Days of our Lives Spoilers July 12 – 16; Ben and Ciara Clash, While John and Marlena Try Cheering Abe up & Eric Returns

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Days of our Lives for the week of July 12 – July 16.

Monday, July 12

Theo shares exciting news with Chad.
Julie interrupts an intimate moment between Xander and Gwen.
Bonnie confides in Kayla about a surprise she has in store for Justin.
Ben and Ciara clash when both of them want to hire Justin as their attorney.

Tuesday, July 13

Chanel admits to Allie she might have feelings for her.
Lani tells Paulina she’s cutting her out of her life.
John and Marlena try cheering Abe up.
Bonnie’s hurt when Justin turns her marriage proposal down.

Wednesday, July 14

Gabi concocts a devious plot with Jake.
Sami’s secret isn’t so safe after all.
Nicole receives a huge surprise from a loved one.
Chanel has an awkward encounter with Allie and Tripp.

Thursday, July 15

Lucas tells Philip about his affair with Sami!
Eli grills Gwen once more about Snyder’s death.
Eric and Nicole share a joyous reunion.

Friday, July 16

Sami tries to hammer out a deal with Xander.
Lucas and Philip strategize on how to blow up EJ and Sami’s marriage.
Eric and Nicole throw together a last-minute anniversary party.
Brady invites Chloe to Eric and Nicole’s party.

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