Days of our Lives Spoilers March 22-26, Allie Comes Clean

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of March 22-26.

Last week refresher!

Sarah worried about how far Kristen would go to keep her secret and soon found out she’d go to terrible lengths. Sami confessed her truth to Lucas. Jake had a dream about Gabi that he couldn’t shake. Rex told Chloe and Brady that he still has feelings for Sarah Horton though it’s been a long time since they’ve been together. The duo told him to fight for the woman he cares for. Xander spent the week trying to find his bride, while Jack heard that Abigail kidnapped Gwen. Meanwhile, Rafe had yet another suspect in Charlie’s murder case.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of March 22-26

April preview! Days scribe Ron Carlivati previews what’s to come in the spring.

Monday, March 22

Today’s Days recap – Sarah is injected with the serum.

Allie comes clean with Lucas. She did steal Kate’s gun but didn’t kill Charlie.
Sami makes a confession to Rafe. She killed Charlie!
Rex has surprising news for Kate and Roman. He is leaving town with Sarah.
Sarah battles Kristen for her freedom.
Sarah gets injected and hallucinates.
Kristen takes Sarah to some island.

Tuesday, March 23

Tuesday’s Days recap – Abby still wants revenge

Abigail tries to enlist Gabi’s services once again.
Roman makes a play for Kate.
Claire gives Gwen the cold shoulder.
Lani tries to tell Paulina the truth.

Wednesday, March 24

Wednesday’s Days recap – Ciara is upset to see Ben again

Ciara is thrilled when Theo stops by for a visit.
Jake encourages Ben to be proactive about Ciara. He should give her Rolf’s serum, Jake suggests.
Lani and Eli prepare for the christening of the twins.
Valerie has disappointing news for Paulina.
Paulina is crushed but she rallies.
The christening begins.

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Thursday, March 25

Thursday’s Days recap – Ben tells Ciara they’re married

Ben tries to get through to Ciara,
Eli and Lani celebrate the christening of their twins.
Paulina has a surprise for Eli and Lani. A blank check!
Roman stops Ben from saying too much when Ciara becomes emotional while learning who Ben is to her.
Theo comforts Ciara.
Claire and Tripp have drinks with Chanel, who’s new in town.

Paulina’s daughter Chanel is played by Precious Way.

Friday, March 26

Days recap – Nicole asks Ava if she murdered Charlie.

Rafe asks Ava for a favor.
Ava makes a reveal.
Nicole’s suspicious of Ava. She asks an important question.
Paulina is in the middle of a family drama.
Paulina feels she’s been a bad mother.
Chanel gets a lecture.
Sami and Lucas stand by their daughter.
DA Trask is out to get Sami.

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