Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 27 – March 3: Jack and Jenn Leave Salem Again, Alex is Shocked he Won’t be CEO of Titan

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 3, 2023.

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Chloe returns to Salem, Sonny leaves, Alex expects a promotion, and Xander thinks he has another shot with Sarah.

Monday, February 27

Monday’s Days recap: Megan awakens the women in cryo

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are facing a fresh nightmare.

Megan details how she got a Marlena clone’s body into the morgue and used a goat’s ashes as Kate’s urn ashes.

John and Steve tell Tony and Anna their theory.

Roman urges Eric to fight for Nicole.

Nicole realizes she met Eric 25 years ago and revisits her past.

nicole older shot DAYS recaps

Tuesday, February 28

Tuesday’s Days recap: Brady’s arrested

New Days opinion!

Chloe comes back to Salem.

Gabi tells Chloe that she can have Stefan.

Wendy asks Tripp to move in.

Li and Gabi move into Wendy’s place.

Sloan tells Rolf Li has another lab for him.

Nicole and Eric admit that they have been on each other’s minds.

Brady and Rolf worry that the attempt to deprogram Stefan has gone awry.

stefan and rolf days of our lives recaps

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Wednesday, March 1

Wednesday’s Days recap – Stefan’s been deprogrammed

Stefan is shaken by what he realizes.

Li, Gabi, and Wendy have to adjust to their new living arrangements.

Joey suspects that Tripp has one up on Johnny.

Joey matchmakes.

Wendy finds Chanel with Johnny again and is jealous.

EJ tells Nicole he plans to pay Stefan back in turn.

Gabi’s shocked when Stefan tells her he only loves her.

Chloe is fine with Stefan not loving her and confronts Brady.

Brady thinks he and Chloe can be together but she reminds him he’s in jail and kidnapped someone and hurt them.

EJ and Nicole canoodle.

ejole kissing days recaps

Thursday, March 2

Tuesday’s Days recap: Sarah’s pregnant

Shocking news comes for Sarah.

Rex learns Sarah’s pregnant.

Maggie has questions about what Rex has planned for her daughter.

Rex wants Sarah to move to be with him and work with him.

Alex is expecting a big promotion.

Alex isn’t going to be CEO of Titan says Maggie.

Chad, Justin, Alex, and Stephanie say so long to Sonny.

maggie says alex not getting job days recaps

Friday, March 3

Friday’s Days recap: Sarah is going to leave Salem

Rex hands Sarah a solution.

Jack and Jennifer bid farewell to those they love.

Xander wonders if he has another shot with Sarah.

Xander and Sarah sign divorce papers.

Alex is thrown off balance by Maggie.

Maggie’s new CEO of Titan.

maggie CEO titan with alex Days recaps

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