Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recaps May 22 – 26: The DiMera’s Celebrate Megan’s Return, Nicole Gets a Paternity Test And Eric Catches Her Conspiring With Sloan

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 22 to Friday, May 26, 2023.

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Colin is determined to make sure Paulina suffers, Steve and Harris discover why Dimitri wants immunity for Megan, Xander makes Chloe a job offer.

Monday, May 22

Monday’s Days of our Lives recap for May 22.

EJ proposes to Nicole but it only makes her feel insulted since it was insincere. EJ asks again, simpler and she refuses and calls him a cynical, opportunistic jackass.

He claims he’s being pure by asking her but she knows he only did it because of Gabi and Stefan.

nicole gets proposed to by ej days of our lives recaps

EJ’s insulted that she thinks his business proposal was crass. He tells her it didn’t completely have to do with his brother.

He tells her he loves her. “In fact, I’m very much in love with you.” Nicole softens and smiles.

She likes that. She loves him but…he realizes she’s still in love with Eric. She claims she isn’t but the timing is off. She asks for time.

nicole refuses marry ej

Melinda finds Eric at SPD waiting for Sloan and asks if he’s there to do his paralegal impression. 

Melinda was tickled that Sloan was arrested and thinks that Eric has a penchant for obnoxious women seeing as he was with Nicole, Jada and Sloan.

melinda with eric at SPD

Jada questions Sloan about her role in Colin’s schemes.

Sloan learns that Jada’s sister is helping Colin with his scheme and runs off to help.

sloan learns jada talia sister

Melinda questions Sloan with Eric at her side and Sloan admits the police think her brother has been harassing Paulina and admits she didn’t know Colin was in Salem until recently.

Sloan threatens to sue the SPD and Melinda says, “Will you knock off the amateur theatrics? It’s not like they beat you with a rubber hose.”

eric and melinda

Sloan explains that Jada’s related to Talia and compromising the case so Melinda lets Sloan go.

Eric understands what it’s like to have a nutty type of sibling. He asks Sloan if she’s met Sami. Sloan gets an ultimatum from Eric. They agree to no more secrets.

Rafe finds Abe in rough condition at Sweet Bits and learns what happened before Abe passes out.

abe passed out Days of our lives recaps

Rafe gets the paramedics to bring Abe to the hospital and he puts an APB out on Colin Bedford, considering him armed and dangerous. 


Abe begs Rafe to find his wife and then his monitors go wild and he has a seizure.

Rafe gets Theo’s number and calls him for consent before a nurse rushes Abe into surgery with an intracranial hemorrhage.

abe seizure days of our lives recaps

Colin is determined to make sure Paulina suffers though Paulina offers him money to let her go.

He only wants justice and thrusts her toward the roof. She won’t jump so he points the gun at Chanel and says she can watch her daughter die. 

colin holds paulina hostage days recaps

Chanel tells Colin exactly how things went down with his predator father and horrid mother as Jada figures out that everyone is up on the roof and she and Talia intervene.

jada and talia try to get colin to stop days recaps

Paulina has a panic attack and Colin decides to grab Chanel instead.

chanel held hostage days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, May 23

Tuesday’s Days of our Lives recap: 

Gabi tells Johnny she and Stefan are engaged while she’s drunk on champagne, happy to be rid of Li. 

Johnny worries that Wendy’s still in Seattle with Tripp.

gabi is divorced tells johnny

Wendy returns to Salem, upset since a man on her flight got into a fight and their flight was delayed a few times.

wendy talks about personal life to li

She talks to Li about Johnny and how she may be interested in someone else. Tripp. She talks to her brother about her personal life and it surprises her. He doesn’t think she needs to choose one over the other and suggests she take her sweet time choosing. 

Wendy tries to explain her feelings for Tripp to Johnny. She likes them both. Johnny’s fine with her taking her time figuring out which man she wants. They kiss.

johnny learns wendy likes him and tripp
Wendy tries to explain her feelings for Tripp to Johnny.

Eric and Sloan discuss his ultimatum. He tells her they’re done if she keeps more secrets. 

Rafe calls an APB out on Colin and then tells Kayla that Abe’s in surgery and why. He’s upset that Sloan could have stopped this. 

Chanel is shocked when Talia steps up to save her from Colin. Talia and Colin fall over the roof. Colin lands near Eric and Sloan, who rush to his side.

sloan at colin's side as he falls off roof

Chanel, Paulina and Jada yell for Talia on the roof and Jada rushes to Talia’s side with Chanel.

talia falls off roof

Rafe has bad news for Jada.

Paulina rushes to Abe’s side. She’s in a wheelchair and starts yelling and blaming Sloan for everything while Eric defends her. 

paulina in wheelchair

Sloan visits Colin in the hospital and he laments how close he was to making Chanel and her mother pay.

colin hospitalized

Jada cries to Talia that the awning saved her life. Kayla treats Talia and introduces her as a great friend of her father’s. Talia’s arm may be broken. 

Talia explains what happened with Colin to Jada, who is upset with her for sticking with Colin who wanted to hurt people. 

talia with jada at hospital

Jada goes to arrest Colin and doesn’t read him his rights “because you already have counsel.” She later arrests her sister, too, and fights tears as she does so.

Chanel gives Rafe a statement about everything that happened on the roof. 

Eric and Rafe get into it over Paulina vs Sloan and when he goes to find Sloan, he overhears her telling him she’ll help him since he’s her brother.

chanel gives rafe a statement about colin

Gabi brings Li divorce papers and tells him she’s engaged to Stefan now.

gabi tells li she's engaged

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Wednesday, May 24

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives recap!

In prison, Kristen re-reads the letter Rachel wrote her and Megan talks up how wonderful her son Dimitri is.

Kristen says her doppelganger isn’t available to do time for her the way Dimitri’s is. 

kristen reads letter from rachel

Dimitri sits with Steve and Harris at the Greek police station as he awaits the ISA to concede to his demands.

Steve says the police take bribes and Harris gave them incentive to take a walk.

“We miss you D-bag,” Steve tells the DiMera.

steve talks to dimitri in greek prison daays of our lives recaps

They’ve so much to catch up on. Steve closes the door and Dimitri gets nervous as he asks where Andrew Donovan is.

Dimitri wants immunity for himself and Megan.

Steve and Harris discover why Dimitri wants immunity for Megan.

She is his mother. The men are surprised.

Dimitri tries to get Harris on his side and Harris says the only way that’d happen is if he brainwashed him again.

Dimitri likes that idea.

dimitri in jail in greece days of our lives recaps

Lord Sebastian comes to Greece to pick up Dimitri to take him back to Alamania.

He says his escape from prison was an embarrassment and hands over papers to get Steve to hand the man over.

Steve learns that Lord Sebastian isn’t dating Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna) any longer.


Lord Sebastian played by Noah Huntley days of our lives comings and goings

In San Francisco, John meets with Paul and tells him about Andrew’s kidnapping.

Paul’s crushed to learn this.

A goon throws water over Andrew’s face to wake him up.

He thinks about Harris getting redemption for his misdeeds and getting the call from someone who lies and says they’ve got Paul Narita tied up.

paul worries that andrew is kidnapped days recaps
Days May comings and goings

Andrew quickly gets out of his binds and smashes the goon in the face who is keeping him hostage. 

andrew kidnapped and tied up days recaps

Andrew had lied to Harris that he was on another case.

Andrew was sent a photo of Paul tied up with a knife to his throat and when he rushed there, he learned the photos were fake.

Paul loves Andrew and is worried about him. John tries to comfort his son.

andrew got word paul was kidnapped but it was not true days recaps

Megan tells Kristen she was put into cryo after her supposed death by their father, Stefano, and thawed.

Then she met Dimitri’s father and had Dimitri. 

Kristen reminds Megan of her promise to free her.

When Megan calls Dimitri from prison, he clamors to get the phone from Steve, who tells him he’s free and so is Megan.

She tells him to add Kristen to the deal and get her freed. Steve and Harris aren’t happy that the “twisted sisters” are being freed.

kristen and megan talk about dimitri


Kate reunites with Marlena.

roman and kate reunite marlena days of our lives recaps

Roman and Kate discuss what she’ll do today.

She just wants to see Lucas and then give “that bitch” Megan Hathaway a piece of her mind.

Megan wanders into the pub as she says this.

megan free from prison

Marlena’s surprised to see Kristen at the door, free.

kristen free sees marlena

Paul answers his door later to Andrew who has been freed and John smiles as they embrace.

andrew and paul reunite

Thursday, May 25

Thursday’s Days recap!

Xander’s shirtless as usual, as he drills into a wall to put up a picture. It falls soon after it goes up so Chloe takes over and hangs it properly.

When he suggests she clean the house, she becomes defensive and rethinks their arrangement.

She needs a job, so Xander makes Chloe a job offer at The Spectator.

xander hot with chloe in new apartment

Megan arrives at the pub and Kate and Roman react similarly to Megan being in Salem. She produces release papers to prove she didn’t escape. She asks how Bo is which sends Roman into a mood. He reminds her Bo’s in love with Hope. Since he’s not waking up, she decides to claim her place as a DiMera.

megan free from prison

Xander and Chloe run into Kristen at the square and the DiMera mocks Xandy’s journalistic skills.

She heard where he worked now. Chloe tells Kristen she’s welcomed to Brady but Kristen claims she already knows.

Megan wanders into the DiMera manse and tells Stefano’s portrait she’s home.

Kristen’s release from prison disturbs Marlena and Brady. Kristen and Brady have words.

kristen yells at brady

Marlena isn’t worried that Kristen will get custody. No judge would allow it but Brady worries Rachel will see him as the bad guy if he doesn’t allow visitation. 

Marlena worries that Brady will get sucked in by Kristen once again though Brady declares that’ll never happen.

brady and marlena discuss kristens return

Chad calls Stephanie and says he wants Dimitri to pay for what he did to Kate. Dimitri arrives and can tell what’s on Chad’s mind.

He reminds him that Kate’s not blood-related and that they are. He’s Megan’s son.

Dimitri wants to get to know Chad but he’s reluctant to get to know his nephew. They plan to go home to Salem.

Harris warns Shawn that Megan is out of prison.

shawn learns bad news

Friday, May 26

Friday’s Days recap!

Gabi and Stefan celebrate their upcoming wedding and her divorce at the square when Kristen shows up.

gabi and stefan kissing celebrations

Gabi lashes out at Kristen until Stefan stops her.

She’s his sister and they may need her vote.

Gabi changes how she treats Kristen who brushes it off as long they can make it up to her by taking her home with them.

kristen with gabi and stefan at the square

Brady complains to Marlena about having to see Kristen for the sake of his daughter.

Marlena says it’s what’s best for Rachel. They agree it’s amazing how much they endure for their kids.

Brady now accepts he’ll have to endure Kristen forever. Marlena says he has her and the family, to get him through.

marlena advice about rachel

Eric visits Marlena and Brady and he’s sorry about Kristen getting out. He tells them that Sloan’s brother is the one harassing Paulina.

Eric asks to have dinner with him, Sloan and John to lift her spirits.

He invites Brady but he doesn’t want to be a fifth wheel, and the only woman in his life is Kristen, who is doing her best to ruin his life.

brady and eric talk sloan and colin

Anna calls Nicole and talks about her pregnancy when Tony walks up. He overhears that she’s keeping a pregnancy secret and asks who she was talking to.

She lies to Tony about the secret Nicole is keeping. She tells him she’s pregnant and that Dr. Rolf told her.

tony and anna discuss pregnancy

He was working on experimental fertility treatments and she offered to be his guinea pig. It worked.

Tony tells Anna she’ll have to abstain from wine, soft cheeses and asks if she’ll nurse. Anna clutches at herself.

Tony knows she’s lying but she was sworn to secrecy. He guesses it’s Nicole and Anna’s upset. He wants to tell people until she explains Nicole doesn’t know if EJ’s the father. 

tony learns nicole pregnant


Nicole has a run-in with Sloan at the hospital and then asks Kayla for word on Abe, who is in recovery and holding on.

Nicole goes to Kayla for a paternity test.

She needs to provide a blood sample and a cheek swab from one of the men. Nicole frets.

How is she supposed to get that and keep her secret? Sloan offers to get it from Eric instead and as Nicole gives her the box with the swabs, Eric finds them together and asks what’s going on.

kayla tells nicole she needs a swab from eric or ej to get a paternity test

EJ is startled when he bumps into Megan in his home.

They drink to her triumphant return. Kristen, Stefan and Gabi meet her and learn she’s going to be living there.

They celebrate the return of Megan and EJ calls Tony to ensure he can join them. Tony and Anna leave The Bistro to welcome home a family member and Kristen rushes to Tony’s arms to hug him.

Tony and Anna are shocked when Megan appears. Megan hugs her brother and jokes about returning from the dead are made.

Megan tells the family she’ll take on the family name. She’s now Megan DiMera. 

megan and ej drink to her return

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