Days of Our Lives Spoilers and Recaps June 5 – 9: Whitley’s Rattled When Rafe Questions Her as Abe Realizes He’s Mayor

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Megan wants Dimitri to marry Kristen, hearing that Talia is out on bail sets Chanel off and Tripp tells Wendy what he wants.

Days spoilers for the week of June 12-16!

Monday, June 5

Monday’s Days recap!

Chloe complains about Gwen to Xander.

Fresh from working at The Spectator, Chloe and Xander drink champagne but she is livid that Gwen gave her an office in a broom closet, a dial-up modem and unrealistic sales goals. She wants to quit and he asks her to fight back.

She agrees to stay and they toast to defeating Gwen. He cooks breakfast for their dinner and when he kisses her, she responds as if she’s into it.

chloe and xander kissing on sofa

Worrying that Colin is after him, Leo turns to Gwen.

At Salem Inn, Gwen posts a job opening for a director of ad sales. Leo claims Colin’s after him but she thinks he’s paranoid.

She gives him a photo of Dimitri and asks him to get the dirt on the man. He’s out of jail and a DiMera.

Leo doesn’t want another psycho after him and passes on the assignment. She can’t convince him to take it so she does it herself.

leo worries colin is after him

Megan wants Dimitri to marry Kristen.

Megan greets Dimitri (it seems to be the night before but only at the mansion!) as he arrives.

She’s glad he’s where he belongs but he and Kristen bicker. Megan tells them to chill out.

They’re going to be married. They’re both against that since they’re aunt and nephew.

Megan says they’re not blood-related but in order to get the Von Leuschner money, he has to be married by the time he’s 40. He’s almost 40.

dimitri supposed to marry kristen

Eric, EJ, and Nicole wait for the paternity test results.

EJ is the father of Nicole’s baby. Nicole gasps. EJ’s thrilled. “I knew it!” He says and calls it a miracle.

Eric is somber but congratulates them. EJ thinks it’s best for everyone.

Nicole agrees it changes everything though her smile falls.

eric responds to the baby news

They decided to wait a bit to tell everyone until she is sure she can carry to term.

They talk to Kayla in her office about the high risk pregnancy.

ejole happy about pregnant news

Jada pays Sloan a visit.

Jada stops by Sloan’s with a warrant to find Colin. Sloan tells her to get on with it. She has enough going on with Eric’s ex being pregnant. Jada’s shocked when she learns Nicole’s pregnant and Eric could be the daddy.

She blames Talia for drugging the biscuits. Sloan tells the cop that Leo ran into Colin and might want to talk with him.

jada searches sloan's house

Once she’s gone, Eric goes to Sloan’s to tell her he’s not the father of Nicole’s baby. She knows he’s hurting but doesn’t pretend she’s not happy. He thinks it’s for the best. Sloan flashes back to swabbing her own cheek for the paternity test instead of Eric’s.

sloan swabbed herself


Tuesday, June 6

Tuesday’s Days recap!

Xander is on the receiving end of a slap from Chloe.

After Xander and Chloe share a sexy kiss, Chloe slaps Xander. She reluctantly admits she feels sparks between them as does he. He’s glad but she’s not happy about it.

Chloe details the many terrible things Xandy has done wrong like leaving her in Mexico with the drug cartel, locking Nicole up in a shark tank, and then some.

xander reels from slap

She’s seen another side of him. Kindness. But she’s been involved with his relatives like Brady, Philip, Deimos, and Victor’s godson Daniel. Xander doesn’t care.


He says this doesn’t have to mean anything but she wonders if she should swear off the Kiriakis men. Xander just wants to kiss her again. She allows it and they make out for a while and though he wants her to want him, she just wants dinner. 

chloe and xander make out

Gwen catches up with Kristen.

Dimitri and Megan meet Gwen at the DiMera manse and she and Kristen discuss how they met, and how Kristen blackmailed her.

They smile fondly at each other since Kristen made it up to her by getting her out of prison. Though Dimitri initially refuses to do an interview, Megan likes the idea.

gwen and kristen catch up

They argue about it and she takes him into the foyer and tells him to do it, that this is about making “this reporter the future Mrs. Von Leuschner.”

He’s surprised his mother wants him to marry the first stranger he sees and comments that she’s a felon. Megan tells him she’s done way less than what they’ve done.

megan and kristen at the manse with gwen

“Convince Lois Lane in there to marry you.” Dimitri balks but his mother pressures him. They have plans for that money and Gwen is successful, smart and beautiful and has a lovely accent “that will be delightful to wake up to.”

Dimitri comments that they don’t even know she’s single.

colin with mother and gwen

While they’re alone, Kristen tells Gwen she has made an ally of Megan though she doesn’t trust her since she’s a DiMera. Kristeen comments about her stealing the paper from Jack and Jenn but Gwen says they have a newspaper in Boston.

Talk turns to Chloe and  Xander playing house together. Gwen sneers but they both think it’s a matter of time before they have a “romp in the hay.” Kristen’s glad “that human barnacle” has detached herself from Brady and offers to help get Xander back.

Gwen doesn’t want to. She needs to move on from him. Later, Dimitri tells Gwen he’ll meet her tomorrow for the interview. Once Gwen’s gone, Megan wants them to meet at Shenanigans but Kristen says it closed long ago.

She can see through her sister’s shenanigans. Megan wants her son to inherit.

dimitri and megan talk about gwen interviewing him

Jada questions Leo about Colin.

At Salem Inn, Leo tells Jada he didn’t call the cops on Colin because he was afraid of him. He broke his cell phone. Leo asks Jada about Talia and learns she was abused by Colin.

She refuses to comment and calls him Lois Lane. Leo claims to be more like Clark Kent and then relents and says he’s Lois Lane.

He wants to tell Talia’s story — he can relate to being abused by his father, physically and mentally by his mother, “the queen consort of all forms of emotional blackmail.

If you ask me or my therapist, the woman should wear a crown.” Jada appreciates his empathy but has to find Colin and Mayor Carver. She asks him not to use what they talked about in his column. He tries, but just can’t write it in once she’s gone. 

Gwen arrives and he asks how it went with Zaddy Von Leuschner, if she got lost in his eyes. She says better. She’s getting an exclusive. Leo’s thrilled. She calls it Gwennie magic and he bemoans having no scoops he can use.

leo talks to jada about talia abuse Peacock 

Talia apologizes to Rafe for deceiving him.

Rafe tells Belle and Talia that Colin is on the run. Talia apologizes to Rafe for not admitting her guilt sooner. Things wouldn’t have gotten that bad. Rafe appreciates it.

rafe accepts talia's apology

Shawn loses it with Belle.

When Shawn gets home from Greece, Belle and Shawn embrace. She can tell he’s been drinking and learns he’s blaming himself for shooting his father and the resulting coma. He returned home because his mom doesn’t need him there.

shawn and belle hug as he is back from greece

He guzzles some beer and Belle tries to comfort him. Shawn hopes Megan doesn’t find his dad. Belle admits she’s in Salem and staying at the DiMera mansion. He turns off to “give that bitch a piece of my mind.”

Belle asks for his keys since he’s drunk and in no condition to drive. He refuses.

drunken shawn brady

Once a cop drops Talia off at home, she spots Officer Henshaw’s badge on the floor and makes a mad dash for her door when Colin grabs her from behind.

colin attacks talia at home

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Wednesday, June 7

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives recap!

Tripp tells Wendy what he wants.

Johnny and Wendy make a date for him to bring takeout to her place before Tripp returns home.

Wendy’s surprised to see him and learns Joey’s out of the hospital and getting around well. He has his girlfriend to help care for him and Tripp wanted to be with Wendy.

tripp home from seattle

He’s more confident and Wendy comments on it. He offers to make dinner but she’s waiting on Johnny.

Tripp plans on making her want him instead of the DiMera. Wendy likes this confident look on him.

tripp muscles bulge with wendy


Rafe and Jada get information about Abe.

At SPD, Rafe and Jada think Colin has taken Abe. They think someone saw Colin sneaking him out of the hospital. Maybe Whitley King. They call 

Nurse Whitley (played by Kim Coles) tries to make Abe comfortable. 

At Whitley’s apartment, she offers to cook for Abe but he tells her this doesn’t seem like his home. Nothing is familiar.

abe can't remember whitley

He asks if she’s sure she’s his wife. She reminds him “her daughter” showed them a photo from their wedding.

She squishes her stuffed cat, “Mr. T” in his face and he tells her not to.

He agrees to give it time. He’ll remember everything. He tunes into the news and they start talking about Colin so Whitley turns off the television. Abe snarks. Why did she do that?

He needs to know what happened. She gets a call from Rafe and ignores it. She goes in the kitchen to make dinner as Rafe leaves a message and Jada suggests they go visit her in person.

When Whitley returns with food, Abe’s puzzled. It’s a microwaved dinner. Not homemade. When she mentions going to bed with her later, he can’t. She offers him the sofa.

abe gets whitley to stop bothering him

Julie cheers up Paulina, who’s missing Abe.

At the hospital, Chanel tries to get Paulina to relax so her blood pressure doesn’t spike. She attempts to get her to eat and when Julie shows up, Chanel goes to get burgers for them from the pub.

julie visits paulina

Julie tries to comfort Paulina who worries that Colin’s punishing her by taking his anger out on Abe.

She starts to have an attack and Julie promises that there will be many more chapters in her love story with Abe.

julie promises she and abe will be celebrating their anniversary soon

Talia is terrified when she’s cornered by Colin.

Upstairs at the pub, Talia promises not to scream when Colin grabs her.

He locks them in her room and snipes that she tossed him off the roof.

He’s disappointed in her and plans to hurt her.

talia sobs as colin threatens her

She cries and he talks of betrayal while she tells him she was terrified for him.

If he had murdered the women, he would have gone to prison.

She asks why he didn’t run but he wants to be with the woman he loves. 

colin wants to leave salem with talia


Learning that Talia is out on bail sets Chanel off.

Chanel sees Johnny getting takeout at the pub. She tells him that Paulina’s in the hospital for hypertension and both of them are afraid for Abe. Johnny comforts her as he holds her.

They talk about him and Wendy and Chanel hope things work out. She gets a text from the DA’s office and learns Talia was released on bail.

johnny comforts chanel

She bets the “conniving bitch” is upstairs and wants to go up there. Johnny won’t let her go alone.

Wendy texts to ask where he is and he says he’ll be there soon. He agrees to stay downstairs while Chanel confronts Talia upstairs but he’ll only wait a few minutes.

Chanel confronts Talia in her room while Colin hides and Talia bustles her out of the room with the badge, mouthing the words, “Help me!”

chanel is asked for help by talia

Chanel goes downstairs and tells Johnny she thinks Colin Bedford is in Talia’s room and explains what happened.

They remember that Colin stole the uniform and gun from a cop.

He calls Rafe who is on the way.

Upstairs, Colin asks Talia where the badge is, and when she pretends she has no idea, he grabs her and hurts her arm.

Rafe and Jada arrive and after hearing what’s going on, they rush upstairs.

rafe and jada to the rescue

They hear Colin grabbing at Talia, hurting her and rush in, guns blazing.

talia terrorized by colin

Colin lets Talia go and drops his gun and Rafe arrests him.

rafe arrests colin

Thursday, June 8

Thursday’s Days recap!

It’s morning and Wendy and Tripp discuss how she hasn’t heard from Johnny.

Tripp’s positively gloating as he wonders if Johnny’s still with Chanel. He trashes the DiMera and Wendy doesn’t like it. It’s not scoring points with her.

tripp and his nipples

As they eat breakfast, they talk about how her father didn’t like how she dressed buttoned up and didn’t wear makeup. He said she’d never get a guy and Wendy’s surprised that Tripp looked her way.

Tripp’s shocked. She’s beautiful. They get close and make out.

tripp and wendy kiss after breakfast

Talia has nightmares that Colin’s still after her.

Jada comforts her sister as they discuss Colin’s escape and terror reign. They can’t figure out who took Abe if Colin didn’t. Talia can’t believe her sister let her stay in her room after what she did. Jada maintains her support and Talia breaks down and admits she misses Colin and that she did betray him. She sobs that she feels this way at all. Jada suggests she talk to Marlena to work out her feelings but Talia thinks she’ll be heading to prison anyway. Jada asks where the strong woman is she knows. 

talia and jada talk colin jailed

Johnny and Chanel wander the square with coffee after being kept at SPD all night for questioning. Johnny holds her hand which is shaking. She blames too much coffee but he thinks she’s just now processing what happened last night.

He bemoans letting her go up to Talia’s room alone. He defends Talia, while Chanel tells him she’ll never forgive her. Johnny says his phone died last night and he didn’t get a chance to text Wendy.

Chanel freaks out after learning that Paulina is missing.

Julie calls Chanel to tell her that Paulina’s missing from the hospital.

johnny defends talia


Paulina confronts Colin.

Paulina barges into the interrogation room at SPD to demand answers from Colin. Rafe thought she was in the hospital. She got out and asks where her husband is. Sloan interrupts and snarks that they shouldn’t be talking to her brother without his lawyer.

pauulina confronts colin

Colin says he knows where Abe is and would be happy to lead them to him. The cop and Paulina leave the siblings alone and Paulina complains and rails about Abe going missing. Chanel calls and tells him her mom is missing. He shares that she’s there with him but he didn’t know she went MIA from the hospital. Chanel will come to get her.

Meanwhile, Sloan lets Colin know that she can’t get him out of the charges of what happened on the roof. 

Jada and Sloan discuss the legal problems their siblings face.

Sloan tells Jada her brother hasn’t been the same since their parents died. Jada hopes that doesn’t mean she’ll go for an insanity defense.

sloan talks to colin in spd

Whitley keeps Abe isolated from the world.

As Abe sleeps on the pull-out sofa at Whitley’s place, she listens to Rafe’s message, asking her to call him as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Abe dreams that the real Paulina is happy he’s awake. Abe wakes up with a start to Whitley.

He says he dreamed about her but she didn’t look like herself.

She shrugs him off and offers to make him sausage and he blows up at her for acting like his mother and reminds her he doesn’t like sausage.

abe and whitley at her place

She chalks it up to mood swings because of the concussion. When he tries to turn on the TV, it doesn’t work.

She lies that she couldn’t pay the bill and says he’s retired from being the owner of Marshall’s ice cream shop. He has a vague memory of that.

She tells him she has all the tapes from her story, Body and Soul.

She has 15 years of tapes and tells him he can watch those.

She urges him not to open the door especially if the cops show up since the man who attacked him is at large and impersonating an officer.

She heads to work and Abe watches the soap opera.

whitley and abe talk sausages

Johnny tells Wendy why he took her side.

At Wendy’s, Johnny turns up with breakfast and Wendy and Tripp let him know that she and Tripp had dinner last night after he ghosted her and breakfast. Tripp gives them space and Johnny tells her why he didn’t call her back last night.

With all the drama, and his phone dying, he couldn’t.

He apologizes and agrees to a date tonight before Johnny gripes that Tripp has returned shirtless and in a towel.

He shrugs. He lives there and says if Johnny ghosts her again, he’s making dinner tonight. He heads off smirking. 

wendy and johnny talk about him ghosting her

Chanel gets Paulina back into her hospital bed and she keeps fretting about Abe.

Chanel leaves the room and runs into Talia who lets her know she’s off to make an appointment with Dr. Evans to help her figure out why she committed those crimes for Colin.

Back in her room, Paulina calls Julie and talks about who might have taken Abe while Nurse Whitley enters the room, eyes wide at seeing who her patient is today.

chanel puts paulina back to bed at the hospital

Rafe turns up at Whitley’s apartment while Abe is watching TV. 

rafe goes to whitley's house

Friday, June 9

Friday’s Days recap!

Megan pushes Dimitri to prepare for his “interview” with Gwen.

Dimitri hangs around the mansion in his robe, reading the inheritance terms when Megan reminds him of his appointment with Gwen.

He doesn’t want to go. He has to remain married to Gwen for a year and it can’t be under false pretenses.

He just got out of prison and can’t have fun if he’s playing the part of a devoted husband.

He grumps but she sends him to dress. While he does this, Kristen broaches her sister and questions her motives.

Dimitri returns dressed and Megan says Gwen’s desperate. Kristen notes that Xander used and abused her. Megan smiles.

She’s primed and ready. She hands Dimitri a dossier on Gwen and he takes off.

megan wants dimitri to go on his date with gwen

Gwen and Leo discuss their failed relationships and wishes.

Leo approaches Gwen at Salem Inn, upset about how his mother, Diana, told him he was worthless.

He worries he’ll never find love and brings up failed relationships.

He admits he was with Chris Hemsworth in Vegas and when Gwen questions him he says it was “an impersonator who had no trouble raising his hammer.” Gwen smirks.

gwen comforts leo about men

But he left before the breakfast buffet. He goes for men who are married, straight, or using him for his American citizenship. Maybe Diana was right. Gwen feels similarly.

Her mama convinced her that her dad didn’t care if she lived or died which is why she turned out this way. Her mom convinced her the only way she could get anyone to love her was to trick them.

That’s why she went after her sister, Abby, and her husband. Leo comforts Gwen.

He wants to marry her so they can have a bridal registry. “With  our taste, we could make a killing.” She reminds him nobody likes them. He puts on Body and Soul and asks her not to mention his name to Dimitri.

They have a troubled past. He threatened to kill him over the Alamanian Peacock. She takes note of that and goes to change in the bathroom while Leo gets the door to Dimitri.

gwen and leo talk lovelorn

Roman tells Kate he’s going to help Steve and John look for Abe.

At the pub, Kate and Roman discuss Colin and Sloan’s story and Roman doesn’t think Colin has Abe stowed away somewhere.

Harris arrives and though Roman hates what went down with him, Bo and Hope, he’s in debt since Harris saved his Katie. The men shake hands. 

Harris gets a job offer from Kate.

Kate asks Harris to get rid of Megan Hathaway. She’d pay him to kidnap her, after what she did to her. Harris only did that stuff because he was brainwashed. She knows.

That’s the point, Megan did that to him. Harris asks her why Roman won’t kill Megan. Kate says he won’t do it and he’s her only hope. 

roman and kate talk to harris about colin

Discovering that Paulina is her new patient has Whitley rattled.

From the hospital, Paulina calls Julie to tell her she’s back at the hospital and worried about who took Abe. Nurse Whitley interrupts and seems nervous when Paulina knows her.

Paulina thanks her for taking such good care of her husband, Abraham. She reveals someone, not Colin Bedford, kidnapped him and Whitley panics. Paulina starts her blubbering and her husband’s kidnapper comforts her.

paulina thanks whitley

Abe refuses to open the door to Rafe.

Abe watches TV while Rafe pounds on the door at Whitley’s.

rafe goes to whitley's house

Abe can’t get out of his chair and recalls “Paulina” telling him not to open the door to cops.

Once Rafe leaves, Abe watches his soap, Body and Soul.

deidre hall as charlemagne

Deidre Hall plays Charlemagne and Mary Beth Evens portrays Kassandra.

Charlemagne is doing her makeup when Kassandra barges in to “have it out once and for all.” She may be able to steal the Woman of the Year award from her tonight but she surely won’t let her take Rhett from her.

Charlemagne thinks the only way Kassandra could get her claws into Rhett was because he had amnesia.

mary beth evans as kassandra

Abe’s mouth gapes as he looks around the room. He sees a commercial from years ago when Abe told Salemites he humbly accepted the mayor seat. Abe’s shocked he’s the mayor.

abe old mayor campaign

Rafe goes to the hospital to see Ms. King. She’s in Paulina’s room so he questions her about being the last one to see Abe before he was abducted.

rafe investigates abe's kidnapping


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