Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recaps May 8 – 12: Deidre Hall Celebrates 5000 Episodes in Flashbacks and Chad and Steve Rescue Kate

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 12, 2023.

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What’s coming up on Days?

Gabi and Stefan plot against EJ and Nicole, Sloan fights back against the latest accusation from Paulina, and Harris, Steve, and Chad plan to rescue Kate.

Monday, May 8

Monday’s Days recap!

Kate is surprised to see Dimitri Von Leuschner who is her captor. They know of each other but he introduces himself. Kate knows he’s Frankie and Carly’s cousin and posed as an ISA agent named Kyle Graham.

Billie told her he had an accent. He says he reverts to an American accent when he speaks to them.

dimitri von Leuschner AKA agent Kyle Graham

Marlena learns that Roman’s closer to finding Kate and tells Eric.

Eric tells his mother that he ran into EJ’s fist. Eric ices his eye as Marlena assumes Nicole’s the cause. She learns Eric slept with Nicole and why.

eric ices his eye

Gabi tells EJ about Nicole’s trip to the hospital and he’s angry that she didn’t wait there with her.

Gabi calls Nicole a drama queen and tells EJ that Nicole got the vapors when she was losing the argument.

Stefan and Gabi break into Nicole’s laptop and read her review of Stefan’s work, knowing it’s unethical. Nicole calls him scattered, possibly brain damaged.

gabi calls nicole a drama queen.

She says he doesn’t get pop culture social references which undermines his ability to understand new markets. Nicole is shocked Stefan doesn’t know who Lizzo is, and when he reads it to Gabi, she too is surprised. She doesn’t think he’s prepared to run a multinational corporation. Gabi changes the entire review and they kiss.

gabi and stefan kiss after fixing the review for him

Kayla’s news leaves Nicole in shock. 

Nicole’s pregnant but says she’s on the pill and doesn’t even know who the father is. But she’s in a committed relationship with EJ. “Why would you do that?” Kayla says, judging her. She apologizes and Nicole explains the drugged biscuits.

nicole shocked pregnant since on the pill.

Chad talks with Julie on a call and learns Thomas is wiggling a tooth close to falling out. Roman tells him that they’re looking at moving Bo into a long-term care facility. 

chad on call with julile

EJ confronts Nicole about sleeping with Eric.

We learn who Kate’s captor is.

Gabi and Stefan plot against EJ and Nicole.

ej and nicole talk about stefan

Eric and Marlena go to the hospital to get Eric’s face stitched up. Kayla hides Nicole’s file when Eric rushes her with a hug, happy to see her alive. Later, he bumps into EJ and they agree to forget about that one-nighter between Eric and Nicole. 

Nicole tells Kayla she’s going to keep her pregnancy a secret.

eric happy to see kayla

Nicole lies to EJ when she tells him Kayla thinks she is in menopause. He says nothing will make her less beautiful or desirable to him. He asks if she’s told him everything and she lies, leaving out the pregnancy.

ej talks to nicole about menopause

Tuesday, May 9

Tuesday’s Days recap!

Xander tells Chloe it’s time for a hearty breakfast. “So? What’s on the menu?”

xander wants chloe to cook for him

He somehow got it into his head that she would cook for him if he paid the rent.

They argue and she thinks it’s a bad idea and wants to leave.

They decide he’ll make breakfast and they can discuss their arrangement, except they’ve no food.

He assumed she’d be doing the shopping.

chloe as xander tries to get her to be the little woman

Chloe and Xander provide Jada with some interesting information about Talia.

Thanks to the good news from Talia about Chanel, Colin turns his attention toward Paulina.

Paulina asks Chanel about her date and Abe’s clueless. The women let him know Talia went on a date with her and they discuss how Chanel doesn’t have a policy against fraternizing at work. 

Tripp makes it clear to Wendy that he wants her to stay with him in Seattle.  

tripp and wendy in seattle

Tripp makes Wendy some breakfast and they share a few romantic looks. They eventually kiss.

tripp kisses wendy

Johnny calls Wendy and asks when she’s coming home and reminds her he only asked Chanel to marry him because of the drugged biscuits. 

Fearing that Wendy will stay with Tripp, Johnny opens up to Chanel and she tells him about her date with Talia. He gives her advice and she calls for another date. 

chanel and johnny discuss his romantic life

Colin asks how Talia’s date went with Chanel. He reminds her of the joke that lesbians bring a Uhaul to the second date and Talia argues that Chanel’s bi, not a lesbian.

Her sister walks in on her worrying about what Colin is going to do to Paulina. When Jada questions her, she clams up. 

talia on call with colin

Paulina and Abe go light a fire under Rafe’s arse about nabbing Sloan for the biscuit drugging.

Rafe tells them they suspect Talia, which rocks Paulina considering how much she likes the woman.

paulina and abe want rafe to arrest sloan already

Colin tells Talia he wants her help in causing a panic attack for Paulina. It’s part of his plan.

talia beautiful in white

Xander and Chloe approach Jada about the disco biscuits and she tells them they’re trying to solve the crime and she’s sorry Chloe almost ingested the things.

Xander talks about the bakery being closed for now and that Talia’s living in the no-tell-motel that he was shacked up in. Jada looks concerned especially when he talks about her living with “that arrogant brit.”

xander and chloe with jada the pub


Later, when Abe’s gone, she gets a text (from Colin) that she should watch her back because “I’m still coming for ya.”

paulina gets a text from colin

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Wednesday, May 10

Wednesday’s Days recap!

Tony and Anna are back.

anna and tony at breakfast

Nicole dreams that Eric snuck into her room at the DiMera manse and told her he heard she was pregnant. “Is the baby mine?”

EJ brings Nicole breakfast in bed and worries about her health. He asks if she was being honest about having menopausal symptoms.

She lies again that she was. He tells her she’s like a fine wine that gets better with age. She jokes about being compared to a dusty old bottle on a shelf.

ej finds nicole alluringg

Nicole tells Anna her newest secret. (It’s been a few weeks in Salem, not a few days, which Anna pointed out.)

Nic tells Anna she’s pregnant and doesn’t know if EJ or Eric is the father. Anna vows to keep her confidence.

nicole confides in anna

Paulina fights a panic attack as she tells Rafe about her newest cryptic text (from Colin).

She yells at him to arrest Sloan and Rafe assures that when he gets proof he’ll lock her up. 

paulina gets a text from colin

Sloan’s shocked at seeing the big gash on the side of Eric’s face and learning that EJ punched it into him.

Sloan thought EJ knew about Eric sleeping with Nicole.

sloan upset eric was hurt

Sloan fights back against the latest accusation from Paulina.

Jada interrogates Colin about her sister. He pretends he doesn’t know her and assumes she was a sex worker.

Jada gets offended and also gets nowhere with him.

jada meets colin

Talia pulls out the stops to convince Chanel she’s into her.

Talia brings flowers to Chanel. They agree to a second date. Talia recalls telling Colin she thinks this is a twisted plan to have her seduce Chanel and leave her heartbroken.

talia asks second date with chanel

Talia and Chanel get to know each other and Talia tells Chanel she wants her. They share a kiss.

talia kisses chanel

Sloan realizes her brother is in town and goes to Colin’s room to berate him for sending Paulina threatening texts that she’s getting blamed for.

He seems happy to see her, on the other hand.

colin sees sister sloan

Outside the pub, Nicole calls Kayla to ask for a paternity test to find out who the father of her baby is and Eric walks up.

t’s unclear if he heard her.

nicole hopes eric hasn't overheard her

Thursday, May 11

Days of our Lives Recap!

Talia confesses to Jada.

Jada worries about her sister’s connection to Colini and when she confronts her, Jada cries as she explains he’s her ex from NYC.

She doesn’t like who she is when she’s with the Brit and lies that she broke things off with him.

talia cries as she lies about dumping colin

After overhearing Nicole’s call to the hospital, Eric expresses his concern.

Nicole lies to Eric that she’s in the early stages of menopause. She asks why Sloan told EJ the truth and Eric defends his girlfriend.

eric hears nicole's lies

Stefan and Gabi enjoy manipulating EJ.

Stefan gloats to his brother that Nicle gave him a glowing job review and EJ reads it and right away can tell she didn’t write it. He panics, worrying about what the board will do with the fake review. 

stefan and gabi toy with ej

Wei asks EJ to take anger management classes and EJ blows up, causing Stefan and Gabi to rub their hands with glee.

ej angry mode

Paulina interrupts Talia and Chanel before they can go into Chanel’s bedroom for sex.

Paulina tells Chanel about the threatening text and that the police suspected Talia at first. Chanel is skeptical that it’s Talia.

talia kisses chanel

Sloan questions Colin about his scheme for revenge.

Sloan tells Colin she knows what he’s doing and she wants him to stop. His actions are impacting her life and she could lose her law practice and freedom.

sloan asks colin to stop revenge

When she tells him he’s destroyed Sweet Bits and it’s enough, he says it’s just the beginning.

Talia argues that revenge isn’t worth it and she wants him to find what she has.

She threatens to tell the police about him if he continues. Colin packs his things and when Talia shows up, he tells her he was organizing his room. He’s happy she seduced Chanel.

colin talks revenge with sloan his sister

Friday, May 12

Days recap!

Harris, Steve, and Chad plan to rescue Kate. The coastguard told them that there was no way Kate could have survived.

They think she was picked up by a passing ship and are on it. Chad wonders why she wouldn’t have tried to reach out to them.

They get on a computer and find a cargo ship that hasn’t moved in weeks. Dimitri Von Leuschner owns it.

Chad tells them who he is and Harris jumps on a call and learns that he’s supposed to be in prison but the guy in there isn’t him and he’s not talking.

steve chad and harris look for kate

Kate cuts up some fish on the cargo ship and meets with Dimitri, who she keeps calling Kyle.

He asks her to call him Dimitri and says Kyle was a name he used to take down her “clueless daughter.”

dimitri on the cargo ship

Kate is clear that she doesn’t want to dance with Dimitri so he invites her to dinner. She tells him to shove it up his ass.

He insists. He gives her a dress and makes her shower off the fishy smell.

kate with a lobster necklace

She hopes he doesn’t think she’ll put out but Dimitri knows those sex worker days are over. He said he traded places with “some sorry sap who agreed to impersonate me” and nobody knows he’s gone.

He doesn’t say more about that. He wants immunity but something more. He doesn’t say when Chad turns up, gun in hand and Steve meets up with the other goon.

dimitri and kate see chad on cargo ship

Maggie gives some comfort to Roman as he worries about Bo and Kate. She worries about Alex and the deal with Yuri.

Maggie’s visiting with Bo but tells Alex on a call that there has been no change with him. Alex is nervous about a meeting and brings Stephanie in to help so that he can close the deal.

roman and maggie in greece

Alex and Stephanie meet with tech company owner Yuri,  with the goal of getting him to sign with Titan.

The man is a bit of a jerk who irks both Steph and Alex. The deal doesn’t go down. Yuri’s ageist and doesn’t like the deal so Alex offers a better one

John asks how long Marlena’s been seeing patients. She says it goes back to the 70s. He realizes she’s had about 5000 patients.

john tells marlena she has had 5000 patients

John takes Marlena out to celebrate her long career in an episode honoring Deidre Hall’s 5000th episode.

Jarlena head to the pub to celebrate and she thinks her first patient, Mickey Horton, stood out most for her. “Tough case. Lovely man.”

marlena and mickey horton in the 70s

They developed a dear relationship.

She flashes back to meeting him while he’s playing chess. Her dad taught her as a child.

marlena meets mickey horton

Marlena refuses to go to the bistro because her client is there and she doesn’t want to throw him off his game.

marlena saves matt's life days

She flashes back to an old client, Matt, who was trying to commit suicide by jumping off a ledge until she intervened.

She fell off the ledge and John says she almost died. She’d do it again.

marlena's 1970s pumps days of our lives

Jarlena remembers another time when they were together and he tells her she saved his life.

John is thankful they met. He calls her a miracle worker.

marlena flashback

She laughs. He reminds her she rehabilitated a serial killer in Ben.

She’s proud of the man he’s become and flashes back to meeting with him.

marlena flashback with ben


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