Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 26 – 30: Kristen’s Shocked Rachel Is Missing, While Gabi Gets Her Own Shock in Miami

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, December 26 to Friday, December 30, 2022.

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Coming up: Gwen’s plans backfire, Sonny fights with Will and Victor about Leo, and Chloe rings in the New Year with Stefan.

Monday, December 26

Monday’s Days recap: Victor Kirirakis’ last episode

Alex and Stephanie spend the holiday together.

Victor and Sonny fight about Leo.

Gwen’s attempt to help Xander backfires.

Bonnie accidentally makes Sarah suspicious of Xander. 

There’s a gallery in our recap and over 40 photos of Victor (John Aniston) over the years.

xander and gwen discuss plans Days of our Lives recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tuesday, December 27

Tuesday’s Days recap: Sarah dumps Xander

Paulina perks up when Eli arrives with the twins.

Chad ruins Alex and Stephanie’s plans.

Will demands Sonny to give him some answers about Leo. 

Will gets upset when Sonny chooses Leo.

Xander and Gwen’s scheme starts to fall apart. 

Sarah realizes Xander’s the clown.

will done with hsonny Days recap SoapsSpoilers

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Wednesday, December 28

Wednesday’s Days recap: Chloe’s exasperated with Nancy

Eric and Brady put their plan in motion. 

Brady asks Kristen out.

Kristen agrees to go with Brady to Gabi’s wedding.

Li and Johnny get into it over Gabi.

Wendy and Johnny fight to stop Gabi from getting to the truth.

With Gabi prepared to walk down the aisle, Rafe asks his sister how she really feels about Li. 

Nancy probes Chloe for details of her love life.

Chloe and Stefan leave for Miami.

li visits johnny dimera mansion days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Thursday, December 29

Friday’s Days recap:  Gabi remembers Li had Stefan brainwashed

Chloe and Stefan spend New Year’s Eve in Miami. 

Kristen takes a selfie of her and Brady and puts it online for Chloe to see.

Wendy can’t handle keeping that secret anymore.

Chloe and Stefan have sex.

Gabi and Li’s wedding kicks off. 

Rafe makes a toast after the I dos.

Things are tense between Nicole, Rafe and Jada. 

The wedding stops when Gabi remembers everything.

gabi bride DOOL recaps

Friday, December 30

Friday’s Days recap: Gabi finds Chloe and Stefan having sex

Li and Gabi’s wedding crashes to a halt.

Gabi goes to Miami and finds Chloe with Stefan in bed.

Nicole gets a confession from EJ.

EJ kisses Nicole at midnight.

Johnny and Wendy kiss.

There is romance for a few couples as the New Year begins.

Kristen is shocked by what she discovers. Rachel is missing!

johnny wendy kiss new years days of our lives recap soapsspoilers


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