Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 6-10: Chad Makes a Horrifying Discovery — Abigail Has Been Murdered

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 30 to Friday, June 3.

SoapsSpoilers has the Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks! The week of May 30- June 3. Below you’ll find the week after.

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Allie makes a decision about her future, Sonny issues a warning to Leo, Gwen makes an ominous call, and Susan is back and once again senses a presence.

Monday, June 6

Chad is alarmed when Abigail reveals the subject of her next investigative story.
Will gives Allie advice about her love life.

abigail dies Days of our lives

Tuesday, June 7

Belle and John get into an argument about EJ.
Lucas and EJ come to blows.

ej belle kissed days

Wednesday, June 8

Thomas discovers Leo hiding in the DiMera mansion!
EJ has a revealing dream about Belle. He and Belle are in bed kissing.

Lucas lets Roman in on a secret.
Kate thinks something is going on between EJ and Belle.

Marlena and Kate disagree about who should treat Jan. Marlena, or someone else.
Leo vows that Chad will know what he feels like when he lost the love of his life.

Chad tells Abigail she’s not going to Milwaukee to track down the story about who kidnapped Sami.
Abby worries Sami’s still in danger.

kate marlena debate days of our lives

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Thursday, June 9

Jan’s first therapy session with Marlena comes to an abrupt halt.
Clyde tries to recruit Lucas.

Leo asks Thomas for a mimosa and some food.
Thomas tells his mama he was in the tunnels with the Tooth Fairy.
Susan returns and she’s had a premonition.

susan premonition days of our lives

Abigail says she’ll go into the tunnels to see who is down there when Gwen calls.
Gwen wants Abby to come see her in prison.

Shawn learns that Marlena and Belle had a fight because she’s treating Jan.
Shawn learns Belle didn’t come home last night and stayed at the DiMera mansion.

Belle walks in on EJ shirtless in a towel.
Kate’s upset that Chad told Abigail about the kidnapping.

Jan starts having pains in her abdomen again.
EJ finds his mother at the house.

clyde recruit lucas days of our lives

Friday, June 10

Chad and Abby canoodle.
Chad makes a horrifying discovery.

Abigail has been murdered. Stabbed to death.
Sarah rips into Gwen.

Belle and EJ kissed.
Kate tries to get Lucas to be honest to Sami about the kidnapping.

Shawn is surprised when Belle agrees to support him after she learns Jan has issues with her baby.
Jan gives birth to a boy. He’s still alive.

abby murdered days of our lives

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