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Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Days of our Lives for the week of June 28 – July 2.

Coming up on Days from Monday, June 28 to Friday, July 2.

Monday, June 28

Kate drops a bomb on Gabi and Jake.
Chad and EJ bicker over Jake.

Tuesday, June 29

Sami and Lucas argue about EJ.

Wednesday, June 30

Lani confronts Paulina about what she’s keeping from Abe.
Torn between Philip and Brady, Chloe seeks counsel from Belle.

Thursday, July 1

Ben dreams of Ciara.

Friday, July 2

Theo returns for a special occasion.
Ciara is back in Salem.

Coming up!

Kate casts the deciding vote at DiMera.
Kristen writes a letter to EJ.
Lani overhears Paulina on a telling phone call.
Rafe makes a confession to Eli.
Kate blasts Jake and Gabi.
Philip squares off against Brady and Shawn.
Chanel and Eli struggle to keep their secret plans from Lani.
Ben is heartened to find Ciara waiting for him at home.
Lani and Eli’s anniversary party is interrupted by shocking news.
A dead body is found in the lake.
Xander tussles with Dr. Snyder after finding him threatening Gwen at home.
Dr. Snyder is killed, and when Julie sees him, Gwen and Xander pretend he’s their drunk friend.
Gwen and Xander move to get rid of the evidence.

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