Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 20 – 24: Nick Caves When Jake Mentions Julie and Later, Megan Watches Kate, Kayla and Marlena Wake up

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, February 20 to Friday, February 24, 2023.

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Allie and Chanel say goodbye, Stefan’s scheme against EJ moves on, and Eric and Brady step into the next stage of their plan.

Monday, February 20

Monday’s Days recap: Jake tells the women they’re not dead

A familiar face brings Kate, Kayla, and Marlena shocking news. Jake.

John and Steve are skeptical about what Orpheus reveals to them. That a DiMera stole the orchid.

Roman attempts to stop John and Steve from carrying out their deadly plan.

Orpheus’ life is spared.

Allie and Chanel have a bittersweet goodbye.

Anna and Paulina talk about Kate.

anna and paulina talk about roman days of our lives recaps soaps spoilers

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday’s Days recap: Johnny finds Stefan’s drugs

Sloan arouses Brady’s suspicions.

Stefan’s plot against EJ is going well.

Gabi asks Rafe how he feels about Jada.

Nicole makes a confession to Johnny.

ej and stefan drink and ej's tea is drugged DAYS recaps

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Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday’s Days recap – Brady knocks Stefan out

Brady and Eric move ahead with their plan.

Johnny and Wendy discover something surprising.

EJ and Nicole talk about what the future could hold for them.

Li’s proposal leaves Gabi in shock.

Gabi agrees to stay married to Li for six months.

Nicole and EJ realize Stefan’s drugging him.

Brady kidnaps Stefan and ties him up.

Rofl is released. 

eric drinking Days of our lives recaps Soapsspoilers

Thursday, February 23

Thursday’s Days recap: Rolf starts the deprogramming

After hearing what Brady has planned, Stefan panics.

Sloan confronts Eric about betraying her.

Sloan dumps Eric.

Rafe and Jada get an arrest warrant for Li.

EJ tells Nicole what he suspects about Stefan.

Rolf starts things up to deprogram Stefan.

Wendy stands up to Wen, her father.

ej and nicole almost have sex DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

Friday, February 24

Friday’s Days recap: Kate, Kayla and Marlena wake up

Miranda Wilson returns as Megan Hathaway

Kate sends a message to Paulina.

Paulina’s shocked Kate’s urn talks.

Steve and John question Anna and Tony to get confirmation of Orpheus’s claim.

John realizes Megan took the orchid.

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate wonder if there’s hope for them after all.

A heavenly advocate for the three women puts pressure on Nick.

Nick lets the women go after Jake mentions Julie still loves him.

kayla kate and marlena awake cryogenic chamber days recaps

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