spoilers September 12 – 16: Kristen Accuses Brady of Murder in Court, While Chloe Turns Stefan Down Flat

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16.

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days moves to stack peacock


Monday, September 12

Days of our Lives recap for Monday September 12!

Gabi is shocked when she comes face-to-face with Stefan in the DiMera crypt. She thinks he’s Jake.

Stefan isn’t happy when Gabi calls him Jake.  

Gabi thinks “Stefan” is lying about who he is especially since his heart was donated to Julie.

Stefan tells Gabi that Rolf brought him back and in turn, gets a kiss. She can’t believe it’s really Stefan. Stefan pulls away. He can’t stand the sight of her.

gabi sees stefan DAYS

Gabi begs Stefan to remember their love.

Chanel and Allie are stunned by Paulina’s news.

Alex lets Stephanie know the good news. Sonny’s recovering and Titan avoided a  PR disaster.

Alex asks Stephanie out for a drink.

Stephanie refuses to have a drink with Alex, reminding him it violates HR policies.

alex talks stephanie with chalalie DAYS

Ava and Johnny get in bed and make out. She worries she’s too old for him and they talk about why they shouldn’t do this.

EJ tells Li to leave town and he tells the DiMera he will after Gabi says her goodbyes to Salemites.

EJ taunts Li that Gabi’s heart still belongs to his dead brother, Stefan.

ej gets slapped days of our lives

Ava tells Johnny she won’t have sex with him just before EJ catches Ava and Johnny in a compromising position. EJ calls Ava a cougar.

Johnny admits to Ava he genuinely likes her.

Li finds Gabi and Stefan in the crypt and tells him about their engagement.

Gabi wants to take Stefan to the hospital to regain his memory but Stefan only wants Chloe back and thinks he was in a happy relationship with her.

Alex goes to Allie and Chanel to lick his wounds as he explains Stephanie dumped him and he’s not used to it.

When Chanel tells him to have a no-strings hookup, he says that thanks to Stephanie, he now has an idea of what he really wants.

Stephanie preps Paulina for her interview and suggests Abe take part.

Stephanie wants paulina run DAYS

Tuesday, September 13

Days of our Lives Recap Tuesday, September 13!

Eric and Nicole are in bed together and Nicole tells Eric that Rafe can never know.

ericole sex rafe can't know DAYS
W Network

Rafe interrupts Nic and Eric to tell them it’s a little late for that.

rafe catches ericole sex DAYS
W Network

Eric smiles and Rafe grabs Nicole and asks how she could do this to him. 

Rafe has a nightmare that Nicole had sex with Eric.

rafe manhandle nic DAYS
W Network


Rafe tells Nicole he dreamt that he caught her in bed with Eric. Rafe questions Nicole about Eric.

rafe bad dream ericole days
W Network

Kate has a cupcake for Roman but then sneezes all over it.

She has a bit of a temperature and Roman urges her to go to the doctor. 

kate sneezes DAYS
W Network


Steve gifts Kayla some flowers and she worries they’re poison but he tells her they’re from him, not Orpheus.

She sneezes…

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate suddenly become ill… 

kayla sneezes DAYS
W Network


John and Marlena wake up in bed together and discuss Orpheus. She needs to go to work. She needs normal. John wishes she’d stay in bed but she has work piling up. 

jarlena bed talk orpheus days
W Network

John wants to go to the Inn on the Lake and stroll together.

She likes that idea.

John blames himself for what happened to her and Marlena says they need to stop being afraid and let the cops take care of this.

jarlena kissing bedroom days
W Network

John and Steve try to figure out how to locate Orpheus.

Eric wakes up next to Jada in bed.

eric bed jada hot days
W Network

Jada asks if Eric thinks less of her because they slept together so fast and he was a priest.

He doesn’t.

eric kiss jada days o f four lives
W Network

Eric opens up to Jada.

eric bed jada hot days
W Network


Kate passes out in the hospital.

Kayla treats her.

kate hospitalized days
W Network

Kayla passes out while telling Kate what happened to her.

Kate gets out of bed and they think Orpheus has made them ill.

Meanwhile, Steve and John are at Steve’s and they talk about Orpheus’ motivations.

kayla passes out days
W Network


Marlena passes out in Roman’s arms at the hospital.

roman catches marlena days
W Network


Orpheus tells the women he poisoned them.

orpheus poisoned women days
W Network

Rafe and Jada catch Orpheus!

rafe jada catch orpheus DAYS

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Wednesday, September 14

Days of our Lives Recap September 14!

Orpheus asks Marlena and John if they’re sick of him. He tells them that the women will become much sicker.

He wishes he could see their reactions as they watch the video.

kate roman listen orpheus threats Days of our lives
W Network

Roman and Kate, Steve and Kayla watch Orpheus’ video as he taunts them and then reassures them that when he infected them, they’re not contagious.

The men will remain healthy in order to watch their women die.

stayla listen orpheus taunts Days of our lives
W Network

Sarah and Xander feed each other in bed and Sarah are so happy that it makes her worry that something bad will happen.

xarah honeymoon Days of our lives
W Network

Xander and Sarah talk about other things that happened to Xander when Sarah was gone. He reveals he had a one-night stand and flashes back to sex with Nicole.

sarah learns xander did nicole Days of our lives
W Network

Xander and Sarah’s wedded bliss comes to a sudden halt. Sarah freaks out that Xander slept with Nicole. “She hates you!” Xander explains how drunk they were and lost and in need.

He even explains how the information came out and Sarah freaks out and judges him.

He reminds her he was in a bad place since he thought she was gone.

She doesn’t like him using her as an excuse and keeps judging. Sarah tells Xander she shouldn’t have married him then stomps off on him.

sarah freaks out xander did nicole DAYS
W Network

Nicole does damage control and then entices Eric with an offer.

She tells Chloe that she needs to get Eric to back him up after Jada talked to Rafe about Eric.

Nicole needs to offer Eric a job. 

eric hot ass Days of our lives
W Network

Eric catches Nicole in a lie so she covers it up.

Sarah interrupts Nicole and Eric to tell them she just heard about Xander ruining their wedding.

Nicole says they had problems before Xander came along. 

nicole lies to eric DAYS
W Network


Rafe and Jada get a lead on Orpheus.

rafe jada get a lead Days of our lives
W Network

The truth about Orpheus’s revenge plans starts to become clear.

orpheus reveals plans Days of our lives
W Network


Thursday, September 15

Days recap!

Kristen finds Li on her way to the custody case. She babbles at him about Stefan not finding Chloe as soon as he left the facility. She needs him to distract Chloe so she can be with Brady.

kristen angry li days of our lives
W Network

Li doesn’t know where Stefan went and says Gabi’s a mess and took off at the crack of dawn. Kristen gets it but it doesn’t matter what Gabi wants. She calls Gabi his problem and she has her own battles to fight.

Gabi can’t stop thinking about Stefan and that meeting in the crypt. She goes back there and refuses to let go of fighting for him.

Gabi tells EJ that Stefan is alive.

Chanel and Allie make cupcakes while they hope Paulina isn’t going to change their order yet again.

allie cupcakes chanel DAYS
W Network

Chanel tells Allie that Johnny’s sleeping with Tripp’s mama. 

Chanel and Allie argue about Johnny and Ava.

EJ goes to Ava’s hotel room to tell Johnny he will have to come home at some rate.

ej johnny at ava's DAYS
W Network


EJ tells Ava that Johnny’s notoriously untidy. Ava doesn’t care. She asks why he’s there and kicks him out.

Ava and Johnny maintain their charade.

Li finds Stefan in Gabi’s chair at the office.

stefan sees li gabi office DAYS
W Network

Belle, Chloe, and Brady are yelled at by the judge who asks where Kristen is. She’s tardy.

judge diana degarmo DAYS

Kristen arrives at court late, without a lawyer. “I fired her,” she admits and is representing herself, much to Belle’s shock. Laughter turns to surprise when Kristen calls Chloe to the stand. Kristen asks why Chloe “wants to steal my daughter.”

brady court case DAYS
W Network

Rachel’s custody gets turns ugly.

gabi dates philip days of our lives

Johnny comes calling on Allie and Chanel.

johnny finds chanel alone days
W Network

In the square, Ava and Allie discuss her sleeping with Johnny. Allie calls him vulnerable and doesn’t want him to get hurt again.

EJ talks to Stefano’s portrait, updating ‘it’ on Gabi’s shares in DiMera stock belonging to Stefan now that he’s alive. 

EJ wants to get rid of Gabi.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s place and they come face-to-face.

stefan finds chloe love days
W Network

Friday, September 16

Friday’s Days recap!

Kristen hurls a shocking accusation against Brady. She calls him a murderer and says he murdered Philip.

Brady’s unable to say anything about Kristen since she was pardoned for her crimes.

Brady brings up Kristen’s recent crime of threatening Chloe’s life.

Kristen calls Brady an alcoholic and tells the judge she doesn’t want him raising her kid. She wants Chloe out of his life.

The judge adjourns the case until tomorrow.

Belle tries to talk Kristen into a joint custody agreement to which she turns down.

kristen fights hard days
W Network

Chloe is stunned to discover Stefan at her door.

Stefan wants Chloe back but she’s in love with Brady.

Stefan says that he thought Gabi was trying to destroy him and he shouldn’t have let her go.

Chloe tells Stefan she’s moved past him and all of that and asks him to leave. Stefan goes but he’s not ready to give her up.

Stefan is surprised that EJ’s happy to see him.

allie is sorry for ava DAYS
W Network

EJ has a proposition for Stefan. He shares his idea of them forming an alliance to take back DiMera. Stefan’s in.

Johnny wants a favor from Allie. He wants to stay with her since Ava kicked him out.

Gabi’s heartbroken over Stefan.

Brady returns to see Chloe in her room at Salem Inn and learns all about Stefan’s visit. Brady believes Kristen’s involved in this new mess.

Ava tells Allie she and Johnny didn’t have sex but Allie still has to worry about her brother, though she apologizes for being insensitive. 

Ava thinks of kissing Johnny, when she’s alone at the Bistro.

johnny finds chanel alone days
W Network

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