Days of our Lives Spoilers May 23-27: Eric Reveals He’s Kicked out of the Priesthood, Leo Poisons Sonny

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 23 to Friday, May 27.

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Kristen enrages Chad and EJ by voting for Gabi and Jake, Shawn rushes Jan to the hospital after she starts having pains, Leo and Nancy face off, and Rafe has a big surprise for Nicole. He wants to marry her.

nancy tells chloe to can it days of our lives


Monday, May 23

Belle and Jan’s confrontation leads to a medical crisis.
Belle warns she will petition for the child.

Jan is rushed to the hospital.
Johnny makes a pitch to Chanel to get remarried.

kristen votes gabi days of our lives

Chanel has mixed feelings since so much has happened.
Allie has a heartbreaking talk about her future with Tripp.

Tripp thinks that Allie’s chosen the least complicated person to be with.
Kristen votes for Gabi and Jake to stay in power.
EJ and Chad are angry with their sister.

EJ CHad upset kristen's vote GH


Tuesday, May 24

Xander tries to make amends with Sarah.
EJ and Belle have a drink together as she grumbles a little about Jan, but refuses to share details.

EJ tells Belle that Clyde Weston drank all his good scotch when he asked him to go into business with him again.
Ben tells Clyde that his child is named after Bo Brady and him.

Clyde holds the baby.
Leo and Nancy have a run in.

Sarah sobs over Mackenzie’s death all over again. Eric holds her.
Eric and Holly reunite and she asks if he and her mommy are getting back together.

EJ confesses a secret to Belle. He has dirt on Clyde Weston. Clyde’s responsible for his death.
Sonny gives Xander advice on Sarah, but he thinks his own marriage has issues since Will doesn’t even live in the same state.

holly reunited with eric days of our lives

Wednesday, May 25

Eric reveals life-changing news to Roman and Kate.
Rafe proposes to Nicole.

Leo poisons Sonny.
Duke the bear makes another appearance.

Eric learns that the Vatican removed him from the priesthood for performing exorcisms.
Jake distracts himself with sex with Ava.

Gabi and Li Shin have sex.
Ava and Kayla share a kindly chat.
Kate thinks Eric has a chance with Nicole now.

li shin sex gabi DAYS

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Thursday, May 26

Lani’s guilt threatens to overwhelm her.
Xander turns to Chanel for help.

lani killed TR days

Friday, May 27

Sonny tries to piece together what happened to him last night.
Gabi and Li make a decision about their future.

Leo asks Gwen’s help as he continues seeking revenge on his enemies.
Jake and Gabi dream about each other.

Jan’s happy she wreaked havoc on Belle and Shawn’s marriage.
Leo took photos of him with Sonny naked in bed and said they “had sex.”

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