Days of our Lives Spoilers January 10-14: Ben & Ciara Wrestle With a Decision & Allie Cheats on Tripp With Her Brother’s Wife

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 14.

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Allie comforting Chanel leads to sex and Allie cheats on Tripp with her brother’s wife. Gwen has a dream about Sarah, Nicole opens up to Brady, and Chad makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla run into trouble in Italy and back in the states, Marlena takes Susan to the hospital for an examination since she’s feeling unwell. She’s feeling something supernatural is happening and when she encounters Johnny, she senses something isn’t right. She confronts him as the devil. Johnny denies it and then the devil comes out and wipes her memory of him being evil. Susan decides to tell EJ that she’s headed back to Memphis.

Monday, January 10

Abe has a heart-to-heart with John.
Paulina has a brush with death.
Johnny breaks Chanel’s heart.

Tuesday, January 11

Lani and Paulina have a slight thaw.
Ben and Ciara wrestle with a decision regarding their baby.
Allie comforts a distraught Chanel.
EJ asks Belle to represent him.

Wednesday, January 12

Allie lies to Tripp.
Johnny makes EJ a surprising offer.
Rafe gets stunning news at work.
Chad lets Kate know he wants to tell the truth at EJ’s trial.

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Thursday, January 13

Ava reveals a secret to Gwen.
Steve and Kayla go undercover to find Kristen. They encounter Mother Superior at a convent where they’re trying to find Kristen.
Abigail lets Xander know she has a lead on Sarah’s disappearance.
Chloe’s mother, Nancy Wesley returns. She has shocking news for Chloe about her father, Craig.

Friday, January 14

Gabi and Jake make a deal with Maggie.
Lucas returns to testify at EJ’s trial.
Chad’s plan to tell the truth is derailed.

Next week’s Days spoilers for January 17-21 have Sarah returning, Ava playing mind games, Steve facing off with Kristen and more.

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