Days of our Lives Spoilers May 10 – 14; Kristen’s Horrified Realizing She Caused Brady’s Accident

Soaps Spoilers is back with all new Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of May 10-14.

Last week refresher!

Kate was romanced by Roman, who hoped he stood a chance, but he didn’t realize he was hitting on Kristen in a mask. Sparks flew between Gabi and Jake and Ava and Rafe, Abigail was in the hot seat when everyone wanted to know what happened to cause Gwen’s fall. Gwen’s story completely differed from Abby’s. Belle realized Jan was setting her up and Jan ran into Bonnie. Chanel asked to move in with Eli and Lani, and Nicole admitted she’s jealous of Ava. Meanwhile, old friends Chanel and Allie shared a kiss, reminiscing about their party days.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of Monday, May 10 to Friday, May 14.

The Tired of the masks but loving the hilarious hijinks column! Discussed are Bonnie and Xander, Belle’s case, that kiss between Chanel and Allie, and Kristen’s machinations.

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Monday, May 10

Days Recap  – Allie and Chanel walk out on their bar tab

Chloe blasts Lucas and Sami for their deception.
Kristen is horrified when she realizes she caused Brady’s accident.
Allie and Chanel have an awkward encounter with Tripp and Claire.
Lani cautions Abe that he can’t necessarily count on Paulina.
Brady goes into surgery.
Kate gets out of Kristen’s car and crawls for help.

chloe accuses lucas lying days of our lives

Tuesday, May 11

Days recap  Rafe and Ava have a lovely time

Days was renewed! 

Sami catches on to Kristen’s masquerade.
Jake gets drunk with Xander.
Nicole receives upsetting news from Eric.
Xander gets drunk with Nicole.
Jake pours his heart out to Gabi,
Rafe and Ava have their first date.
Kristen keeps putting new disguises on.
Gabi has sex with drunken Jake.

ava rafe on a date days of our lives

Wednesday, May 12

Days Recap – Brady goes into surgery

Sami is curious when she spies Xander and Nicole together.
Steve is stunned to learn Rafe is on a date with Ava.
Ava apologizes to Steve for everything but he’s not into it.
Kristen makes another desperate move. She injects Sami with a drug when Sami refuses to harm Kate.
Nicole confides in Xander.
Xander gets Nicole drunk and has sex with her.

sami kristen park days of our lives

Thursday, May 13

Stacy Haiduk out at Days!

Days Recap – Kate walks in on Jake and Gabi

Lucas becomes Kristen’s next victim.
Jake and Gabi profess their love and have sex.
Kate finds Jake and Gabi making love.
Sami finds herself trapped in a bad situation.
Nicole realizes she’s made a huge mistake.
Gabi and Jake admit their love for one another.
Chloe feels something is off with Susan.
Chloe tells Marlena all about Lucas and Sami’s scam.

john grabs susan days of our lives

Friday, May 14

Days column – Kristen did us all a favor

Jake and Gabi are stunned by Kate’s revelation that Susan is Kristen and that Kristen dumped Jake.
Chloe learns the truth about Kristen.
Nicole struggles to keep her secret from Rafe.
Things get heated between Sami and Lucas. Then they kiss.
Chloe is kidnapped.

john brady hospital talk kristen days of our lives

This week’s Days opinion – tired of all of the exhausting recycled storylines.

May Sweeps!

Xander and Chanel divorce and Chanel moves into Eli and Lani’s place. Things don’t go easily as their lives are turned upside down. Xander blackmails his way into a new job and a new environment for him that puts him in touch with people he’s clashed with in the past.

Allie and Chanel know each other from clubbing together in London. Chanel will help get Allie back into having a little fun, and something happens during their reunion that surprises Tripp. A kiss!

The walls start to close in on Kristen and she turns to Xander to help cover up a secret. Meanwhile, Brady will discover Kristen’s switch.

Nicole’s jealous that Rafe and Ava are getting closer. She’s unsettled by her jealousy since she’s married to Eric. When she learns Eric’s not returning for three more months, she does something destructive, like what the old Nicole would do.

Belle, Shawn, Marlena and John try to clear Belle’s name. They learn Jan is the murderer and go after her while Jan is driven to desperate measures to keep her secret. She kidnaps one person and gets two in the process.

Sweeps courtesy Soap Opera Digest.

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