Days of our Lives Spoilers July 18-22: Lucas Remembers Sarah Rushing from the DiMera Manse & Villains Crash Into Salem

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22.

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There may be more than a wedding on the way in a hurry and the list of murder suspects grows.

SoapsSpoilers has the Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks. First, take a look at the Days July 11-15 spoilers. Then check below for what’s coming up the week after! We’ll be adding to these daily.

Monday, July 18

JJ has a confrontation with Lucas.

JJ accuses Lucas of murdering his sister and almost beats him.

Jennifer gets in between JJ and Lucas.

Jennifer doesn’t  believe her brother could kill Abby.

Chad makes a confession to EJ. He reveals what he did to make it look like EJ was the kidnapper.

EJ thinks Chad screwed over Abigail.

Kate begs Marlena to help Lucas.

Marlena goes to see Lucas in jail.

Will gets an unexpected offer. He’s off to Hollywood.

Sonny is fine with Will leaving Salem. They’ll visit often.

will moves hollywood days of our lives

Tuesday, July 19

Jada (Elia Cantu) helps Rafe when he needs it. Turns out she’s a potential new hire for SPD.

Marlena hypnotizes Lucas to unlock his memories.

Xander convinces Sarah that they need to get married right away.

Xander explains to Sarah that he sold her ring to buy one for Gwen, because he thought she was with Rex.

xandy explains sarah about ring days of our lives

Sarah’s upset with Xander but they move on.

Gwen is not thrilled when she discovers that Kristen DiMera is her cellmate.

Gwen thinks back to missing bed check.

Sarah goes to see Maggie.

Marlena hypnotizes Lucas who remembers what he did the night Abby died.

marlena hypnotizes Lucas

Wednesday, July 20

Xander and Sarah’s wedding hits a snag. It’s interrupted!

Johnny pops the question to Chanel after reminding her of how happy they were before the devil came around.

Chanel tells Johnny that so much has happened since the devil wreaked havoc on  Salem.

sarah wedding interrupted days of our lives

Lucas shares his findings with Rafe about seeing Sarah run from the manse.

Sonny comforts a grief-stricken Chad.

Chad has to decide if he’ll give EJ his shares.

Lucas recalls more of the night Abigail died.

Sarah’s arrested after she admits she went to see Abby the night she was killed, to discuss increasing the medication dosage.

Kate and Marlena tell Allie about Lucas being hypnotized and Marlena reveals he saw Sarah at the manse.

kate's about to tell allie truth days of our lives

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Thursday, July 21

Paulina has big plans for Abe’s future in politics.

Kristen has a lucky run-in with Evan.

Chloe tries hard to get Shawn to give Belle another chance.

Allie happens upon Johnny making out with Chanel and isn’t too happy.

abe paulina talk marriage days of our lives

Friday, July 22

Shawn gets some shocking news.

Villains descend on Salem.

Jake questions Ava about Kristen..

Jada interrogates a new suspect about that night Abby died.

shawn gets manipulated jan days of our lives

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