Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 13 – 17: Anna Councils Roman, Orpheus Prepares to Die

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17, 2023.

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It’s an awkward Valentine’s Day in Salem as Gabi has dinner with Stefan, Kate tries stopping Roman from making a mistake, and Orpheus gets suspicious of Lucas.

Monday, February 13

Monday’s Days recap: Allie and Chanel break up

Alex hides when Chanel shows up to make up with Allie.

Chanel dumps Allie, both of them in tears.

Wendy gets some advice about Johnny from Gabi.

Wendy asks Johnny out.

Leo’s news leaves Sonny in shock.

Sonny and Alex commiserate.

Xander and Gwen battle Jack and Jennifer.

jack and jenn mope DAYS recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tuesday, February 14

Tuesday’s Days recap: Valentine’s Day in Salem

Miranda Wilson returns as Megan Hathaway

Stefan makes a move against EJ.

Things are awkward for Jada and Eric.

Chad and Stephanie spend Valentine’s Day together with his kids.

Gabi gets her hopes up after Stefan asks her to a romantic dinner.

Sloan and Eric’s dinner is interrupted with EJ and Nicole’s appearance.

Stefan says Chloe’s name while he’s with Gabi.

Sloan helps Li to help himself.

thomas and charlotte valentines day Days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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Wednesday, February 15

Wednesday’s Days recap: Gabi throws a drink at Stefan

Kayla reaches out to Steve from the Great Beyond.

After learning that Johnny and Wendy are back together, Tripp hides his feelings.

Gabi and Stefan’s night goes wrong.

Things are awkward for Eric, Sloan, EJ and Nicole as they share Valentine’s dinner.

EJ and Nicole have sex.

Eric and Sloan have sex.

Steve sees Kayla and afterward, Tripp thinks it was a dream.

Wendy and Johnny go on a date.

Li laughs at Gabi who tells him Stefan called her Chloe.

gabi visits li Days recaps soaps spoilers

Thursday, February 16

Thursday’s Days recap: Marlena meets Devil-Doug

Kate, Marlena, and Kayla make their case but are thrown a final curveball.

Roman, John, and Steve move ahead with their plan to kill Orpheus.

Lucas fakes being drunk for Orpheus.

Lucas attacks Orpheus.

Sonny has a surprise for Will as he prepares to leave town.

Allie wants to move to New Zealand.

Allie makes a choice that will change her life.

The funerals happen today offscreen.

john steve fake orderlies statesville Days recaps

Friday, February 17

Friday’s Days recap: Orpheus claims to know who killed the women

Marlena strikes a deal with the Devil.

Kate tries contacting Roman to prevent him from making a mistake.

Orpheus becomes suspicious of Lucas’s charade.

John and Steve move forward.

John prepares morphine to kill Orpheus.

Orpheus has something to say first.

Marlena tells the woman she’s staying in hell.

kate talks to roman Days recaps

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