Days of our Lives Spoilers July 25-29: Maggie Gets an Eyeful — & EJ Wants to Work With Kristen to Take DiMera Back

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29.

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SoapsSpoilers has the Days of our Lives spoilers the next two weeks. First, take a look at the Days July 18-22 spoilers. Then check below for what’s coming up the week after!

This includes Eric getting close to someone new, and Orpheus inspiring more dread.

Monday, July 25

Eric and Jada get to know each other.

Brady and Chloe learn that Kristen’s been released and pardoned.

jealous gabi days of our lives

Brady talks with Eric about how to control how and when Kristen sees his daughter.

Chloe tells Nicole about Kristen’s release.

Nicole faces danger.

nicole learns kristen out days of our lives

Jada meets Kayla and sees Steve.

Jake and Ava offer Kristen their bed while they sleep on an air mattress. Jake complains.

Kristen’s ready to stir the pot now that she’s out of the hoosegow.

kristen stir pot days of our lives

Tuesday, July 26

Kristen fires Chloe.

Brady tells Kristen that he and Nicole have veto power over her and Chloe’s not fired.

nic almost shot gh

Kristen manages to outwit Brady and Chloe.

Ava and Jake talk about their relationship and he admits he loves her.

Ava receives an engagement ring.

jake ava happy before dies days

Zach is surprised to see Alex Kiriakis (played by Robert Scott Wilson) in his living room.

Nicole is attacked by the creep from the pub that Eric stopped from stealing.

Eric saves Nicole.

The creep shoots Jake, dead and Brandon Barash exits Days of our Lives.

krsiten tries fire chloe days

Wednesday, July 27

Steve and Justin have a creepy encounter with Orpheus.

Another death rocks Salem.

Jake is shot and dies from his wounds.

jake dies days of our lives nbc soapsspoilers

Kayla tells Ava she couldn’t save him.

Ava reminded Kayla that she has pronounced people dead in Salem before and they came back.

orpheus talks justin days of our lives

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Thursday, July 28

Gabi suggests a surprising partnership.

Kate and Gabi argue in her office until someone calls and  tells her that Jake died.

Gabi is saddened by her ex’s passing as is Kate.

Chanel gets some help making up her mind from Pauline.

Allie and Johnny argue about who should be with Chanel.

twins fight over woman days

Friday, July 29

EJ does his best to exploit a tragedy.

Sonny consoles a grieving Chad.

chad sees suspect days of our lives

Roman lets Abe know that Lucas kidnapped Sami and Kate knew and kept it to herself.

Abe’s sorry to hear Roman ended things with Kate.

Kate unloads her baggage about Roman to Paulina.

Paulina thinks Kate and Roman seemed so happy. She asks what’s wrong with that man but Kate blames herself.

Kristen arrives at the mansion to give her condolences to Chad but EJ lets her know he and the kids moved out.

Kristen decides she wants to move into the DiMera mansion, which is better than crashing with Jake and Ava.

EJ thinks he and Kristen could become close again — join forces to vote Gabi out and take back their father’s company.

Gabi goes to Ava to offer condolences.

Chad moves into Alice’s place with Julie and Doug.

Chanel chooses Allie over Johnny, though she loves them both.

kristen moves in manse days


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