Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recaps May 1 – 5: EJ Punches Eric Out, Kate Meets Her Captor, and Nicole’s Pregnant

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5, 2023.

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First, take a look at the Days April 24 – 28 spoilers.

What’s coming up on Days?

EJ and Eric get in a fight, Chanel goes on a date with Talia, Jada shares her suspicions, and Alex ends things with Gwen.

Monday, May 1

Days recap!

Roman, Steve, Kayla, and Andrew analyze the last encounter between Bo and Kate.

Shawn confronts Harris.

Harris pushes Shawn not to blame himself for Bo’s shooting.

Kayla has shocking news for Chad and Stephanie, that Kate’s alive.

Belle is angry that EJ’s emergency wasn’t life or death at all.

Belle tells EJ off and lets him know Shawn accidentally shot his father.

EJ’s insensitive to Belle.

EJ gets a punch from Belle after making demands of her.

Kate sacrifices her wedding rings for a chance to call Roman.

Kate calls Roman but the call doesn’t go through.

Kate calls for help.

Andrew calls in reinforcements.

kayla reads letters from victor to caroline

Tuesday, May 2

Days recap!

Jada is disturbed by the inconsistencies in Talia’s statement.

Bad news comes in for Chanel about her bakery.

Brady discovers that Xander and Chloe will be living together.

brady discovers xander living with chloe

Colin puts Talia in an awkward situation as Jada’s suspicions about her sister deepen.

Alex tells Gwen they shouldn’t see each other anymore.

Rafe assumes that Sloan leaked the story to Lady Whistleblower about him kissing Jada.

Gwen worries about how much Leo spends on massages and room service.

Leo goes apartment hunting.

leo apartment hunting

Alex tells Gwen they have to stop seeing each other.

Chanel is sad to see a photo of Allie and Henry on Rafe’s desk and misses her.

chanel sad allie moved on.

Talia and Colin get naked.

talia in bra and panties

Colin tries to get Talia to seduce Chanel, but Talaia’s not gay or bi.

Colin doesn’t care. He manipulates her with sex.

talia and colin kissing days of our lives

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Wednesday, May 3

Wednesday’s Days recap!

Alex has the chance to prove himself to Maggie.

Alex tells Maggie he started therapy with Dr. Evans who explained how he’s avoiding commitments. As of today, he’s only committed to Titan.

Maggie says Victor has never been this upset at hearing Bo is alive and is now in a coma. He is fueling the jet to go to Greece.

Chloe tells Brady there is no way they will be together.

Talia makes a move on Chanel.

chanel and talia share a kiss Days recaps

Chanel and Talia kiss until Chanel pulls away, not realizing that Talia’s gay. Talia said there was just chemistry between them.

Chanel tells Talia how she caught Allie cheating with Alex.

Jada suspects that Talia has been targeting Paulina and Chanel.

Xander goes to Colin’s room to ask where Talia is. Colin lies that he never saw her, which is at the no-tell-motel.

Leo and Gwen talk about moving into an actual apartment together and using the second room as a gym.

Gwen calls Chloe boring and humorless after she learns that the singer and Xander are roommates. 

Chloe tells Brady that they’re done. Because Rachel hates her. Brady argues that she won’t feel that way forever.

brady discovers xander living with chloe

Thursday, May 4

Days recap!

EJ learns that Nicole had sex with Eric.

Nicole doubles over in pain.

Nicole discovers Eric and Sloan have reunited.

EJ’s grossed out at seeing Gabi and Stefan make out in the mansion.

Gabi tells EJ that the employees at DiMera don’t like him. They call him rude, temperamental and tyrannical. One said he’d rather “work for the father in Succession,” because at least he’s funny.

gabi stefan kiss caught by ej


Sloan and Eric are officially girlfriend and boyfriend and she likes his romantic gesture when she usually doesn’t.

Nic asks Eric to tell Sloan to keep their tryst confidential.

Sloan accidentally slips up in front of EJ.

sloan talks to superfan

Jada confronts her sister about what she suspects.

Chanel tells Paulina she’s going on a date with Talia. She misses Allie but is tired of being sad about it.

Paulina’s now into meditation and credits Talia for it.

paulina hears chanel moving on

Colin sweet-talks Talia into ensuring she goes through with her plan to seduce Chanel.

talia with colin on his bed

Jada tells Rafe she’s upset that Talia had a key made near the square and she thinks it means her sis is guilty.

Jada outright asks Talia in front of Rafe if she trashed Paulina’s office and Talia denies it. When asked, she says she copied Jadaa’s apartment key at the square and forgot to mention it. Jada tests the key, which works.

talia acts offended

Colin watches his sister while in disguise from Small Bar.

Sloan runs into EJ and brings up catching Nicole and Eric in bed. EJ didn’t know and she thought he did. She tells him it was just a result of being drugged.

ej learns nicole slept with eric

Friday, May 5

Friday’s Days recap!

Nicole doubles over in pain so Gabi takes her to the hospital.

nicole in pain

Steve is reluctant to work with Harris.

Kayla and Stephanie bump into an apologetic Alex.

alex bumps into stephanie.

Kayla’s back to work but not happy to leave Steve and the others in Greece.

Kayla complains about Seth Burns, the hospital administrator firing her when she was dying. Later, Burns apologizes to Kayla.

kayla complains about seth burns

Roman has a plan to rescue Kate. Harris wants to help him and Steve but they don’t like the man.

Kate is given gruel on the ship and asks when she can leave but the man keeping her there says that his boss didn’t say and won’t talk to her.

the man with kate on the ship

Kate grabs the man and pins his hand to the table and gets ready to chop off a finger.

kate tries to chop of the man's hand

EJ and Eric get in a fight over Eric having sex with Nicole and Eric explains they were high.

EJ  punches Eric.

ej punches eric

Alex talks to Stephanie about getting therapy.

Kayla is the attending when Nicole’s brought in and thinks she’s going through menopause. She runs tests and learns Nic’s pregnant.

nicole sick mimosa drugged DAYS recaps soapsspoilers

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