Days of our Lives Spoilers for the Week of January 4 – 8

Coming up on Days of our Lives, this week has John and Steve getting very close to figuring out who really raped Allie, while three Salemites go missing. It looks like 2020 will end with a bang this year in Salem. Here are the spoilers for what’s coming.

Monday, January 4

Charlie shares his ultimate plan for Ava.

Jack confronts Gwen about her lies.

Tuesday, January 5

John and Steve discover something startling about Allie’s rape case.

Allie admits something in therapy with Marlena.

Roman goes after Tripp.

Wednesday, January 6

Tripp tells Allie the theory that his father and John think a relative of his raped her.

Ben shares his grief with Marlena.

Thursday, January 7

Claire goes missing and Ben and Marlena search for her.

Rafe makes a stunning discovery inside Charlie’s apartment.

Friday, January 8

Kristen confronts Brady about kissing Chloe.

Lani and Eli’s babies are missing/kidnapped.

Xander gets what he’s been wanting in order to nail Philip.