Days of our Lives Spoilers February 28-March 4: Sarah’s Confused About Her Identity, Ben & Ciara Think Johnny’s Possessed & Chloe Meets Craig’s Boyfriend

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, February 28 to Friday, March 4.

Finally, after two long weeks without NBC’s Days of our Lives on our screens, the show is back and with some shocking new scenes. It turns out that Sarah Horton thinks she’s Renee DuMonde.

What happened is that on the island, Kristen gave Sarah Renee’s old diary to read and somehow it became her journey and she insists she’s Renee, not Sarah.

Steve and Kayla stumble upon Sarah and she tells them who she is. They know she’s not Renee since the real Renee died when Andre DiMera murdered her.

Monday, February 28

Johnny tries to lure Gabi into bed.
Ben and Ciara debate whether or not Johnny could be possessed.

Chloe and Brady meet Craig’s new boyfriend.
Tripp sets up a romantic proposal for Allie.

gabi betrays jake days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Tuesday, March 1

Johnny causes major drama for Allie and Tripp.
Eli and Lani celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day at home.

TR tries to convince Paulina he’s changed.
Brady and Chloe’s dinner with Craig and his boyfriend turns into a disaster.

lani eli rub days of our lives

Wednesday, March 2

Chad and Tony fly to the DiMera private island to find Abigail.
Abigail tries to talk some sense into Sarah.

Steve and Kayla are suspicious of Kristen’s kind gesture.
Roman tries to persuade Tripp to give Allie another chance.

Tony is back in salem with chad days of our lives
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Thursday, March 3

Abigail and Chad share a heartfelt reunion.
Tony is stunned when he learns of Sarah’s condition.

Jennifer and Jack await news on Abigail.
Xander gets an earful from Anna about Gwen.

xander finds sarah days of our lives

Friday, March 4

Abigail is reunited with Jack and Jennifer.
Chad demands Ava give up the name of her accomplice.

Tony and Anna disagree on how to handle their unexpected problem.
Jack tells Xander that the real Sarah is home.

ava pissed off rafe days of our lives

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